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Format: Cutscene Riffing
Created By: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders
Status: Cancelled
Updates: Mondays
Host: The Escapist
Original Run: November 19, 2008 - March 30, 2015
Associated Shows: Unskippable: Let's Play, Running Start
People confused about Graham Stark's appearance at the start of this video obviously don't watch Unskippable and for that I pity them.
- Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw in his review of Halo Wars

Unskippable is a video series by Paul and Graham on The Escapist that involves the two hosts commenting and responding to video game cutscenes. Once, they broadcasted their antics live on an Unskippable: Let's Play, which gave rise to Graham & Paul Let's Play.


Season Seven

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1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
326 13 Metal Wolf Chaos - Over-The-Top Presidential Mecha March 30, 2015
I honestly can't think of a better game to end on.
325 12 Assassin's Creed Unity - Part 2 March 23, 2015
Who speaks French in France?
324 11 Assassin's Creed Unity: Part 1 - Who Are the Bad Guys Again? March 16, 2015
Abstergo Industries - "We're not at awful as Umbrella Corporation."
323 10 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Darkest Dark March 9, 2015
The situation is dire in the darkest dark.
322 9 Alpha Prime - In Space, No One Can Hear How Awful Your Game Is March 2, 2015
No really, this is truly terrible. Enjoy!
321 8 Sacred 3 - Fantasy Power Rangers February 23, 2015
Let's all stand around a table and discuss the ills of the land.
320 7 Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Part 2 - Corporate Espionage February 16, 2015
What happened to my game about stabbing people in the throat in historical settings?
319 6 Assassin's Creed: Rogue, Part 1 - French Rogue February 9, 2015
So it's more Assassin's Creed: Black Flag? Yeah, I'm ok with that.
318 5 Far Cry 4, Part 2 - This Won't Get Weird February 2, 2015
It's very rude to text at the table.
317 4 Far Cry 4, Part 1 - Karate Citizenship January 26, 2015
Should I stay or should I go?
316 3 The Evil Within, Part 2 - Subtle Psychological Horror? January 19, 2015
This is supposed to be subtle psychological horror, right?
315 2 The Evil Within - It's Game Over, Man January 12, 2015
Everyone I've talked to is super dead.
314 1 Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death January 5, 2015
Don't worry, it was just a light stab wound.

