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How many have you seen before?

Vital Statistics

"Dodge this."

Date: February 6, 2004

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Graham Stark, Morgan vanHumbeck, Leigh-Anne Fish, Halina Wlocka

Camera: Rowan

Editing: Graham Stark

Music: "Spybreak!" by Propellerheads, The Eyes of Truth by Enigma

Location: UVic Centre parking garage


To end a movie you may: leave a sequel possible; have an early video game epilogue; have a man armed with a gun kill a man with a sword a la Indiana Jones; have Matrix style bullet time; the Sam Raimi; leave it unresolved; have the badass shoot the person behind him; show the shadow of the action and with a long pull back Film Noir style; end with a double cross by the girl.


  • This was shot for one of Graham's videos classes.
  • The pistol really did shoot a blast of air at Morgan's head.
  • The extended version on the season one bonus DVD also includes: like a Hollywood movie; with a lot of gun play like a John Woo; by dancing; everyone dies like in a Shakespearean tragedy; with a very long Film Noir pull back; like a badly dubbed Kung Foo; by using cell phones (a take on the replacement of guns with radios in the Special edition of ET); showing the action off screen like in a Greek tragedy;
  • This took a very long time to shoot due to the many takes Rowan wanted.
  • The text of the video game ending was on Jer's answering machine.
  • Originally, the Shakespearean tragedy was intended to have the other young woman enter the stage, see all the corpses, and shoot herself; due to illness, she had to leave the shooting early and the scene was truncated.
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