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The main LoadingReadyRun Series.

The original.

Post-Weekly Updates

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
7 591 The Alternative (2023 Remake) Graham, Paul, James, Nelson, Ben, Kathleen, and Matt Graham, Paul, James, Nelson, Ben Ulmer, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts 14 December, 2023
A new take on our earliest “scripted” sketch The Alternative to Telemarketers returns as one of the three classic videos voted by viewers to receive a remake as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations.
6 590 The Quantum Documentary (2023 Remake) Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, and Kathleen, with James and Matt Shorts 22 October, 2023
The Quantum Documentary returns as one of the three classic videos voted by viewers to receive a remake as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations.
5 589 Five PS5s Kathleen, Graham, and Paul Paul Shorts 19 December, 2020
He's back again.
4 588 Ways to Spend Time in Isolation LoadingReadyRun Kathleen, Beej, Heather, Matt, Ian, Paul, Graham, Alex, James, Ben, Serge Shorts 30 May, 2020
Get creative, or don't. The description box isn't your dad.
3 587 Ways to #adulting LoadingReadyRun Kathleen, Heather, Matt Griffiths, Ian, Cam, James, Ben X ways to Y 27 April, 2019
Figure out how to do the thing, and then don't do it and watch Netflix instead.
2 586 Christmas Fanboys LoadingReadyRun Kathleen, Beej, Heather, Matt Griffiths, Cam, Paul, Graham, Alex, James Shorts December 25, 2018
Ugh, the fandom is at it again.
1 585 Before & After Pokemon GO LoadingReadyRun Cori, Alex, James, Paul, Heather, Cam, and Graham Shorts July 15, 2016
Everything seems so different since before we had Pokemon GO.

Season Eleven

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 584 The LoadingReadyRumble 2 Graham Everyone Shorts December 29, 2014
As our 11th complete season comes to a close, we decided the best way to remember everyone's favourite sketch characters was to have them brutally kill each other for our amusement. Or something.
51 583 A Little Drummer Boy Paul Paul Music December 22, 2014
This seemed like such a great plan on parchment.
50 582 The Xth Way to Y Graham, Paul, Kathleen and James Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James, Alex, Ben, Cam, Beej, Ian, and Harry X ways to Y December 15, 2014
Also known as: Ways to End "X Ways to Y"
49 581 No Laughing Matter Graham & Kathleen Graham, Paul, James, Kathleen, Alex, Cam, Beej, and Ian CommodoreHUSTLE December 8, 2014
Graham loves Christmas, there's just a little too much of it sometimes.
48 580 Not on Twitter Paul Paul, James, Kathleen, Cam, Alex, & Graham Shorts December 1, 2014
You can do your part to make things still be fun.
47 579 Desert Bus Opening Titles Andy Everyone Music November 24, 2014
Remember this gem from your childhood?
46 578 The Wire Paul Paul, Cam, Beej, James, Ian, Kathleen, & Alex Shorts November 17, 2014
Don't worry, even you won't know you're wearing this thing.
45 577 The New X Games Kathleen & Paul Graham, Paul, Beej, & Kathleen Shorts November 10, 2014
We haven't thrown ourselves off anything tall or flaming recently...
44 576 Superficial Intelligence Paul Graham, Kathleen, & Paul Shorts November 3, 2014
This game looked much better in the pre-rendered video they showed at E3.
43 575 Free Candy Graham & Kathleen, with Cam & Alex Graham, Paul, James, Kathleen, Alex, Cam, and Ian CommodoreHUSTLE October 27, 2014
It's Halloween at the Moonbase, and we're all rubbish.
42 574 Super Ripoff Alex Paul, Alex, and Beej Shorts October 20, 2014
All I'm saying is, no one LIKES getting robbed... right?
41 573 Wrenegade Wrapper Paul Paul and Cam (Kathleen in the stinger, uncredited) Shorts October 13, 2014
This means something... this is important...
40 572 Destiny Tales Graham Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Beej, Cam, Alex Shorts October 6, 2014
Venture into the rich world of Bungie's Destiny. Rich with problems.
39 571 iOS 8 LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Alex, James, Kathleen, Beej, Raymond, Rachel Bradford Shorts September 29, 2014
The latest operating system brings us a variety of new, "useful" features.
38 570 Sorry to Interrupt Paul Alex, Cam, Paul, Beej, Kathleen (Graham and James in the stinger) Shorts September 22, 2014
Our apologies. So sorry. Once again, this is our bad.
37 569 Fixing the Stream Paul Alex, Cam, Paul, Beej commodoreHUSTLE September 15, 2014
Got to check under the hood every so often.
36 568 Professional Stabbists Kathleen Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Serge, Jo Stinson, Emily Jarrett, Eric Jarrett, Cam, Alex Shorts September 8, 2014
It's the hot new craze sweeping the nowhere.
35 567 Third Wheel Dating Kathleen James, Graham, Ash, Kathleen, Beej, Heather, Cam, Paul, Juliana, Alex, Jer, Tally Shorts September 1, 2014
A bicycle is way more stable than a tricycle, right?
34 566 Ways to Avoid Surveillance All Alex, James, Beej, Paul X ways to Y August 25, 2014
Sssssh! They're listening!
33 565 Antiquing Paul Beej Shorts August 18, 2014
Antique sales is a tough business.
32 564 Punchr Paul Paul, James, Graham Shorts August 11, 2014
Finally, a social network that does everything we want.
31 563 Heard But Not Seen Paul Graham, Cam, Kathleen Shorts August 4, 2014
The best kind of roommate is the one you barely notice.
30 562 Social Anxiety Fear Factor Paul Paul, Jeremy, Kathleen, Graham, James, Cam, Alex, Beej, Heather Dery, Ashley Turner Shorts July 28, 2014
It's the most vigorous contest of our age.
29 561 The Pair Kathleen Kathleen, Missie Peters and Monty Bjornsson Shorts July 21, 2014
Doing laundry has never been so briefly exciting, and then so enduringly embarrassing.
28 560 Google's Self-Driving Car Paul James, Paul and Cam Shorts July 13, 2014
On paper: Brilliant. In practice... ehhhhh?
27 559 Female Characters Graham Jeremy, James, Graham, Katleen and Cam Shorts July 7, 2014
Look, game development isn't as easy as people seem to think it is.
26 558 Alex's Stream Graham and Kathleen Alex, James, Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Cam and Beej commodoreHUSTLE June 30, 2014
The crew is taking to streaming very well, and Alex is taking to it maybe a little TOO well.
25 557 The Whole Story: Football LoadingReadyRun Paul Shorts June 23, 2014
With all the excitement surrounding the World Cup, it's important to consider the humble, prisoner-related origins of this now noble sport.
24 556 Doctors Hate Her Graham Missie Peters, Matt, Kathleen, Cam, Paul, James, Graham, Alex, Andrew Ferguson Shorts June 16, 2014
This is not covered by your insurance.
23 555 Design By Committee Paul Kathleen, Paul, Graham and James Shorts June 9, 2014
More heads are better than none!
22 554 Cleaning Day Kathleen Kathleen, Cam, Beej, Paul, Graham, Alex and James commodoreHUSTLE June 2, 2014
The Moonbase's eternal battle takes a turn for the wurst.
21 553 Drugs, Drugs, Drugs Graham, Kathleen and Paul Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James and Jessica Patrick Shorts May 26, 2014
A frank discussion of all the ways drugs can and will kill you.
20 552 Ways to Get Video Ideas LoadingReadyRun Graham, Alex, James, Cam, Alex, Beej and Paul with Bradly Rains, Jeremy, Kathleen and Matt X Ways to Y May 19, 2014
They have to come from somewhere. Now you all know our secrets.
19 551 Staggeringly Fast Loans Paul Graham, Paul, Kathleen and James Shorts May 12, 2014
When you need some money right. Like RIGHT now.
18 550 The Dark Paul Paul and Graham Shorts May 5, 2014
It's brilliant! Think of the savings!
17 549 Krogslist Graham and Kathleen Graham, Beej and Alex Shorts April 27, 2014
It always pays to be the first out the gate with new innovations.
16 548 The Gatekeeper Graham Graham, Jeremy, Alex, James, Kathleen, Beej and Paul Shorts April 21, 2014
You may know him from The Internet. He knows what's right, so you don't have to.
15 547 The New Old Thing Paul Paul, Kathleen and Will Arnold Shorts April 14, 2014
Everything old is old again.
14 546 Live On Location Paul Paul, Graham and Kathleen Shorts April 7, 2014
Thank goodness for remote satellite technology.
13 545 Dirty Money Paul Beej, Paul and Kathleen Shorts March 30, 2014
He can fix your problem. Or something approximating your problem, anyway.
12 544 The File Kathleen Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Alex, Beej and Cam commodoreHUSTLE March 24, 2014
All the crew needs to do is upload this week's video...
11 543 EVERYTHING IS FINE Paul Paul, James, Alex and Serge Shorts March 17, 2014
Just calm down okay, everything is fine.
10 542 The IMAX Experience Paul Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James and Alex Shorts March 10, 2014
New innovations in charging more for movies.
9 541 A Fortunate Teller Kathleen and Graham Kathleen and Graham Shorts March 3, 2014
She has all the answers...
8 540 Math of the Montage Paul Paul, James, Cam and Kathleen Shorts February 24, 2014
Sometimes, there's only one way to do it.
7 539 The Whole Story: The Winter Olympics LoadingReadyRun Paul Shorts February 17, 2014
Deep into the very true and real history of everyone's favourite Olympics.
6 538 Flat Out Kathleen Graham, Cameron, Paul, Alex and James Shorts February 10, 2014
It can't be much fun to be the party that gets included for the amusement of the other parties.
5 537 CommodoreHUSTLE 034 - Laughter Kathleen and Graham Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James, Beej, Alex commodoreHUSTLE February 3, 2014
Graham and Paul hatch a plan to improve LRR's connection with their audience.
4 536 The New Chess Paul Graham and Paul Shorts January 27, 2014
The developers are always striving to make the best game for their fans.
3 535 The Warriors Return Paul Paul, Jeremy, Morgan, Ben Wilkinson, James, Cameron Shorts January 20, 2014
After years in "hiding" they have returned to exact their revenge.
2 534 The Bitcoin Conspiracy Paul and Kathleen Graham and James Shorts January 13, 2014
He's back, he's mobile, and you need to hear what he has to say.
1 533 Ways to Blow the Kickstarter Money LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James, Alex, Beej, Matt, and Johnny Blakeborough X Ways to Y January 06, 2014
The first sketch of our KS-backed year of sketches... well, 2014 was fun(ded) while it lasted.