Season Six

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1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
313 52 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Inserting in the LZ Down and Dirty December 29, 2014
Dang it, Will, now we'll never get our drop pod deposit back!
312 51 Dragon Age: Inquisition - Giant Spiders, Nope! December 22, 2014
Spiders, larger spiders. Nope, nope, nope. Leaving now.
311 50 Alien: Isolation - Facehugger Only Wants To Feel Loved December 15, 2014
Abandoned derelict space station? What's the worst that could happen?
310 49 The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II December 8, 2014
The incredible adventures of a professor and his ghost.
309 48 Drakengard 3 - Oh God, There's So Much Blood December 1, 2014
Also, it's a bad day to be a narrator.
308 47 Murdered: Soul Suspect - This Guy Has Way Too Many Tattoos November 24, 2014
307 46 Bayonetta 2, Part 2 - It Just Gets Weirder From Here November 17, 2014
Also, good luck explaining the part that happens at around 4 minutes to your parents if they walk in while you're watching this.
306 45 Bayonetta 2, Part 1 - Never Jaywalk in New York City November 10, 2014
Bayonetta takes some personal time off and heads to New York for a shopping spree.
305 44 Watch Dogs - Hack The Mainframe (Or Something)! November 3, 2014
Well, at least they're not furiously typing on a keyboard in a van.
304 43 One Piece: Unlimited World Red - The Seven Seas Got Weird October 27, 2014
Apparently, I know less about this show than I even thought I did.
303 42 Dead Rising 3 - Zombies! ...Again! October 20, 2014
You think after 2 previous games, they'd get a handle on how to contain zombies.
302 41 Destiny - Eyes Up Guardian October 13, 2014
It was the end, but it also was a beginning... of an end.
301 40 Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - This Looks Familiar... October 6, 2014
...But I'm sure it's nothing, given all the enthusiastic hand waving.
300 39 Asura's Wrath, Part 3 - Exercising the Right to Bare Arms September 29, 2014
Press X to flex!
299 38 Asura's Wrath, Part 2 - Hack The Planet (Into Pieces) September 22, 2014
There ain't no drama like melodrama
298 37 Asura's Wrath, Part 1 - Unleash the Fury of Quick Time Events September 15, 2014
There's a lot of anger in this game. Maybe Asura should take a minute and relax?
297 36 Pandora's Tower - Are We Sure This Isn't Resident Evil? September 8, 2014
The quest to rescue this princess is a little tricky in this one.
296 35 Killzone: Shadow Fall, Part 2 - The Future Has Burlap Sacks September 1, 2014
Killzone's nonsensical intro continues!
295 34 Killzone: Shadow Fall, Part 1 - None of This Makes Any Sense August 25, 2014
Killzone: Shadow Fall's opening sequence raises so many questions, but provides so few answers.
294 33 Amazing Spider-Man 2 - AKA Peter's Unhealthy Quest for Revenge August 18, 2014
In this game, we learn that Spider-Man has all the powers of a spider - ability to climb walls, create webs and have incredibly taut thighs.
293 32 Shadow Warrior - Ninjas Love Stan Bush August 11, 2014
We like to think this is how all ninjas get psyched for battle.
292 31 Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories - Thank God for Subtitles August 4, 2014
Okay, who decided to make Donald Duck the one guy in charge of casting complicated magic spells?
291 30 Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix - There's a Metaphor In Here Somewhere... July 28, 2014
Man, whatever drugs this kid is on, I'd like to try some.
290 29 The Witch and the Hundred Knight, Part 2 - Apparently He's a Pokemon July 21, 2014
The Hundred Knight meets his new overlord, and she's less than impressed that he can't emit liquid fire from various orifices.
289 28 The Witch and the Hundred Knight - Being a Familiar Ain't Easy July 14, 2014
Man, little one-eyed blobs have it rough in the fantasy world.
288 27 InFamous Second Son, Part 2 - Smoke on the Water, Fire in this Guy July 7, 2014
Delsin can't catch a break, but he can sure as hell break stuff.
287 26 InFamous Second Son, Part 1 - Weakly Fight the Power June 30, 2014
It's hard to fight The Man when you're related to him.
286 25 Farming Simulator 15 and More E3 2014 Trailers June 23, 2014
Graham and Paul riff on another batch of overhyped E3 trailers! Except for Farming Simulator 15, that one looks pretty legit.
285 24 E3 Trailers 2014 - Hype Train Edition! June 16, 2014
E3 pulled out all the stops this year, to give us the best game (trailers) ever!
284 23 Bound by Flame - Zombies Be Scoutin' June 9, 2014
Zombie scouts can't be the most reliable scouts.
283 22 Way of the Samurai 3 - How To Rock A Bald Spot June 2, 2014
Battles in the rain just aren't a whole lot of fun.
282 21 Wolfenstein: The New Order - War is Hell May 26, 2014
Why is everything on fire in this game?
281 20 Ryse: Son of Rome - Son of Combat Tutorial May 19, 2014
Further proof that Crytek has something against the letter 'I'.
280 19 Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Death Is Kind of a Jerk May 12, 2014
On second thought, yeah, you probably should fear the reaper. You should fear him a lot.
279 18 Diablo 3 - Stay Awhile and Listen... FOREVER May 5, 2014
Sometimes it's hard to decipher Deckard Cain's ramblings as either legitimate prophecy or senility.
278 17 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - As Narrated by Jack Bauer April 28, 2014
Also starring the Red Skull's lesser known cousin, Skull Face!
277 16 Ni no Kuni - Shortest Quest Ever April 21, 2014
Staring Ron Perlman as... well, pretty much everything over 6 feet tall.
276 15 Deception IV - Deceive Me Once, Shame On You, Deceive Me Four Times... April 14, 2014
No one expects a surprise pendulum!
275 14 Dark Souls 2 - Death, Doom and Creepy Old Women April 7, 2014
Also, creepy giant fireflies.
274 13 Thief - How to Ruin a Robbery March 31, 2014
Thievin' ain't easy, especially when you act like an idiot.
273 12 Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories - Gardening in Hell March 24, 2014
Especially when people keep DROPPING STARS ONTO YOUR FLOWERS!
272 11 Grand Theft Auto V - Grand Theft Midlife Crisis March 17, 2014
I think Michael needs a better therapist.
271 10 Batman: Arkham City - Worst Press Conference Ever March 10, 2014
Bruce Wayne hosts the worst press conference ever.
270 9 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag March 3, 2014
Unfortunately, there are parts of AC4: Black Flag that have a severe lack of pirates and high sea adventures.
269 8 Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns February 24, 2014
And boy, she's quite mad she didn't get invited to this party.
268 7 Cold Fear February 17, 2014
If the fear is so cold, maybe it should put on a sweater?
267 6 The Guided Fate Paradox Part 2 February 10, 2014
Congratulations on becoming God! Try not to let it go to your head.
266 5 The Guided Fate Paradox Part 1 February 3, 2014
The compelling story of a guy who never wins anything, and the girl who browbeats him into gambling anyway.
265 4 Killer is Dead January 27, 2014
Somehow, I think the Moon is behind all this killing.
264 3 Call of Duty: Ghosts January 20, 2014
I don't quite think the Ghostbusters are equipped to deal with this one.
263 2 Game of Thrones January 13, 2014
In the game of thrones you win or you die. Sometimes both!
262 1 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist January 6, 2014
Graham and Paul jump on the grenade for you and enter the sandy world that is Splinter Cell.

