Dale Friesen

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Dale Friesen
Dale Friesen
Dale's Avatar
Duties: Actor
First Appearance: CommodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical (8 December 2008)
Last Appearance: Dice Friends - Trouble in P4RA-DI5E: Episode 5 (11 September 2019)

Dale Friesen is in Jer's D&D group in commodoreHUSTLE continuity (and sometimes in real life). He has appeared in a handful of LRR videos since his first appearance in commodoreHUSTLE 03 - Critical, famously playing the Devil in 106.7 The Drive and The LoadingReadyRumble 2.

Dale has been the dungeon master in several Dice Friends campaigns. These have been described by Jacob Burgess as playing at the devil's table, probably a reference to how Dale gives totally harmless bargains with no possible ramifications.

Dale was the best man at Jer and Tally's wedding. He was the MC at Graham and Kathleen's wedding, and present for James and Ashley's wedding.

In the spring of 2013, Dale began wearing an eyepatch over his left eye due to a damaged retina.

Dale posts to the forums and edits the wiki under the username Tbug, a nickname his wife gave him.

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