Season Ten

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 532 Twenty-Thirteen Graham and Jeremy Graham and Jeremy Music December 30, 2013
64K is back, just like they said they'd be, but the new generation is a disappointment.
51 531 The True Meaning of Boxing Day Paul, Kathleen and Graham Paul and Graham Gibb Shorts December 23, 2013
Our favourite children's show host tells us the story of Canada's biggest holiday.
50 530 Four PS4s Paul Paul and Graham Shorts December 16, 2013
He's back, and he's upgraded his collection.
49 529 What's Going On? Graham, Kathleen and Paul Graham and Alex Shorts December 9, 2013
Find out all the latest goings on, from your favourite local television personality.
48 528 Hot & Saucey Kathleen, Graham and Alex Graham, Beej and Paul Shorts December 2, 2013
The arms race for the hottest of sauces knows no end.
47 527 The Desert Bus Rap Graham, Ian and Andy The organizers and volunteers of Desert Bus for Hope 7 Music November 25, 2013
Hey all you cool dudes and dudettes, check out this tubular new track from the Desert Bus Crew. It's the hippest new jam of the fall.
46 526 Pokeproblem Paul Graham, Kathleen and Maya Shorts November 18, 2013
Some Pokemon are less able-bodied than others, and we're here to help.
45 525 Internet Opinions Graham, Kathleen and Paul Graham, Kathleen, Paul and Alex Shorts November 11, 2013
The most important public service announcement on the internet.
44 524 The Bodypaint Problem Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Beej, Cameron and Alex Beej and Graham Shorts November 4, 2013
Among all the options you could choose for a Halloween costume, some are far worse than others.
43 523 Murdercide Graham, Kathleen, Alex, Cameron and Beej Kathleen, James, Paul, Graham, Alex, Jeremy, Missie and Arlo Shorts October 28, 2013
The newest instalment in the Murdercide saga will shake you to your damp core.
42 522 The Hero We Deserve Paul Paul, Cameron, Graham, Kathleen, James and Missie Shorts October 21, 2013
Look on in awe at the amazing adventures of Guy with a Cell Phone Man!
41 521 Enlightenment Gear Paul Paul and Andy Shorts October 14, 2013
Mark Sauceman shows you how to get the advantage on your enlightenment.
40 520 Ways to Slack Off Kathleen, James, Beej, Cameron and Alex James, Kathleen, Cameron, Alex and Beej X Ways to Y October 8, 2013
When the cat's away, the mice will eat candy and screw around all weekend.
39 519 Badly Broken Graham Kathleen, James, Graham, Paul and Alex Shorts September 30, 2013
What happens when the meth runs out?
38 518 Relaxation Situation Paul Graham, James, Paul and Kathleen Shorts September 23, 2013
Because nothing is more relaxing than a giant floating head.
37 517 The Story of Beej Paul Beej, Cameron, Graham, Paul and Kathleen commodoreHUSTLE September 16, 2013
He is more meme than man, but we have the technology.
36 516 Munro's Meats Andy Beej, Kathleen and Jeremy Shorts September 9, 2013
You can't beat our meat! But you can try.
35 515 Papers, Please Alexander Roedener Andy, Graham, Paul, Cameron, Beej, Alex and James Shorts September 2, 2013
Please be ready to declare all of the funny with this very special episode of Loading Ready Run.
34 514 Xannathor Kathleen, James, Paul and Cameron Matt, Kathleen and Graham Shorts August 26, 2013
Xannathor, the H is silent. It's probably right for you.
33 513 The Whole Story: Batteries Paul Paul Shorts August 19, 2013
Learn more about batteries -- how they were invented, what they're made of, and how many people they've killed...
32 512 The New Timezones Paul Paul, Graham, and James Shorts August 12, 2013
Newer, better timezones for our modern age.
31 511 The Fountain Paul Paul, Graham, and Jeremy Shorts August 5, 2013
Some men will stop at nothing to unearth the world's secrets. Others will.
30 510 Floating Solo Daniel Saunders and Paul Graham and James Shorts July 29, 2013
In the quiet expanse of space, loneliness might be preferable.
29 509 Keeping Up with the Times Kathleen Kathleen, Cameron, and Paul Shorts July 22, 2013
Move forward, while looking back. Looking back, at a rabbit.
28 508 The Couch LoadingReadyRun James, Alex, Cameron, Kathleen, Paul, and Heather Dery Shorts July 15, 2013
Sometimes, it's pretty obvious when you've made a poor choice.
27 507 Open and Shut Graham Graham, Tally, Jeremy, Kathleen, James, Paul, Cameron, Heather Dery, and Johnny Blakeborough Shorts July 8, 2013
The emotional perils of an open relationship don't end when it does.
26 506 The Canadian Paul with James, Kathleen, and Graham Paul, Cameron, James, Kathleen, and Graham Shorts July 1, 2013
Learn about the strange creatures that inhabit this wild land.
25 505 Man of Steal Paul Cameron, Paul, and Beej Shorts June 24, 2013
The movie studios are getting pretty desperate for ideas.
24 504 PlaceholderURL.com Paul Paul, Graham, and Kathleen Shorts June 17, 2013
Business lesson #85: Roll with the punches.
23 503 Homebrew Hobby Kathleen with Cameron and Maya Kramer Kathleen, Graham, James, Paul, Cameron, and Beej commodoreHUSTLE June 10, 2013
Being web video producers isn't all about producing web video.
22 502 Ways to Make Money LoadingReadyRun James, Kathleen, Graham, Paul, and Cameron X Ways to Y June 3, 2013
Forget summer jobs, we've got your vacation budget covered.
21 501 Meatfist's Terrible Choice Paul James, Jeremy, and Kathleen Shorts May 27, 2013
Sometimes it may sound like a trick question and other times the villain just has terrible foresight.
20 500 The 500th Video Paul Graham, Paul, James, Kathleen, Jeremy, Cameron, Alex, and many others Shorts May 20, 2013
LoadingReadyRun uses its 500th weekly update, to reflect on the first 499.
19 499 SPRING! Graham Graham and Paul Shorts May 13, 2013
Spring is basically the best season ever, bro.
18 498 The Travel Bug Kathleen Andy and Kathleen Shorts May 6, 2013
Travel plans become more and more difficult with the dangers and inconveniences of the less than modern world.
17 497 The Thin Blue Clue Paul James, Paul, Jeremy, Graham (voice), Kathleen (voice), and Matthew Murray (voice) Shorts April 29, 2013
Only a team of specialists can track down a killer this twisted.
16 496 The Stuck Up Beej Paul, Kathleen, and Beej Shorts April 22, 2013
Muggings are getting so cliché these days.
15 495 Crime Pays Paul Jeremy and Paul, with Beej, James, and Kathleen Shorts April 15, 2013
A trip to the ATM could turn into something much more sinister.
14 494 Yes Man Paul and LoadingReadyRun Beej, Graham, Cameron, Kathleen, Paul, Alex, and Kate Shorts April 8, 2013
The folks at LoadingReadyRun give us an inside look into political commentary.
13 493 Men Easter Graham, Paul, Kathleen, and James Graham, Kathleen, James, Paul, Matt, and Beej Shorts April 1, 2013
Spending time with family is overrated - watch the MEN network instead!
12 492 The Whole Story: Pants Paul Paul Shorts March 25, 2013
Learn more about pants and their rich history.
11 491 The Theatre of the Mind Kathleen Beej, Kathleen, James, and Jeremy Shorts March 18, 2013
Being a good DM is harder than it looks.
10 490 Frank Miller's SimCity Graham, Paul, Kathleen, and James Paul, Graham, James, and Kathleen Shorts March 11, 2013
Frank Miller's SimCity makes the city much darker than before.
9 489 That's No Moon Andy Paul and Graham Shorts March 4, 2013
To be fair, it isn't a space station either.
8 488 Filtergram Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Paul, and Cameron Shorts February 25, 2013
Just eating your food is for losers. Taking ugly pictures of food is where it's at.
7 487 Harlem Shake Graham, Paul, Kathleen, and James Paul, Graham, Kathleen, James, Beej, and Geoff Howe commodoreHUSTLE February 18, 2013
You may have heard of this popular Internet thing, it's called "The Harlem Shake."
6 486 Ways to Spend Valentines LoadingReadyRun Paul, James, Graham, Kathleen, Alex, Beej, and Heather Dery X Ways to Y February 11, 2013
Tips for surviving Valentine's Day when you're solo.
5 485 Wizard Chat Paul Paul and Graham with Alex, Beej, and James Shorts February 4, 2013
Wizards can be quite helpful when it comes to fashion.
4 484 CMN Graham, Kathleen, Paul, and James Kathleen, Graham, Paul, and Beej Shorts January 28, 2013
Have you ever wanted to win the Tour de France? Who hasn't, and now you're one step closer.
3 483 Junk in the Trunk Paul Cameron, Beej, Paul, James, Alex, and Kathleen Shorts January 21, 2013
The mob doesn't like people who talk. At all. About anything.
2 482 The NASA Conspiracy Paul, James, and Graham Graham, James, and Kathleen Shorts January 14, 2013
This puts the entirety of the NASA program in a new light.
1 481 Resolved Graham, Kathleen, James, and Beej Matt, James, Kathleen, Graham, Beej, and Andy commodoreHUSTLE January 7, 2013
I resolve never to make resolutions again.