Season Five

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1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
261 52 Anarchy Reigns December 30, 2013
Paul and Graham prove that Anarchy does indeed Reign.
260 51 The Last of Us, Part 3 December 23, 2013
Graham and Paul take us further down the rabbit hole that is The Last of Us.
259 50 The Last of Us, Part 2 December 16, 2013
Don't worry everything will be fine, promise.
258 49 The Last of Us, Part 1 December 9, 2013
This can only end in tears.
257 48 Tales of Xillia December 2, 2013
Graham and Paul take us all the way up the stairs to see Tales of Xillia.
256 47 Saints Row IV November 25, 2013
Graham and Paul get inducted into the Saints and bring us along for the ride.
255 46 Time & Eternity, Part 2 November 18, 2013
Some weddings get Super Saiyan pretty damned quick.
254 45 Time & Eternity, Part 1 November 11, 2013
Aren't weddings such magical affairs?
253 44 007 Legends November 4, 2013
Graham and Paul get their license to kill.
252 43 BEYOND: Two Souls October 29, 2013
Graham and Paul go beyond with BEYOND: Two Souls.
251 42 Dynasty Warriors 8 October 21, 2013
Did that horse just do a barrel roll?
250 41 Defiance October 14, 2013
Graham and Paul defy your expectations in their look at Defiance.
249 40 Lost Planet 3 October 7, 2013
Join Graham and Paul as they find Nicolas Cage stranded on an island covered in cliche.
248 39 Remember Me, Part 2 September 30, 2013
You may have forgotten but remember to check out part two of Remember Me.
247 38 Remember Me, Part 1 September 23, 2013
Wait, what was I talking about?
246 37 Dark September 16, 2013
Paul and Graham get dark for this very special episode dedicated to those Vampires that we hold dear.
245 36 God of War: Ascension September 9, 2013
Kratos once again finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation.
244 35 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 2 September 2, 2013
Join Graham and Paul as they try to understand the reasoning behind this game.
243 34 Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1 August 26, 2013
E3 would definitely be more entertaining if it was like this game.
242 33 Dead Space 3 August 19, 2013
Boundless energy, or not turning into a horrible monster? In Dead Space 3, nobody can hear you scream after you make a really, really stupid decision.
241 32 Metro: Last Light, Part Two August 12, 2013
Graham and Paul go further down the rabbit hole that is the Moscow metro.
240 31 Atelier Ayesha August 5, 2013
Graham and Paul take us on a long and unnecessarily winding road.
239 30 Metro: Last Light, Part One July 29, 2013
Graham and Paul travel to the not so distant future to give us a good look at the Russian subway system.
238 29 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance July 22, 2013
Sometimes security isn't really all that secure.
237 28 Resident Evil Revelations July 15, 2013
Graham and Paul take us into the zombie infected future of 2005.
236 27 Injustice: Gods Among Us July 8, 2013
Graham and Paul take us through a decimated Metropolis.
235 26 Dead Island Riptide July 1, 2013
This week we catch up with the few people that just can't get away from the zombie outbreak no matter where they go.
234 25 BioShock Infinite June 24, 2013
Graham and Paul take you on a relaxing trip to Columbia.
233 24 E3 2013 Trailers June 17, 2013
Graham and Paul give us a brief tour of what was shown at this E3.
232 23 Spec Ops: The Line June 10, 2013
Graham and Paul take us through the sandy desert in order to bring us to Spec Ops: The Line.
231 22 Aliens: Colonial Marines June 3, 2013
This week we learn how to avoid danger by ignoring distress calls.
230 21 Call of Duty: Black Ops II May 27, 2013
Paul and Graham take you into the game that takes you so deep into a flashback you won't know where, or when, you are.
229 20 Crysis 3 May 20, 2013
Paul and Graham become entangled in a Crysis ... 3.
228 19 Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel May 13, 2013
Why do they wear those highly reflective and noticeable masks again?
227 18 Resident Evil 6 May 6, 2013
Graham and Paul do their best to make it through the daunting opening of Resident Evil 6.
226 17 Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two April 29, 2013
Graham and Paul take you into the cartoonishly cartoonish world of Mickey and Oswald, the lucky rabbit.
225 16 DmC: Devil May Cry April 22, 2013
Graham and Paul follow Dante as he makes a bad decision or two.
224 15 The Amazing Spider-Man, Part Two April 15, 2013
Graham and Paul watch helplessly as Peter Parker goes where he shouldn't go.
223 14 The Amazing Spider-Man, Part One April 8, 2013
Graham and Paul take you through the hallowed halls of Ocsorp.
222 13 Yakuza: Dead Souls April 1, 2013
That's right, this game's about zombies and organized crime. In Japan!
221 12 Hitman Absolution Mar 25, 2013
Agent 47's super secret assassination organization must work with some sort of super secret stamp manufacturer.
220 11 Halo 4 March 18, 2013
Before you ask, no, we still don't get to see what Master Chief looks like under the helmet.
219 10 Assassin's Creed 3 March 11, 2013
Apparently the Animus makes you immune to carrying boxes.
218 9 Tales of Graces F - Part Two March 4, 2013
Finally we get to see the origin story of Master Blaster.
217 8 Tales of Graces F - Part One February 25, 2013
Two friends are out adventuring when suddenly ... ANIME!
216 7 XCOM: Enemy Unknown February 18, 2013
Paul and Graham give you a great view of the alien invasion.
215 6 Far Cry 3 February 11, 2013
Far Cry 3 seems like Outward Bound with some serious consequences.
214 5 Orphen: Scion of Sorcery February 4, 2013
Orphen may or may not be an actual orphan.
213 4 Borderlands 2 January 28, 2013
Join Graham and Paul as they learn about vaults and the people who hunt them.
212 3 Sleeping Dogs January 21, 2013
Join Graham and Paul as they try and find out just how easy it is to get into organized crime.
211 2 Final Fantasy XIII-2 January 14, 2013
Join Graham and Paul as they're dropped into the middle of an epic battle.
210 1 Dishonored January 7, 2013
Teleporting assassins? Isn't that kind of cheating?

