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LRR specializes in "Don't Do" Lists

This page is for Current Events on the LoadingReadyRun wiki. A (sometimes) more frequently updated place to see news about the wiki would be the LRR forum topic found here or on the LRR discord.

Recent Issues

What Gets Its Own Video Page?

In the discord, I asked if the GVLOGs should get a video page for every entry, or if they should just have a single page about the GVLOGs.

In support of this: the videos could be referenced in other videos, and could be linked to one another.

In opposition of this: The videos are not listed on the LoadingReadRun website. Other "non-LRR" productions are, like Strip Search (which DOES have video pages). The Idiot Room is NOT listed, and does NOT have separate video pages.

I have no particular opinion one way or another. I just want to determine what is the best rule going forward. I sort of like the "If it's got a page to itself on the LRR main page, then it gets a page on the wiki, too."

Added October 14, 2017 by King Kool. Priority: Medium as to not waste some editor's time making them for a while before we decide to delete them.

Updated March 12, 2019: GVLOGs don't have video pages on LoadingReadyRun.com, so they should probably not have individual video pages. --KK

Phailhaus Pages

Possibly because of bad redirects linked to the special characters, all the Phailhaus pages don't work right now and might be gone. It wouldn't be much challenge to rewrite the pages, but they are currently offline because of the death of Blip.

Added October 9, 2017 by King Kool. Priority: Low

The LRR Wiki To-Do List

The To-Do list is a list of things that need to be done on the wiki right now. These can be removed as they are completed, or other topics added as necessary.

LRR Weekly Updates Video Pages, CheckPoint Pages, Unskippable Pages, etc.: The main problem with the wiki currently is that there are many weeks of videos for the numerous series LRR produces without pages. Making these pages will be a huge undertaking to attempt to back up to the current day, and any help doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Possible Future Projects

These are theoretical ways to improve the wiki in the future.

Better Biographies: Some of the crew biographies could be more robust.

Game and VG Personality Articles: A page could exist for Tim Langdell or Denis Dyack to link to the times they've been mentioned in ENN or Checkpoint throughout the years.

Pages for Recurring Jokes: We already have "Recurring Gags," but it could be expanded. Things like "Videos involving time-travel," "Videos with someone playing multiple roles," things like that. If you have a section to suggest, either propose it here, or just go for it.