Season Nine

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
53 480 Rapidfire 3: Episode 6 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Cameron, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, ALex, Dan Ross, Cameron, Beej, Kate, Ian Jacek, Missie Peters, Tally, and Heather Dery Rapidfire December 31, 2012
This week you get the chance to experience Narnier in all of its glory.
52 479 Efficiency Kathleen Andy, Kathleen, Cameron, and Paul Shorts December 24, 2012
WHy are you wasting your time reading this when you could be watching the episode already?
51 478 Rapidfire 3: Episode 5 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Cameron, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, Kate, Tally, Alex, and Cameron Rapidfire December 17, 2012
In a very special episode Bob Ross shows us how to paint some very happy trees.
50 477 Jonny Five Graham Graham Shorts December 10, 2012
Jonny gets back to us concerning his trip abroad.
49 476 Rapidfire 3: Episode 4 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Cameron, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, Missie Peters, Tally, Alex, Kate, and Andy Rapidfire December 3, 2012
The Canadian alert system has been going a little haywire as of late.
48 475 Desert Power Graham with Ian Horner, Kroze, Dix, and the Chat Quite a lot of people Music November 26, 2012
In case you needed a quick recap of this year's Desert Bus.
47 474 Rapidfire 3: Episode 3 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Cameron, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, Beej, Missie Peters, Tally, Alex, and Cameron Rapidfire November 19, 2012
Can you handle the non-stop barrage of hilarity?
46 473 Rapidfire 3: Episode 2 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Camreon, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, Missie Peters, Tally, Alex, Cameron, Ian Jacek, Dan Ross, Adam Hancock, Lindsey Burnett, and Vikkie Moule Rapidfire November 12, 2012
Take this shot of hilarity.
45 472 Rapidfire 3: Episode 1 Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, Beej, Cameron, and Dan Ross Paul, Kathleen, Graham, Matt, James, Jeremy, Missie Peters, Tally, Alex, Cameron, Ian Jacek, and Beej Rapidfire November 5, 2012
LoadingReadyRun assaults your senses in this barrage of hilarity.
44 471 On the Case Graham, Kathleen, and Paul Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Kate, Cameron, Beej, and James commodoreHUSTLE October 29, 2012
Investigating, extorting, what's the difference?
43 470 Normal Activity Kathleen, Graham, and Paul Graham, Jeremy, and Kate Shorts October 12, 2012
Not all activities have to be paranormal.
42 469 The Birds, The Bees and The Bears Kathleen Paul, Kathleen, and Graham Shorts October 15, 2012
The sooner you have the talk the better.
41 468 The Crazy One Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Beej, Cameron, and Paul with Dan Emmons, Alasdair Howe, Jeremy, Ian Jacek, Kate, Sol Kauffman, Nelson Salahub, and Graham Shorts October 8, 2012
Some people will go to any lengths to be on Reality TV.
40 467 Forward Facing Graham Graham, Paul, James, Kathleen, Beej, Matt, and Jeremy commodoreHUSTLE October 1, 2012
The LoadingReadyRun crew plan for the future.
39 466 A New Maiden Graham, Kathleen, and Andy Andy and Kathleen with Paul Shorts September 24, 2012
So many maiden choices. Which suits your personality?
38 465 A Warning Paul Andy and Paul with Kathleen and James Shorts September 17, 2012
Be afraid, be very afraid.
37 464 Fairy Godparent Kathleen Kathleen and James Shorts September 10, 2012
The economy is even affecting the Fairy industry.
36 463 Seth McDebit Timothy Jablonski Matt, Kathleen, Alex, Graham, Paul, and Jeremy Shorts September 3, 2012
When you find yourself in over your head, you can call Seth McDebit.
35 462 Ways to Prepare for PAX LoadingReadyRun James, Kathleen, Graham, Paul, Kate, and Alex X Ways to Y August 27, 2012
The LRR crew gives you some helpful pointers to surviving PAX.
34 461 Snake Oil Graham Graham, Paul, Matt, and Kathleen Shorts August 20, 2012
I can't believe nobody's thought of this before.
33 460 Scout's Dishonor Kathleen Graham, Paul, Matt, James, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts August 13, 2012
When you go into the woods don't forget your phone.
32 459 Occupied Andy James with Paul Shorts August 6, 2012
Not going anywhere for a while?
31 458 Fear Itself Paul Graham, Paul, and Kathleen with James, Matt, and Alex Shorts July 30, 2012
There are always ways to make a tough job a little easier.
30 457 Jonny Four Graham Graham and Alex Shorts July 23, 2012
In his penultimate video, J-man takes a step backwards.
29 456 Pocket Planes Alexander Roederer with LoadingReadyRun James, Graham, and Kathleen with Paul, Alex, and Matt Shorts July 16, 2012
The ups and downs of the world's least consistent airline.
28 455 Giving It Graham Graham and Morgan Shorts July 9, 2012
A video of four-letter words, and words of other lengths too.
27 454 Ways to Spend Your Summer LoadingReadyRun Paul, James, Matt, Graham, Ashley Allman, LeeLee Scaldaferri, and Lindsey Burnett X Ways to Y July 2, 2012
Hard up for a way to waste your leisure time? We can help.
26 453 Mustache You a Question Graham Graham, James, Paul, Matt, and Kathleen commodoreHUSTLE June 25, 2012
Sometimes a mustache is not cool.
25 452 GearsGear Paul Graham, Paul, Matt, James, and Kathleen Shorts June 18, 2012
Mark Sauceman reveals a new breakthrough in car technology.
24 451 How to Find Free Wifi Graham Graham, Paul, James, Matt, and Kathleen Shorts June 11, 2012
The LRR crew dispenses some indispensable advice for getting online.
23 450 Find My Friends Paul Paul with Jeremy, Tally, Graham, James, and Kathleen Shorts June 4, 2012
A sneak preview from Apple's upcoming developer conference.
22 449 Friends and Family Paul Paul, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts May 28, 2012
Always, always read the fine print.
21 448 Punctu-action Andy Graham, Matt, Kathleen, and Paul Shorts May 21, 2012
Some punctuation marks should remain firmly on the page.
20 447 The Whole Story: The Pop Can Paul, Graham, and James Paul Shorts May 14, 2012
Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer returns to take you on another historical journey.
19 446 Fun With Microwaves 3 n/a Kathleen, Paul, Graham, and James Shorts May 7, 2012
Much like their previous episodes, the LRR crew takes a week off from sketch comedy to bring you this.
18 445 The Bee Team Graham and Kathleen Tally, Cameron, Kate, Dale Friesen, Tim, Calvin Sevenhuysen, Graham, Matt, Kathleen, and James commodoreHUSTLE April 30, 2012
While the crew is away at Calgary Comic Expo, the Moonbase's case is left in other hands.
17 444 En Garde Paul Paul, Matt, Andy, and James Shorts April 23, 2012
The most important thing is to stay outside their vision cone.
16 443 Jonny Three Graham Graham and Andy Shorts April 16, 2012
J-fresh returns to prove that, the more people change the more... something. I forget.
15 442 The 720th Degree Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Paul, Cameron, Graham, Wilson Chang, Joseph Wang, Eric Chi, Ian Fan, and Andrew Wong Shorts April 9, 2012
Game design is a process, and the process can be slow.
14 441 Some Kind of Geek Andrew Metcalfe Matt, Paul, James, Raymond Steacy, and Kathleen Shorts April 2, 2012
Some types of geek should not cohabitate.
13 440 PTA Meeting Graham, Kathleen, Paul, James, and Andy Paul, Holly Jonson, James, and Kathleen, with many others Shorts March 26, 2012
Rarely are parents and teachers on the same page.
12 439 Assassin Creeds Graham Andy, Paul, and Cameron Shorts March 19, 2012
Where do assassins come from? And why does this one look so awesome?
11 438 Ways to Do Your Taxes Paul, James, and Scott Karr Matt, Paul, Andy, and Kate X Ways to Y March 12, 2012
It's that time of year again, and LRR won't help at all.
10 437 Jonny Two Graham Graham and James Shorts March 5, 2012
Yer boy J-Man is back and you should've been there.
9 436 Spare Us, Gus Alexander Roederer Graham, Paul, and Kathleen Shorts February 27, 2012
Listen you guys, edible perennials are serious business.
8 435 Cruising Graham Matt, Graham, Kathleen, and Jess Bell Shorts February 20, 2012
College bathrooms seem to be a good place to meet new people.
7 434 The Break Paul Matt, Cameron, Kathleen, and Paul Shorts February 13, 2012
Sometimes you need some extra convincing before you'll accept the truth.
6 433 Shit People Say Graham Graham, James, Paul, Matt, and Kathleen Shorts February 6, 2012
Yes, we get it. People say the darndest things.
5 432 Pony Time Devin Harrigan and Graham Graham, Paul, Kathleen, James, Matt, and Jeremy commodoreHUSTLE January 30, 2012
the crew deals with an equine problem.
4 431 Jonny Graham Graham and Ben Wilkinson Shorts January 23, 2012
Seriously. I've to tell you this story. You won't even.
3 430 Voluntourism Graham Graham and Matt Shorts January 16, 2012
Everyone wants to help people. For some, those people are themselves.
2 429 In Death as in Life Tim James, Paul, and Kathleen Shorts January 9, 2012
He rests as he lived: kinda neurotic and odd.
1 428 Questionably Legal Man King Kool Graham, Matt, Paul, Kathleen, James, Ben Wilkinson, Cameron, and Alex Shorts January 2, 2012
With the amazing power to kind of... just... y'know. Right? It's cool. Go with it.