Season Four

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1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
209 53 Dead or Alive 5 December 31, 2012
Graham and Paul ponder cleavage and poor office attire.
208 52 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier December 24, 2012
Unlike the Call of Duty franchise, Future Soldier features geese.
207 51 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 December 17, 2012
You have been tasked with the simple task of saving the free world. No pressure.
206 50 Silent Hill: Downpour, Part Two December 10, 2012
This week we have an lesson in proper bus behavior.
205 49 Silent Hill: Downpour, Part One December 3, 2012
In the first leg of Silent Hill: Downpour they take a good long look at Phillip Seymour Hoffman in prison.
204 48 SoulCalibur V November 26, 2012
Zany swords are all the rage among fighters in the SoulCalibur universe.
203 47 Starhawk November 19, 2012
Space westerns that you might forget occur in space.
202 46 Armored Core V November 12, 2012
This story of a giant hole in the ground just got exciting.
201 45 Lollipop Chainsaw November 5, 2012
You don't want to skip this information filled romp through Lollipop Chainsaw.
200 44 Prototype 2, Part Two October 29, 2012
Prototype 2, now with three colors.
199 43 Prototype 2, Part One October 22, 2012
This Mercer guy seems to be a bad egg.
198 42 Darksiders 2 October 15, 2012
Death, the winner of the Got Your Nose competition.
197 41 Atelier Meruru, Part Three October 8, 2012
The thrilling tale of Princess Meruru comes to an explosive conclusion.
196 40 Atelier Meruru, Part Two October 1, 2012
The epic tale of a princess who is woefully under-dressed for a walk outside the castle.
195 39 Atelier Meruru, Part One September 24, 2012
One of the most elaborate and expensive jokes comes to Unskippable.
194 38 Inversion September 17, 2012
This game wishes that you would invert your taste in games.
193 37 The Witcher 2, Part 2 September 10, 2012
The Witcher 2 and the punching mini-game.
192 36 The Witcher 2, Part 1 September 3, 2012
Since leaving the PS2 in the past where it belongs, Paul and Graham enter this century.
191 35 Drakan - The Ancients' Gates August 27, 2012
I think that I speak for everyone here when I say that I hope she gets to finally see her dragon.
190 34 Trapt August 20, 2012
A game where you run away and set off traps. So ... really gripping stuff.
189 33 Death by Degrees August 13, 2012
The female Tekken characters just can't catch a break with their costumes.
188 32 Atelier Iris 3 August 6, 2012
Graham and Paul are going back to the PS2 for the month of August. There's a lot of games they missed.
187 31 DarkStar One: Broken Alliance July 30, 2012
So what does an Escort Pilot do, anyway?
186 30 Max Payne 3, Part 2 July 23, 2012
Graham and Paul were like two startled gophers ... they also didn't understand this scene.
185 29 Max Payne 3, Part 1 July 16, 2012
The game lumbered in front of Graham and Paul, like an angry, geriatric moose.
184 28 Ninja Gaiden 3 July 9, 2012
If "gaiden" means "side-story", what the hell is the main story?!
183 27 NeverDead July 2, 2012
Death. Not even once.
182 26 White Knight Chronicles II, Part 2 June 25, 2012
If you look closely you can see your character.
181 25 White Knight Chronicles II, Part 1 June 18, 2012
The most confusing kingdom in RPG history continues to make less sense than before.
180 24 Dragon's Dogma June 11, 2012
The amazing adventures of Default Guy and the giant Dragon.
179 23 Godfather 2 June 4, 2012
Not as good as the first one, and way not as good as the movies.
178 22 Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning May 28, 2012
Worst place to wake up after a night of drinking? Dead body pile.
177 21 Syndicate May 21, 2012
Who exactly wouldn't want a chip in their head? I guess that it is the next step after smart phones.
176 20 The Darkness 2 May 14, 2012
Sometimes, being the head of a crime family isn't all it's cracked up to be.
175 19 Sacred 2: Fallen Angel May 7, 2012
Intro to an epic fantasy game or Power Rangers action scene? You decide.
174 18 Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Part Two April 30, 2012
16 quips, Desmond freaks out and Ezio kicks ass. Both literally and as objective descriptor.
173 17 Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Part One April 23, 2012
The further adventures of Blandy McBlanderson and his friends with swords.
172 16 Yakuza 4 - Part 2 April 16, 2012
The ongoing adventures of Japan's slowest paced gangsters.
171 15 Yakuza 4 - Part 1 April 9, 2012
Join us for the adventure of a lifetime: Japanese man answers phone!
170 14 Knight's Contract April 2, 2012
Zombie-proof chest sounds like a great thing to have.
169 13 Cabela's Survival: Shadows of Katmai March 26, 2012
If anyone needs Graham & Paul, they'll be hiding in their duck blind.
168 12 Infernal: Hell's Vengeance Part Two March 19, 2012
Mr. Lennox meets a man who is apparently the CEO of Hell.
167 11 Infernal: Hell's Vengeance Part One March 12, 2012
When you used to be an angel, everything sucks. Especially the textures.
166 10 Deus Ex: Human Revolution March 5, 2012
We didn't ask for this, but here it is, rammed in our eyes like a cybernetic augment.
165 9 Spider-Man: Edge of Time February 27, 2012
Parker & O'Hara: They fight crime, through time!
164 8 Dead Island February 20, 2012
At what point will zombies cease to be a surprise?
163 7 Lord of the Rings: War in the North February 13, 2012
Featuring all the LotR characters you love... mentioned in vague references, while you play as a bunch of nobodies.
162 6 L.A. Noire February 6, 2012
We cut out the item examinations and the game is 5 minutes long.
161 5 X-Men: Destiny January 30, 2012
Warning: Playable characters do not contain actual X-Men™
160 4 Cursed Crusade January 23, 2012
Is it just the crusade that cursed? Because this game seems kind of cursed too.
159 3 Rage January 16, 2012
Such an angry name for such a benign game.
158 2 Shadows of the Damned January 9, 2012
In which two grown men an/or demons stand around awkwardly and compare penis size.
157 1 Alice: Madness Returns January 2, 2012
Alice's memories help the madness make its triumphant return.

