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X Ways To Y logo

Format: Sketch Comedy
Created By: Graham Stark and Paul Saunders
Status: Retired
Updates: Mondays (Sporadic)
Host: Loadingreadyrun.com, Revver.com, Blip.tv, Youtube.com, Escapistmagazine.com
Original Run: November 21, 2003 - December 15, 2014
Associated Shows: LoadingReadyRun

X Ways to Y is perhaps the most rigid of video categories. Typically, a problem is established as the title of the video, and a series of comical options are attempted by the crew, while a simple piano piece, "Fappe un Petit Battement", loops in the background. These videos are usually done without any speaking parts. Often, the Sam Raimi is employed as a possible solution. There are exceptions to most of these rules, though.

X Ways to Y videos are mentioned multiple times in commodoreHUSTLE as "the easy way out", a video that can be written and shot when the crew has little time or will for a more taxing video.

The format of LRLabs shares many traits with X Ways To Y.

X Ways to Y videos used to be known as 14 Ways to Y, but eventually they took away the specific number so they didn't have to cut out sequences, or add unnecessary filler.

The X Ways to Y series ceased in 2014 along with the rest of the shorts, although the crew haven't discounted the idea of a one-off in the future.

List of X Ways To Y Videos (Chronologically)