Season Eight

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
49 427 Ways to Ring in the New Year Paul and Kathleen Paul, Kathleen, James, Kate, Ben Wilkinson, and Matt X Ways to Y December 26, 2011
Now that we've got Christmas out of the way, it's time to party!
48 426 Santa and Me Graham Graham and Kathleen Music December 19, 2011
Santa's first choices were probably busy, so he called Graham.
47 425 Formal Complaint Andy Graham, Kathleen, James, and Andy Shorts December 12, 2011
When you've got a complaint of this magnitude, a bakery seems like a good a place as any to take it.
46 424 Suspiciously Good Movers Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, and Kate Shorts December 5, 2011
WHen you need something moved in a little less time than it probably ought to take...
45 423 The Tale of Matt Wiggins Jeremy and Graham Ian Horner, Graham, Jeremy, Morgan, Matt, Paul, James, Katlheen, Fugiman, Kroze, King Kool, Tally, and Tim Music November 28, 2011
What happens at Desert Bus evidently gets fully realized a week later.
44 422 The Whole Story: Desert Bus Paul Paul Shorts November 21, 2011
Learn the length and breadth of this horrible game's history.
43 421 Rarelywinter Graham Jeremy, Dale Friesen, Jess Bell, Ryan Downing, Paul, Graham, James, Kathleen, and Tally commodoreHUSTLE November 14, 2011
Jer finds that he has more free time with less LRR in his life.
42 420 Outbid Graham Graham, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts November 7, 2011
Turns out everything is corporately owned these days.
41 419 Roll for Treats Graham Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Matt, James, Jeremy, and Tally commodoreHUSTLE October 31, 2011
Giving adults everywhere ideas for trick or treating.
40 418 Socially Awkward Brian Soctt Kathleen, Jeremy, James, Matt, Graham, Paul, Cameron, and Alex Shorts October 24, 2011
Social networks, by their nature, aren't really that social.
39 417 The Secret Life of Board Games Graham James, Paul, Graham, and Kathleen Shorts October 17, 2011
It's not just when you back is turned either, this is happening right in front of you!
38 416 Cruise Vacation Paul Cameron, Missie Peters, Matt, and Graham Shorts October 10, 2011
Is there, in fact, an upper tolerance for buffets?
37 415 Me Again Graham Paul and James Shorts October 3, 2011
Always decide in advance what you'll do in case of future you.
36 414 Duty Calls Kathleen Kathleen, Paul, and Graham Shorts September 26, 2011
Quests abound.
35 413 Annette, Internet Receptionist Andy and Paul Kathleen and Andy Shorts September 19, 2011
Hey, it's a dirty, thankless job, but somebody has to do it.
34 412 Whole Story - Fire Hydrants Paul Paul Shorts September 12, 2011
Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer returns to tell you the hows and whys of fire hydrants.
33 411 Rent Graham Graham, Tim, Paul, and James Shorts September 5, 2011
Alternate payment plans can be helpful.
32 410 More Sleep Paul Alex, Jeremy, Kathleen, James, Paul, Graham, Matt, Craig Frank, and Brian Kimmet Shorts August 29, 2011
Truly the best option, in the face of any adversity.
31 409 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth James, Paul, and Jeremy Matt, Paul, Ashley Allman, and James X Ways to Y August 22, 2011
All viable possibilities. Viable, but maybe not ideal.
30 408 The Amendment Graham and Paul Brad Kirkland, Jeremy, Kathleen, Alex, and Paul Shorts August 15, 2011
Fighting for your rights you didn't even know you wanted to have.
29 407 Sickness Graham Matt, Paul, Graham, Alex, James, Kathleen, Jeremy, and Ken Steacy commodoreHUSTLE August 8, 2011
When an illness hits one of the LRR crew, it's like a house of... dominoes. Or... something. Leave me alone, I'm sick.
28 406 Fiscal Irresponsibility Graham and Kathleen Graham and Matt Shorts August 1, 2011
Sometimes you need a little motivation to make the poor choice.
27 405 Imagine If You Will Graham and Kathleen Graham, Kathleen, and Paul Shorts July 25, 2011
The good ideas get done to death because the bad ideas are stupid.
26 404 Smile Graham Stark with everyone else Jeremy, Matt, Kathleen, James, and Paul Shorts July 18, 2011
We assure you the cameras have your best interests at heart.
25 403 Job Security Graham, Paul, Jeremy, James, and Mike Fenton Graham, James, Jeremy, and Paul Shorts July 11, 2011
I can't stand Brian... he's such a whiner every time he respawns.
24 402 Canadian Girlfriend Kathleen and Graham Graham, James, Paul, and Matt Shorts July 4, 2011
Some problems create bigger, stupider problems.
23 401 Give In Graham Graham and Alex Shorts June 27, 2011
Your conscience is at odds with your decisiveness.
22 400 The Very Best of Room Tone Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Alex, and Jeremy Jeremy, Paul, Kathleen, Graham, James, Matt, Ian Horner, and LeeLee Scaldaferri Shorts June 20, 2011
When you absolutely need a room to sound like a room.
21 399 Garagellenium Graham and Kathleen Graham, Paul, James, Matt, Kathleen, Jeremy, and Alex commodoreHUSTLE June 13, 2011
When you're out of ideas, the only thing you can do is go buy more.
20 398 Interrupt This Program Graham Matt, Alex, Kathleen, and Graham Shorts June 7, 2011
You've stayed up far too late if you've hit infomercial hour.
19 397 Ransom Graham Graham, Kathleen, Matt, Alex, Margaret Graham-Bell, Jeremy, and Cameron Shorts May 30, 2011
Some people just know exactly what they want, and how to get it.
18 396 Past Mistakes Kathleen James, Kathleen, Cameron, and Ashley Allman with Paul, Matt, Alex, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts May 23, 2011
Science means never having to say you're sorry.
17 395 The Whole Story: Spam Paul Paul Shorts May 16, 2011
Nigel Fitzgerald Brouwer takes us on a journey through the history of pressed meat.
16 394 Back It Up Paul Paul, Dale Friesen, Kathleen, James, and Graham Shorts May 9, 2011
Your data isn't going to back itself up; that much is certain.
15 393 Bright Ideas Kathleen Kathleen, Jeremy, and Wes Borg Shorts May 2, 2011
They aren't just mere ideas, they're envisioneering.
14 392 Ways to Clean Your House James, Paul, and everyone else James, Paul, Alex, Kathleen, and Graham X Ways to Y April 25, 2011
Whether it be due to a party, or sheer laziness, you'll have to deal with the mess eventually.
13 391 Cash Cats Graham Kathleen, Matt, Graham, James, Paul, Jeremy, Glen Mitchell, Khaavren, and Annika commodoreHUSTLE April 18, 2011
Kathleen tries to make money by putting videos on the Internet. Weird, huh?
12 390 Boy Wonder King Kool Paul, Graham, and Kathleen Shorts April 11, 2011
Or it could be Girl Wonder, gender isn't really the main qualifier here.
11 389 The First Rule Paul James, Paul, and Kathleen Shorts April 4, 2011
The First Rule is that Fight Club jokes are overplayed.
10 388 Columbus of the Internet Graham and Kathleen Cameron, Kathleen, Paul, and Jeremy Shorts March 28, 2011
Truly, the information superhighway's most intrepid explorer.
9 387 Bros Clubbing Bros Graham Alex, Graham, Jeremy, James, Kathleen, Paul, and Ed Bittner commodoreHUSTLE March 21, 2011
Bros don't let bros club bros.
8 386 Synchronize Paul Paul, Jeremy, Alex, Matt, Graham, Kathleen, and James Shorts March 14, 2011
It pays to be on time.
7 385 Reality Tear Graham Matt, Kathleen, Paul, James, Alex, and Morgan Shorts March 7, 2011
When your satellite signals get crossed, nothing good can happen.
6 384 Cursing Andy Graham, Matt, Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, and Alex Shorts February 28, 2011
It's truly a lost art.
5 383 Ways to Close the Deal Nathan Mosher Nathan Mosher, Andy, Kathleen, Jeremy, Alex, and Paul X Ways to Y February 21, 2011
Sometimes the client needs a little encouraging.
4 382 Discount Deities Graham and Kathleen Graham, Matt, James, Paul, Kathleen, Morgan, and Jeremy Shorts February 14, 2011
H. J. Lovecarp approved! When you don't have the funds, Frank is there to help.
3 381 Impersonal Information Paul James, Jeremy, Paul, and Graham Shorts February 7, 2011
Protect your information online, but do it responsibly.
2 380 Sigma Theta Delta Kathleen Kathleen, Missie Peters, Tally, Paul, and Jeremy Shorts January 31, 2011
College: Training you to combine passiveness and aggression.
1 379 MEN Graham Paul, Matt, James, Jeremy, Graham, Kathleen, Alex, and Gibb Shorts January 24, 2011
Don't even think about changing the channel. We'll find you, and laugh at you.