Season Three

1.2Season Seven
1.2Season Six
1.1Season Five
1.2Season Four
1.3Season Three
1.4Season Two
1.5Season One
1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
156 52 Socom 4 December 26, 2011
Socom 4 makes walls fun for everyone.
155 51 Atelier Totori December 19, 2011
Witness a girl trying to do alchemy, in a game trying to be fun.
154 50 Dark Souls December 12, 2011
We where mislead, the souls are wholly visible. They aren't even DIM souls. Fail.
153 49 Dungeon Siege 3 December 5, 2011
A tale of rebellion, intrigue and pointedly complete names.
152 48 Captain America November 28, 2011
It's important to accessorize and shields go with everything.
151 47 Driver: San Francisco November 21, 2011
The story of a man, a different man, a car, a truck and an RPG.
150 46 Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel November 14, 2011
Just let the scene wash over you. It's the only way G&P survived this one.
149 45 Call of Juarez: The Cartel Part 2 November 7, 2011
Team Action Minority assembles to mishandle witness protection.
148 44 Call of Juarez: The Cartel Part 1 October 31, 2011
Answer the call of Juarez
147 43 Mortal Kombat October 24, 2011
Choose your destiny. Protip: Make it not be this game.
146 42 Drakengard 2 October 17, 2011
Graham and Paul step through their PS2 portal. That was their first mistake.
145 41 Space Marine October 10, 2011
To quote the only piece of Ork dialogue in the game, "Spacemarine!"
144 40 Metroid: Other M Part 2 October 3, 2011
Samus continues monologuing her way through a space adventure.
143 39 Metroid: Other M Part 1 September 26, 2011
Metroid goes with the other M.
142 38 Sonic and the Black Knight September 19, 2011
Yes, you read that correctly. The Black Knight. No, not the Monty Python one, that would be awesome.
141 37 Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers September 12, 2011
It's not that it's a bad game, it just wasn't the game Graham and Paul were expecting.
140 36 Call of Duty: Black Ops September 5, 2011
Regardless of our comments herein, any game that can be contracted to "COD BLOPS" is all right with us.
139 35 Fallout New Vegas August 29, 2011
What happens in New Vegas is covered with a layer of grime.
138 34 Dragon Age II August 22, 2011
There's dragons, it's an age... finally! A game delivers!
137 33 Dead Space 2 August 15, 2011
Isaac is back, and he has a voice now. We expect he'll use it to do a lot of screaming.
136 32 Hunted: The Demon's Forge August 8, 2011
It's got demons! It's got forging! It's got LIES because it's got NEITHER of those things.
135 31 Two Worlds 2 August 1, 2011
Does this make it four worlds? Would four worlds even be better? We don't think so.
134 30 Sonic the Hedgehog July 25, 2011
Everyone's favorite hedgehog teleports into someone else's game.
133 29 Dark Void July 18, 2011
A game named after the act of using the toilet with the lights off, yay!
132 28 Crysis 2 Part 2 July 11, 2011
Part 2 sees Prophet engage in a passing of the protagonist torch. Shame the new guy has no personality.
131 27 Crysis 2 Part 1 July 4, 2011
It's a crysis of incredibly dull proportions.
130 26 Homefront June 27, 2011
When Korea takes over America, they also kind of lose.
129 25 Legend of the Guardians June 20, 2011
Graham and Paul like the part where the owls talk like people.
128 24 Star Wars The Old Republic June 13, 2011
This is what happens when you release your entire intro. Graham and Paul get ahold of it.
127 23 Madworld June 6, 2011
None of these are familiar places OR familiar faces. They're all grim.
126 22 Venetica: Part 2 May 30, 2011
Sure, you may not like your parents some times, but at least your dad isn't Death.
125 21 Venetica: Part 1 May 23, 2011
In which Paul ruins everything.
124 20 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World May 16, 2011
We don't know where this world is, or why we should care, but apparently it's dawn.
123 19 Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper May 9, 2011
Just keep asking yourself, "Does this seem remotely like a game I want in my house?" (The answer is no).
122 18 Monster Hunter Tri May 2, 2011
A cinematic that really makes a year of grinding look more appealing. But not by much.
121 17 Prison Break April 25, 2011
Well, it's got a prison at least, so it's at least half right.
120 16 Atelier Rorona April 18, 2011
We looked it up: "atelier" means "workshop". It didn't help us understand the game any better.
119 15 Front Mission Evolved Part 2 April 11, 2011
Programmer Guy takes his Wizard Wanzer out for a spin near Percival. It goes poorly.
118 14 Front Mission Evolved April 4, 2011
When you absolutely need mechanized military support, just call Programmer Guy and Valley Girl.
117 13 Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions March 28, 2011
In which Stan Lee is again rolled out to lend it some credibility.
116 12 R.U.S.E. March 21, 2011
It's another WWII game, but this time: Dimly lit.
115 11 Red Dead Redemption March 14, 2011
A man arrives, walks, sits, and travels.
114 10 Fable 3 March 7, 2011
The best morality-based poultry simulator since BioCluck.
113 9 Mafia II February 28, 2011
Paul and Graham try to avoid sleeping with the fishes.
112 8 Dead Rising 2: Part 3 February 21, 2011
Graham and Paul finally defeat the ever-returning undead cutscene.
111 7 Dead Rising 2: Part 2 February 14, 2011
Chuck faces off with his ultimate nemesis: Catty women.
110 6 Dead Rising 2: Part 1 February 7, 2011
Graham and Paul take to Dead Rising 2 like a paddlesaw to zombies.
109 5 Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom January 31, 2011
The grand legend of the thief and the talking rat. It's an odd legend.
108 4 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage January 24, 2011
What happens when a man knows only punching? This, apparently.
107 3 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood January 17, 2011
It's refreshing to have an Italian protagonist that isn't Mario.
106 2 Enslaved January 10, 2011
If the guy from Journey to the West was named "Roid-Monkey", then yes, this is accurate.
105 1 Vanquish: Part 2 January 3, 2011
"Vanquish" sounds better than "Space Russians vs the Robot Men", right?

