Ways to Ruin a First Date

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In honour of Valentine's Day

Vital Statistics

One Way To Ruin A First Date

Date: February 13, 2004

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Geoff Howe, Kayt Mills, Bill Watt

Edited by: Graham Stark

Music: X Ways to Y, "The Dating Game"

Location: Pat's


To ruin a first date you may: have a stinky palm; have a chainsaw; be a hoser from Langford; be delivered like a robot; be off your rocker; train hard right before the date; have a limited wardrobe; have a very limited wardrobe; be bleeding internally; have her do your laundry; the Sam Raimi.


  • This is Geoff's first appearance in a LoadingReadyRun video.
  • A lot of the props for this video were found in the laundry room to the left of the door.
  • This is the only time two X Ways to Ys videos have been posted two weeks in a row.
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