Season Seven

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
54 378 The LRR CD-ROM Game Paul and Jeremy Paul, Jeremy, Graham, Matt, James, Kathleen, Alex, and Typeyournamehere Shorts January 17, 2011
All the fun of LRR with the added irritation of changing CDs every 10 minutes.
53 377 CEX Graham Graham, Jeremy, Kathleen, Matt, Alex, Paul, and James Shorts January 10, 2011
For all the latest tech news, check out the Consumer Electronics Expo.
52 376 Nuts & Bolts Kathleen Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, Alex, and James Shorts January 3, 2011
You don't have to be a nut to work here, and you're sick of that joke.
51 375 Getting In Touch Paul Alex, James, Kathleen, Paul (voice), Jeremy (voice), Matt (voice), and Graham (voice) Shorts December 27, 2010
Your inner child doesn't care about your grownup problems.
50 374 Santa Secrets Graham Paul, Kathleen, James, Alex, Graham, Jeremy, Matt, Tally, and Morgan commodoreHUSTLE December 20, 2010
The LRR crew engages in the fine tradition of not knowing what your friends want.
49 373 Ways to Avoid Christmas Matt, Kathleen, Jeremy, Paul, James, Tally, and Graham Matt, Kathleen, Jeremy, Paul, James, Tally, and Graham X Ways to Y December 13, 2010
Judging by when the mall started playing carols, we're about two months late on this.
48 372 Every OS Sucks Paul Wes Borg, Matt, Kathleen, Tally, and Missie Peters Shorts December 6, 2010
Frankly, we're surprised you're even able to watch this video.
47 371 James Cameron's Desert Bus Paul Jeremy, Graham, Kathleen, James, and Matt Shorts November 29, 2010
A visionary director, directs his vision... of a direction. That direction is "left."
46 370 Desert Bus Trailers The Desert Bus Chat The LRR crew and Desert Bus volunteers Shorts November 22, 2010
While the LRR crew toils away raising money for charity, they make liberal use of iMovie's trailer-maker to present some trailers.
45 369 It's Magic Graham Paul, Kathleen, Tim, Alex, Graham, Jeremy, Matt, James, and Dan Spiller commodoreHUSTLE November 15, 2010
The LoadingReadyRun crew is overcome with a burning need to cast card-based spells.
44 368 Decadent Sports League Paul James, Matt, Alex, Kathleen, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Raymond Steacy, and Morgan Shorts November 8, 2010
What do you do when you've got too much money for golf and cricket?
43 367 Show Me Your Moves Tally Kathleen, Tally, Jeremy, and Graham (voice) Shorts November 1, 2010
Make sure to stretch ahead of time.
42 366 Trapped Jeremy Jeremy, Graahm, James, Alex, Kathleen, Tally, and Matt Shorts October 26, 2010
LoadingReadyRun returns to the basement, but will they leave?
41 365 Unaccustomed Graham Paul, Matt, James, Kathleen, and Jeremy Shorts October 19, 2010
Coming home is almost as nice as going on vacation. Sometimes.
40 364 Politically Minded Even Williams Graham, James, and Matt Shorts October 12, 2010
It's not about electing the best candidate; it's about electing YOUR candidate.
39 363 Mercenary Solutions 3 Alex and Kathleen Alex and Kathleen Shorts October 4, 2010
Even the world's most badass soldiers of fortune have occasional money trouble.
38 362 Bed Buggery Paul Graham and Matt Shorts September 27, 2010
You would cry too, if it happened to you.
37 361 The Basement Graham Alex, Jeremy, and Tim Shorts September 20, 2010
When you're completely stumped, recruit some unwilling help.
36 360 Trivial Graham James, Kathleen, Matt, Wes Borg, Graham, Paul, Ben Wilkinson, Tally, Jeremy, Raymond Steacy, Alex, and Tim Shorts September 13, 2010
It all starts out simply enough...
35 359 Gary Paul Paul, James, and Jeremy Shorts September 6, 2010
Hopefully someone at Blizzard knows what's going on.
34 358 More at 11 Graham Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood, Chris Nohr, Morgan, Tally, James, Jeremy, Graham, Kathleen, Paul, and Matt Shorts August 30, 2010
Please watch our news. We need your ratings to live!
33 357 Spoken Word Paul Paul, Tim, and Jeremy Shorts August 23, 2010
See? Being an air traffic controller isn't THAT stressful.
32 356 Toothy Smile Kathleen Jeremy, Tally, Graham, Kathleen, Matt, and Missie Peters Shorts August 16, 2010
How many marketers does it take to save a toothpaste?
31 355 Bad News Alex Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Kathleen, and Tim Shorts August 9, 2010
Gaming bad guys have it tough. Whenever they try to relax, there's another problem.
30 354 Videogame Fighting Tournament Graham Graham and Paul Shorts August 2, 2010
Underground super-fighting tournaments have super-competition.
29 353 Ways to Use a Vuvuzela Alex Paul, Kathleen, Tim, and Graham X Ways to Y July 26, 2010
Admit it, you went and bought one. Now that no one cares about football anymore, what do you DO with it?
28 352 The Arms Race Graham Graham, Paul, James, Matt, Kathleen, and James von Landlord Whitney commodoreHUSTLE July 19, 2010
While Graham tries to fix a real problem, James and Matt are locked in mortal idiocy.
27 351 106.7 The Drive Kathleen and Graham Graham, Matt, and Dale Friesen Shorts July 12, 2010
There are bad morning DJs. And then there are these guys... who are ALSO bad morning DJs.
26 350 Canada is Sorry Kathleen and Graham Jeremy, Paul, Matt, and Graham (narrator) Shorts July 5, 2010
Everything you never knew about apologies in this PSA from Canada.
25 349 Conan's Witnesses Graham and Kathleen Jeremy, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts June 28, 2010
Crom can be a very convincing deity.
24 348 Ways to Wake Someone Up LoadingReadyRun Paul, Tim, Matt, James, Jeremy, Kathleen, Graham, and Bill X Ways to Y June 21, 2010
The much anticipated counterpart to the hit episode "Ways to Fall Asleep."
23 347 Fit To Print Wes Borg Wes Borg and Matt Shorts June 14, 2010
Making news isn't all it's cracked up to be.
22 346 Echo Andy Graham and Andy Shorts June 7, 2010
Sometimes, nature isn't so majestic.
21 345 A Stitch In Time Paul Paul and Alex Shorts May 31, 2010
Paul invents the Time Watch.
20 344 Installation Anxiety 2010 Graham and Paul Paul, Graham, and Morgan Shorts May 24, 2010
Linux is the perfect OS, isn't it? This week: PAUL@lrr:$ fdisk /dev/toaster/
19 343 The Gay Chicken Graham Morgan, Bill, Jeremy, Tally, James, Matt, Graham, Kathleen, and Alex commodoreHUSTLE May 17, 2010
In this episode of commodoreHUSTLE, an all-out war erupts over a roommate situation.
18 342 Split Decision Graham Graham, Jeremy, Kathleen, James, and Paul Shorts May 10, 2010
Employment agencies can find a job for anyone.
17 341 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Paul Morgan, Tim, Graham, and James Shorts May 3, 2010
The military has very strict guidelines on the makeup of a squad.
16 340 Informational Presentation Graham Kathleen, Matt, and Jeremy Shorts April 26, 2010
Everything you ever needed to know about graphs.
15 339 Scientist's Rebuttal to ICP Graham and Kathleen Paul, Graham, and Tally Shorts April 19, 2010
A scientist's rebuttal to the Insane Clown Posse.
14 338 Hot Water at PAX Graham James, Paul, Matt, Jeremy, Kathleen, Tim, Graham, Russ Pitts, and Brian Hicks commodoreHUSTLE April 12, 2010
Sharing a hotel room sucks.
13 337 Who You Gonna Call? Paul James, Paul, Jeremy, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts April 5, 2010
Logos can be so confusing.
12 336 Le Cafe Paul Andy, Paul, Graham, and Tim Shorts March 29, 2010
French restaurants have never been more French.
11 335 Redundancy Alex Jeremy, Paul, Ben, Matt, and Alex Shorts March 22, 2010
It's always a good idea to have a backup.
10 334 Ways to Fall Asleep LoadingReadyRun Paul, Jeremy, Matt, Kathleen, Graham, Tim, Raymond Steacy, and James X Ways to Y March 15, 2010
If you're having trouble sleeping, try these simple cures.
9 333 Reduce Your Footprint Graham Graham, Jeremy, and Matt Shorts March 8, 2010
Sometimes being green just isn't enough.
8 332 Wireless Graham Graham, Kathleen, and Matt Shorts March 1, 2010
Phone calls in public places have a way of getting weird.
7 331 Man Cooking: Meatshroom n/a Morgan, Paul, and Tim Other February 22, 2010
A very special episode of Man Cooking, for vegetarians.
6 330 Olympic Beard Growing Paul Jeremy, Paul, Matt, Graham, James, Tim, and Morgan Shorts February 15, 2010
Action News covers one of the most hotly contested events of the 2010 Vancouver Games.
5 329 Green Tim Tally, Tim, Morgan, and Jeremy Shorts February 8, 2010
When two guys want the same thing, sometimes they take it to the extreme.
4 328 iPotato Paul Graham, Tim, Kathleen, Jeremy, James, and Paul Shorts February 1, 2010
Apple announces the latest in vegetative technology.
3 327 Just Drive Paul Matt, Paul, James, Ben Wilkinson, Jeremy, and Kathleen (voice) Shorts January 25, 2010
A fugitive runs, or at leat rides, to escape his pursuers.
2 326 Paper Boy Graham, Tim, Paul, Morgan, James, and Jeremy Graham, Tim, and James Shorts January 18, 2010
Fine dining has been taken to a whole new level.
1 325 The Job Graham Graham, Paul, Jeremy, James, Kathleen, Matt, and Tim Shorts January 11, 2010
Graham and Paul assemble a crack team of professionals to take on what might be the most difficult job ever.

Season Six


Note: How to LRR was intended as the finale for Season Six. However, due to the contract with the Escapist, Season Seven started in January rather than October. Thus, from The Secret of the Sauce through Wakey Wakey can be thought of as a kind of 'Season 6.5', though they are considered part of Season Six for most purposes, including DVD releases.