Season Two

1.2Season Seven
1.2Season Six
1.1Season Five
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1.3Season Three
1.4Season Two
1.5Season One
1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
104 52 Vanquish: Part 1 December 27, 2010
When a scene opens on an idyllic setting, it's really only a matter of time until it all goes to hell.
103 51 Blood Stone December 20, 2010
James Bond, permanent-scowl champion 2010, returns to kick martinis and drink butt.
102 50 Beowulf December 13, 2010
One of the greatest mythic heroes travels through the vast Uncanny Valley.
101 49 Unskippable 100: A Guide to Cinematics December 6, 2010
Graham and Paul use the knowledge they've gained from Unskippable for "good".
100 48 Yakuza 3: Part 2 November 29, 2010
Rush to discover the thrilling conclusion of real estate matters.
99 47 Yakuza 3: Part 1 November 22, 2010
Watch in awe as the world's least interesting gangsters faff about.
98 46 Clash of the Titans November 15, 2010
The game may be in actual 3D, but that doesn't make better than the movie.
97 45 White Knight Chronicles: Part 2 November 8, 2010
A kingdom of people with silly names come under threat from other silly names.
96 44 White Knight Chronicles: Part 1 November 1, 2010
A kingdom of people with silly names come under threat from other silly names.
95 43 Castlevania: Lords of Shadow October 25, 2010
Thrill as Patrick Stewart stalks a giant man.
94 42 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 October 18, 2010
Bad Company returns and this time, they're even worse.
93 41 Bladestorm: The Hundred Years' War October 11, 2010
It's like a storm. Of blades. And Frenchmen.
92 40 Warhammer Battle March October 4, 2010
It's really less of a "march" and more of saunter. Or a mosey.
91 39 Fracture September 27, 2010
The title could refer to the in-game terraforming, or the head injury we received while playing.
90 38 Transformers: War for Cybertron September 20, 2010
Is Cybertron really worth going to WAR over?
89 37 Mini Ninjas September 13, 2010
They're not that impressive, really. We've seen smaller.
88 36 Arc Rise Fantasia September 6, 2010
Boy meets dragon, boy kills dragon, boy meets girl, girl also kills same dragon... wait.
87 35 No More Heroes 2 August 30, 2010
Maybe there's no more heroes because no one likes hanging out with jerks.
86 34 Epic Mickey August 23, 2010
An advance-release cinematic just means we get to laugh at Mickey sooner. And we do.
85 33 Alpha Protocol August 16, 2010
Watch in awe as a prick tries to be a spy, who is also a prick.
84 32 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway August 9, 2010
There's only one way out of Hell, and that's through it. Or, you could just not play.
83 31 Jumper: Griffin's Story August 2, 2010
And, to no one's surprise, a movie-license video game wasn't very good.
82 30 Dead to Rights: Retribution July 26, 2010
A man and his dog. And the people they kill, violently.
81 29 Aliens vs. Predator July 19, 2010
Whoever wins... actually no, we just straight-up lose.
80 28 Lost Planet 2: Part 2 July 12, 2010
The Akrid action continues, in the epic second half!
79 27 Lost Planet 2: Part 1 July 5, 2010
The sequel the pilot episode! And yet, the armadillo...
78 26 Final Fantasy 13 June 29, 2010
But this time, it's for real...
77 25 E3 2010 Trailers June 22, 2010
So many E3 trailers, so few that look good.
76 24 Hybrid Heaven June 15, 2010
Graham and Paul go back, to the age of N64 and pointy helmet hair.
75 23 Legendary June 8, 2010
Graham and Paul take a peek inside Pandora's Box.
74 22 Nier June 1, 2010
In a snow-ridden city, a blonde guy unleashes a book monster.
73 21 Deadly Premonition: Part 2 May 25, 2010
At last, the FBI agent arrives to solve the mystery.
72 20 Deadly Premonition: Part 1 May 18, 2010
In a rural town, citizens discover a ghastly murder in the forest.
71 19 Splinter Cell: Conviction May 11, 2010
Sam Fisher teaches his daughter a valuable lesson in darkness.
70 18 Magna Carta 2 May 4, 2010
An evil king takes over, and only a lazy kid can save the day.
69 17 Zoids Assault April 26, 2010
-|courtroom sketches finally get their own game.
68 16 Resonance of Fate April 19, 2010
Wouldn't it suck if it was foggy out when you jumped to your death?
67 15 Dante's Inferno April 12, 2010
Take a trip to hell, in style.
66 14 Battlefield: Bad Company April 5, 2010
Being the new guy sucks, doesn't it?
65 13 Final Fantasy XIII March 29, 2010
Brooding and the impossible hairdo go together like guns and swords.
64 12 Vampire Rain March 22, 2010
Humans are fast becoming a minority in this dark and rainy world.
63 11 Stormrise March 15, 2010
Firestorms erupt all over the world, and our only hope is a frozen guy.
62 10 Folklore March 8, 2010
The mysterious City of the Dead is just a call away, or you can get there in a boat.
61 9 Avatar March 1, 2010
Does a world full of blue cat people really need another army dude?
60 8 Bayonetta February 22, 2010
An undertaker admires the... scenery, as Bayonetta fights some angels.
59 7 Bullet Witch February 15, 2010
An apocalyptic future can only be saved by a witch, with a gun.
58 6 Assassin's Creed 2 February 8, 2010
Our heroes find themselves trapped in the body of a time-traveler.
57 5 Darksiders February 1, 2010
Graham and Paul hitch a ride with one of the Four Horsemen.
56 4 Sonic Unleashed January 25, 2010
Evil robots are no match for a cartoon rodent that can run fast.
55 3 The Saboteur January 18, 2010
The sights... in France aren't the only point of interest for an Irishman.
54 2 The Last Remnant, Part 2 January 11, 2010
With the battle now over, our heroes struggle to make sense of a flashback.
53 1 The Last Remnant January 4, 2010
Graham and Paul get swept into a massive battle of sub-epic proportion.