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
64 324 Wakey Wakey Vikkie Moule Paul, Tim, Kathleen, Jeremy, and Graham Shorts January 4, 2010
It's nice to know your friends care.
63 323 Frozen Assets Tim and Kathleen Graham, Matt, Paul, Morgan, and Alex Shorts December 28, 2009
Any money-making plan that involves the word "thaw" is on shaky ground to start with.
62 322 Merry Christmas Graham Stark Kathleen Graham, Jeremy, Tally, Kathleen, Paul, and Matt Shorts December 21, 2009
Somewhere, there are people qualified to tell good ol' Graham Stark what Christmas is all about. These may not be them.
61 321 Phone Manner Graham Graham and Alex Shorts December 14, 2009
Adding a little extra something to an otherwise boring business call.
60 320 Matt Gets His Groove Graham Matt, Graham, James, Jeremy, Tally, Paul, Morgan, and Megan Palandri commodoreHUSTLE December 7, 2009
Matt needs some space. That space is roughly Graham-shaped.
59 319 Tucson or Bust Andy Andy, Graham, Paul, Matt, James, Bill, Kathleen, Morgan, Jeremy, Tally, Tim, and Alex Shorts November 30, 2009
Andy + Desert Bus, what's not to like!
58 318 Mercenary Solutions 2 Alex and Kathleen Alex, Kathleen, and Raymond Steacy Shorts November 23, 2009
Kane and Crowthorne will solve any of your tactical depopulation problems.
57 317 Ways to X2Y Everyone Graham, Paul, James, Jeremy, Matt, Kathleen, Morgan, Bill, Alex, Geoff Howe, and Nathan Mosher X Ways to Y November 16, 2009
In an X2Y retrospective, we go back 6 years and add a brand new X to all those Ys.
56 316 Future Kathleen Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, James, Matt, Bill, Morgan, and Tim commodoreHUSTLE November 9, 2009
An epilogue to cH Season 1, to make way for shenanigans of the future.
55 315 Apartment Hunting Paul Andy, Graham, and Paul Shorts November 2, 2009
Finding a new apartment is difficult for everybody.
54 314 House of the Dead Graham and everyone Jeremy, James, Paul, Kathleen, Tally, Matt, and Morgan Shorts October 26, 2009
It's been an exciting season, but the housemates still haven't guessed who the zombie is! Let's watch!
53 313 The Secret of the Sauce Graham Graham, Jeremy, Paul, Kathleen, and Raymond Steacy Shorts October 19, 2009
Once again, Johnny is drawn back into the grim world of pizza.
52 312 How To LRR LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Bill, Tim, and Morgan Shorts October 12, 2009
Please be advised: Results shown may not be typical.
51 311 The Trouble with Scribbles Tally Tally, James, and Morgan Shorts October 5, 2009
Thankfully, other aspects of the game don't transfer to real life. Like the zombies, for example. Or the controls.
50 310 Death From Above Chris Usher and Kathleen De Vere Matt, Jeremy, Kathleen, Paul, and Chris Usher Shorts September 28, 2009
Action 9 News give an in-depth look into how we're all totally screwed.
49 309 Smallpox Jeremy Tim and Jeremy Shorts September 14, 2009
Really? We spent all meeting discussing a new name and this is the best we came up with?
48 308 Twitter Abuse Graham Jeremy, Ritchie Austin, Tim, James, Tally, Morgan, Raymond Steacy, Bill, Megan Palandri, and Tim Maughan Shorts September 14, 2009
If you can't tweet something nice, at least make sure you're appropriately snarky about it.
47 307 Save Our Games Jeremy Paul, Tally, James, Jeremy, Graham, and Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw (narrator) Shorts September 7, 2009
The 2009 holiday gaming release, seen here, is one of the rarest video games, in the world.
46 306 Lobster vs Scorpion Jeremy Graham, Paul, and Matt Shorts August 31, 2009
Whoever wins, it's gonna be messy.
45 305 Magicland Graham and Tally Paul, Graham, Jeremy, and Gibb Shorts August 24, 2009
It's times like this that children's television needs better quality control. But it's not like the children really care.
44 304 It's All In Your Head Daniel Saunders James, Jeremy, Paul, Tim, Brad Kirkland (AD), and Graham (AD) Shorts August 17, 2009
It's what's on the inside that makes us tick. Literally for some people.
43 303 Forget About It Chris Francis Graham, Paul, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts August 10, 2009
Sometimes, a nice clean reset is your best option.
42 302 Showdown LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Bill, Geoff Howe, Tim, Kate, Dale Friesen, Ryan Downing, Jess Bell, Tally, Daniel Anctil, Brock Haug, Kelly Clark, and Adam Savidan commodoreHUSTLE August 3, 2009
The season one finale of commodoreHUSTLE, in which the crew finally confronts their self-proclaimed nemesis.
41 301 Killer Instinct Graham Graham, Tally, and Paul Shorts July 27, 2009
Things like this never really work out the way you plan them.
40 300 Ways to Stay Awake Paul, Graham, Matt, Jeremy, and Tim Paul, Graham, Matt, Jeremy, and Tim X Ways to Y July 20, 2009
If sheer force of will fails you, perhaps these solutions can do the trick.
39 299 You're Kidding Graham Graham, Jeremy, Matt, and James Shorts July 13, 2009
You may not believe it, but it's true.
38 298 Judgement LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, Matt, James, Bill, Geoff Howe, Tim, Tally, Dale Friesen, Jess Bell, Meagan Hogg, and B @ Cherry Bomb commodoreHUSTLE July 6, 2009
In Season One's second-last episode, the mystery is finally revealed. Unfortunately, it's still wrapped in an enigma, and the LRR Crew can't even SPELL enigma.
37 297 The Pub Kathleen Paul, Graham, Andy, and Brad Kirkland Shorts June 29, 2009
While technically accurate, this is probably not the pub you are thinking of.
36 296 Buttstallation Graham and Kathleen Graham, James, Paul, Tally, Jeremy, Bill, Holly Jonson, Nathan Mosher, and Matt Shorts June 22, 2009
One of history's most beloved professions has its own unique philosophy.
35 295 Economic Stimulus Kathleen Kathleen, Andy, and Paul Shorts June 15, 2009
When it comes to the economic downturn, it pays to support local businesses. Sometimes.
34 294 The Joystique Matt Matt, Justin McElroy, James, Paul, and Tim Other June 8, 2009
The direct feed of the LRRtech E3 press conference. You won't want to miss this revolutionary announcement.
33 293 Growl LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Bill, Geoff Howe, Tim, Kate, Kelly Clark, Brock Haug, and Daniel Anctil commodoreHUSTLE June 1, 2009
The Crew are easily distracted by shiny objects. Or furry objects. Let's just say they're easily distracted.
32 292 Stand-Up Guy Tim James, Paul, Tim, Allen Oberg, Raymond Steacy, Graham, and Bill Shorts May 25, 2009
Funny story actually, I had a roommate just like this once...
31 291 'Skeeterpellant Johnny_Lunchbox Graham Shorts May 18, 2009
Protects you from mosquitoes. Actually, perhaps the word "protect" isn't strong enough...
30 290 Action 9 Election Special Paul Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, and Paul Shorts May 11, 2009
Confused about the upcoming BC election? Then this video won't help you in the slightest.
29 289 Investigation LoadingReadyRun Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Paul, James, Morgan, Bill, Kathleen, Brad Kirkland, Tally, Ashley Allman, Michelle Stark, Geoff Howe, Tim, Adam Savidan, and Woody Tondorf commodoreHUSTLE May 4, 2009
The crew enlists outside help to solve some problems, as they are clearly incapable of handling any on their own.
28 288 Has This Ever Happened To You? Graham Paul, Jeremy, Graham, Morgan, Matt, and Ashley Allman Shorts April 27, 2009
The people who fail in commercials aren't highly-skilled actors, they're just making the best of a disability.
27 287 The Dinner Party Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Mike Whitaker, Brad Kirkland, and Lindsey Burnett Shorts April 20, 2009
In cases like this, it's easy to avoid wearing the same outfit as the hostess.
26 286 Worst Day Ever James Graham, Morgan, Bill, Tally, Jeremy, Matt, Tim, Raymond Steacy, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts April 13, 2009
When you're having a rough day, escape is always an option. Just not the best option.
25 285 Fallout LoadingReadyRun Graham, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, Bill, Tally, Dale Friesen, Geoff Howe, and Tim commodoreHUSTLE March 6, 2009
So, Operation: Viral Outbreak kind of... broke out. And that means the LRR crew has some serious thinking to do. Sadly they're not good at "serious."
24 284 Omni-Lingual Graham Matt, Graham, Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts March 30, 2009
Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Bork.
23 283 Ways to Survive the Recession LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Matt, Morgan, James, and Bill X Ways to Y March 23, 2009
We put the FUN in "Collapse of the Financial Infrastructure FUNdamental to our Society."
22 282 Watchmen Watching Paul Paul, Morgan, James, Jeremy, Graham, Matt, and Bill Shorts March 16, 2009
Finally, the age-old question (and lazy movie-critics' lame headline joke) is answered!
21 281 Terms of Friendship Paul and Graham Tally, Paul, Graham, Matt, Jeremy, and Ash Vickers Shorts March 9, 2009
You got your EULA on my TOS!
20 280 Viral LoadingReadyRun Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Matt, James, Jeremy, Morgan, Bill, Adam Savidan, Geoff Howe, Tim, Ben Wilkinson, and Raymond Steacy commodoreHUSTLE March 2, 2009
The crew needs to get more viral. But not in the way you are thinking. That would be gross.
19 279 Fun with Microwaves 2 n/a Matt and Raymond Steacy Other February 23, 2009
Raymond and his microwaves return to further the pursuit of marshmallow-based science.
18 278 Crime and Punishment Paul Paul, Graham, and Tim Shorts February 16, 2009
This is why no one likes the police. Always to uptight about their "laws."
17 277 ArMEGAddon Paul and Graham Jeremy, Graham, Tim, Paul, Matt, and Raymond Steacy Shorts February 9, 2009
It's like Armageddon, but with CAPITAL LETTERS.
16 276 Street LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Bill, Kathleen, Geoff Howe, Tim, Dale Friesen, Ryan Downing, and B @ Cherry Bomb commodoreHUSTLE February 2, 2009
In order to take it back to the streets, the crew must first determine just what "the streets" is.
15 275 Poker Before Dusk Graham Paul, Bill, Jeremy, James, Kathleen, Mike Whitaker, Graham (narrator), and Morgan (narrator) Shorts January 26, 2009
Can Elway catch the balls short of a flip pair, or will Lamont pull out an under-crutch moonsault?
14 274 Hanging Graham Graham, Kathleen, Brad, and Mike Whitaker Shorts January 19, 2009
What would Miss Manners say?
13 273 Mercenary Solutions Kathleen, Graham, Alex, and Paul Graham, Alex, Kathleen, Paul, Morgan, Jeremy, and Raymond Steacy Shorts January 12, 2009
When you need a job done very, very thoroughly.
12 272 Fixer LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Bill, Kathleen, Alex, and Wil Wheaton commodoreHUSTLE January 5, 2009
Sometimes life throws a problem at you that's too big for you to solve yourself. Sometimes it's a great idea to get a friend to help you with your problem. Sometimes.
11 271 Time is Money Graham and Raymond Steacy Graham, Nathan Mosher, and Alex Shorts December 29, 2008
And money is time. Or is it the other way around? It all gets very complicated.
10 270 War of Christmas Graham Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Kathleen, Tally, Nathan Mosher, and Kate Shorts December 22, 2008
Was it jolly Saint Nick who left us this sign? Or a beast of pure evil with purpose malign?
9 269 Rapidfire II - 06 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Tim, Johnny Blakeborough, Bill, Tim, and Matthew Lettington Rapidfire December 15, 2008
Comedy so fast Mythbusters tried to prove it wasn't possible. It was Confirmed. Then they blew up a car.
8 268 Critical LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Bill, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Savidan, Tally, Dale Friesen, Jess Bell, and Ryan Downing commodoreHUSTLE December 8, 2008
Revenge is a dish best served microwaved.
7 267 Desert Bus Killed the Internet Star Matt James, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Tally, Matt, Morgan, Rosco P. Jangles IV, Bill, Kathleen, Ash Vickers, Ashley Allman, Kate, Cherisse Dye, Chris Usher, Sasha Farquhar, and others Music December 7, 2008
What a week it was. But now the busing is over, and the healing can begin.
6 266 Rapidfire II - 05 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Tim, Johnny Blakeborough, Tally, Ashley Allman, Michelle Stark, Cherisse Dye, and Sasha Farquhar Rapidfire November 24, 2008
Comedy so fast it's undetectable by most scientific instrumentation.
5 265 The Lich King's New Wrath Paul Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Morgan, and Jeremy Shorts November 17, 2008
With modern technology advancing so fast, even He must move with the times.
4 264 Rapidfire II - 04 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Tim, and Bill Rapidfire November 10, 2008
Comedy so fast it has trouble forming meaningful relationships. Spare a tear for this Rapidfire's comedy.
3 263 Red LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, and Bill commodoreHUSTLE November 3, 2008
Whether it's a ring or pants, everyone's seeing red.
2 262 I SAW What You Did There Paul James, Matt, Morgan, and Bill Shorts October 27, 2008
Judging from the movies, this seems like as good a strategy as any.
1 261 Laundry LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Bill, Kathleen, and Marcus Hopson commodoreHUSTLE October 20, 2008
The first part of a new ongoing series about guys, girls, games, and gorillas. Except there's no gorillas. That would be weird.