Season One

1.2Season Seven
1.2Season Six
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1.5Season One
1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died
# in Series # in Season Title Date
52 52 Halo Wars December 28, 2009
Be sure to always get the HEATED codpiece.
51 51 Dragon Age: Origins December 21, 2009
Once again, the Bards are under represented.
50 50 Zone of the Enders December 14, 2009
A little boy runs from giant mechs, in spaaaace!
49 49 Devil May Cry 4 December 7, 2009
Dante and Nero show their brotherly love, with swords and guns.
48 48 Halo 3: ODST November 30, 2009
Graham and Paul meet a crack team of space pirates military specialists that seem to fall for everything.
47 47 Jak II November 23, 2009
Jak and Daxter take a trip to another world, dragging Graham and Paul along.
46 46 Left 4 Dead November 16, 2009
Evading a swarm of zombies mutants is just a matter of crossing the street.
45 45 Final Fantasy XII November 9, 2009
Graham and Paul have an adventure in the land of riding chickens and bunny people.
44 44 Borderlands November 2, 2009
Graham and Paul take a bus ride through the desert world of Pandora.
43 43 Genji: Days of the Blade October 26, 2009
Graham and Paul visit an ancient land of legend, and cliches.
42 42 Too Human October 19, 2009
Graham and Paul have a run-in with Vikings... from the future
41 41 Viking October 12, 2009
Graham and Paul get caught in the middle of an epic battle between Vikings and spiky guys.
40 40 Dark Messiah October 5, 2009
Graham and Paul have a look at some Might and Magic, in an evil lair that clearly isn't up to code.
39 39 Prototype September 28, 2009
Graham and Paul follow a dead guy with super powers. Don't worry - he's just a Prototype.
38 38 Dark Sector September 21, 2009
Graham and Paul take a look at the light side of Dark Sector.
37 37 Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena September 14, 2009
The power and sneakiness of Vin Diesel is only matched by Graham and Paul's cleverness.
36 36 Red Faction: Guerrilla September 7, 2009
This week, Graham and Paul have some fun in the Martian sun.
35 35 Metal Gear Solid 4: Part 5 August 31, 2009
The final installment of Metal Gear August introduces a device of literary proportions.
34 34 Metal Gear Solid 4: Part 4 August 24, 2009
Metal Gear August continues, teaming Snake up with the RATs.
33 33 Metal Gear Solid 4: Part 3 August 17, 2009
Metal Gear August continues, with a naked monkey and a gun dealer.
32 32 Metal Gear Solid 4: Part 2 August 10, 2009
Metal Gear August continues, in an explosion-less graveyard.
31 31 Metal Gear Solid 4: Part 1 August 3, 2009
Graham and Paul kick off a month of Metal Gear Solid 4 episodes
30 30 Devil May Cry July 27, 2009
Graham and Paul get to play with swords, guns, and demons in Devil May Cry.
29 29 Wolverine Uncaged July 20, 2009
Graham and Paul cast an eye at everyone's favorite adamantium-clawed berserker, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged.
28 28 Valkyria Chronicles July 13, 2009
Graham and Paul take a trip back in time, to a war-ridden country in Valkyria Chronicles.
27 27 Bionic Commando July 6, 2009
Graham and Paul are armed and ready for Bionic Commando.
26 26 Damnation June 29, 2009
Graham and Paul use their looking glass on the steampunk robots of Damnation.
25 25 Haze June 22, 2009
Drugs make for crazy summer blockbusters, and Haze is no different.
24 24 E3 Trailers June 15, 2009
Graham and Paul mercilessly mock the E3 trailers for Final Fantasy XIV, Edge of Twilight and Huxley.
23 23 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand June 8, 2009
50 Cent takes Graham and Paul on a magic carpet ride to find an ancient bedazzled skull.
22 22 Alone in the Dark June 1, 2009
Graham and Paul take a quick look at Alone in the Dark. Don't blink - you might miss it.
21 21 Lost Odyssey May 18, 2009
This week it's Lost Odyssey, in a land beneath the sky where invincible men roam.
20 20 Far Cry 2 May 11, 2009
Graham and Paul go on a backseat safari adventure in Far Cry 2.
19 19 Ace Combat 6 May 4, 2009
A depressing look at the life of an Air Force wife. Oh yeah, and the game is about flying.
18 18 Infinite Undiscovery April 27, 2009
Graham and Paul follow the adventures of the mighty flute-playing Cappel in Infinite Undiscovery.
17 17 Quantum of Solace April 20, 2009
An action-packed thrill ride awaits Graham and Paul, with the one but not only Bond, James Bond. This week, it's 007 in: Quantum of Solace.
16 16 Radiata Stories April 13, 2009
Adventure, and intrigue await in Radiata Stories. Maybe sometime after the goofy cutscene we'll get to see them.
15 15 X-Blades April 6, 2009
Ancient magic, lost treasures, sword-wielding badass chicks wearing hardly any clothes. What's not to love about X-Blades? The bad cinematic.
14 14 Star Ocean: The Last Hope March 30, 2009
Graham and Paul go on a space adventure with Yahtzee! See their crossover appearance in Zero Punctuation: Halo Wars.
13 13 Resident Evil 5 March 23, 2009
This week, Graham and Paul go deep into the heart of Africa to bust zombie heads in Resident Evil 5.
12 12 Onimusha 3 March 16, 2009
Whether in modern-day France, or feudal Japan, Graham and Paul are ready to deal with flying bug monsters. This week, it's Onimusha 3: Demon Siege.
11 11 Run Like Hell March 9, 2009
In space, no one can hear you scream. On Earth, Graham and Paul can Run Like Hell.
10 10 Digital Devil Saga March 2, 2009
In a crazy land of tentacled artichokes and anthropomorphic zebra monsters, Graham and Paul keep it real. This week, it's Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga.
9 9 The Bouncer February 23, 2009
Graham and Paul take us into The Bouncer. If your fake ID doesn't work, there's always barber college.
8 8 The Darkness February 16, 2009
This week, Graham and Paul shed some light on The Darkness. Not the band, the game!
7 7 Two Worlds February 9, 2009
This week, Graham and Paul team up to take on Two Worlds.
6 6 Grandia III February 2, 2009
Graham and Paul fly high with Grandia III. Too bad Yukie can't figure out how to get a plane off the ground
5 5 The Getaway January 26, 2009
This week, a game that tries to be a Guy Ritchie film. "The Getaway" can't escape Graham and Paul, even if we fed it to the pigs.
4 4 Dirge of Cerberus January 19, 2009
Emo-haired brooding, pointless explosions, and unexplained backstory? Yup, it's Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus.
3 3 Dead Rising January 12, 2009
In a mall, full of zombies, two guys (Graham & Paul) and a microphone are all that stands between you and boredom. This week, it's Dead Rising.
2 2 Eternal Sonata January 5, 2009
This week, for the premiere of their award-winning series, Graham and Paul watch the eternally long opening cinematic of Eternal Sonata.
1 1 Lost Planet November 19, 2008
Tied for first place in this year's Escapist Film Festival, this is a new series from gaming comedians LoadingReadyRun. Focusing on the introductory scenes to video games new and old, Unskippable is the fun back to cinematics that take themselves too seriously.

Unskippable: Let's Play

Recurring Gags

Eyebrows and the Thugs

1.2Season Seven
1.2Season Six
1.1Season Five
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1.3Season Three
1.4Season Two
1.5Season One
1.6Unskippable: Let's Play
Recurring Gags
2.1Eyebrows and the Thugs
2.2Russell the Crow
2.3That Was the N-th Time I Died

A professional contemporary light jazz band consisting of the thugs from The Getaway. They haven't been referenced since the 25th episode, Haze.


Russell the Crow

When a crow or raven appears in a cutscene (a frequent occurence!), its name is Russell... Russell the Crow.


That Was the N-th Time I Died

At the beginning of The Darkness, the main character mentions that "That was the first time I died," something Graham repeats at the end of the cutscene. In subsequent episodes, if it looks like the main character dies in the scene, Graham will say "And that was the N-th time I died." This joke has been referenced 15 times, and used 12 times (not counting Lost Odyssey, where it was rescinded).