Season Five

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 260 RapStar 64K LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Gibb, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, and Tim Shorts October 14, 2008
So, you want to be a rap superstar? And live large? A big house, 5 cars, you're in charge.
51 259 Rapidfire II - 03 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Johnny Blakeborough, and Laura Harris Rapidfire October 6, 2008
Comedy so fast it make your performance in bed look acceptable.
50 258 The LHC Paul Graham, Paul, James, Jeremy, and Rosa Shorts September 29, 2008
Imagine that they actually DO create a black hole and destroy the very fabric of space and time. Who's gonna look stupid then, huh?
49 257 Rapidfire II - 02 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Tim, Bill, Johnny Blakeborough, Laura Harris, and Matthew Lettington Rapidfire September 22, 2008
Comedy so fast The Flash once said, "Even though I am technically faster than Superman, I too agree that this comedy is quicker than what you typically see."
48 256 Easy Bake Spore LoadingReadyRun and Tim Paul, Matt, Jeremy, Tim, and Morgan Shorts September 15, 2008
The Spore(TM) Creature Creator home kit. Fun for the whole family!
47 255 Rapidfire II - 01 LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Tim, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Nathan Mosher, Tim, and Bill Rapidfire September 8, 2008
Comedy so fast it was disqualified from the 2008 Olympics for possible drug use.
46 254 All The Little People Paul Graham, Matt, and Paul Shorts September 1, 2008
I don't know what you're talking about, why do you ask?
45 253 'Movie' Movies Movie Paul Paul, Graham, Matt, Bill, James, Kathleen, Andy, and Christine Clay Shorts August 25, 2008
All your favourite 'Movie' movies in one place! Maybe now you can avoid seeing the originals.
44 252 A Little TOO Human Jeremy Graham, Kathleen, Matt, and James Shorts August 18, 2008
Our devious, ursine enemies are mounting an assault. They feel it's getting kind of human in here. Perhaps, a little TOO human...
43 251 Ways to Get a Ticket LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Kathleen, Ben Wilkinson, Morgan, Jeremy, Ash Vickers, Nathan Mosher, Leslie Day, and Brian Bates X Ways to Y August 11, 2008
If you get fined for "laughing at online video without due care and attention," don't come crying to us.
42 250 Skeletor's Dick Geoff Howe and Patrick Donison Bag Fries (Geoff Howe and Patrick Donison) and Graham Music August 4, 2008
LRR Presents a video for this epic Bag Fries song. It will always find you.
41 249 Emergency Situation Paul Graham, Matt, Morgan, Paul, and Tim Shorts July 28, 2008
In any emergency situation, it is important to keep your head and not be distracted from what is really important.
40 248 Geometry Wars 2: Developer Spotlight Jeremy Graham, Matt, James, Paul, Jeremy, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts July 21, 2008
Take a look behind the scenes of one of this year's most exciting Xbox Live Arcade games.
The Superintendent's Sorrow Jeremy Jeremy Music July 20, 2008
Even unannounced video game mascots deserve an even break.
39 247 The Return of The Bill Bill Nathan Mosher, Paul, Bill, Paul, Matt, Paul, Jeremy, and Paul Shorts July 15, 2008
What did you do on your summer vacation?
38 246 Right to the Source Graham and Paul Graham, Matt, Paul, Jeremy, and Tally Shorts July 7, 2008
Sure ice cream is delicious, but where does it come from?
37 245 National Anathema LoadingReadyRun Graham, Kate, Matt, Kathleen, Jeremy, Geoff Howe, and James Other June 30, 2008
Realistically, I doubt your national anthem would fair any better.
36 244 A Sacred Duty Paul Paul, Graham, Matt, and James Shorts June 23, 2008
True courage means doing what is necessary, no matter how much fun it might be.
35 243 Sick Day Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Matt, and Tally Shorts June 16, 2008
Next time, it might help if you got a doctor's note.
34 242 MGS4 Boss Auditions Paul Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Laura Harris, Paul, and James Shorts June 9, 2008
Who knows what kind of innovative battles we have missed out on because of their narrow definition of a "good" boss.
33 241 Inside D&D 4th Edition Jeremy Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Laura Harris, Paul, and Tally Shorts June 2, 2008
The real scoop on the upcoming changes in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition.
32 240 An Interview with Uwe Boll n/a Graham and Uwe Boll Other May 26, 2008
Like "Interview with a Vampire" but without Brad Pitt. NOTE: This is long but very interesting. We will return to our regularly scheduled sillyness next week.
31 239 Bagel Time Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, and James Shorts May 19, 2008
Anytime is bagel time... or IS IT?
30 238 Son of a Bitch LoadingReadyRun Graham, Kathleen, Matt, and Paul Shorts May 12, 2008
All it takes is three easy steps!
29 237 First Draft Iron Man Trailer Paul and Graham Graham, Kathleen, Morgan, Paul, and Kate Other May 5, 2008
We have it on good authority that this version of the trailer is actually truer to the source material.
28 236 GTA IV Trailer Graham, Paul, James, and Matt Paul Other April 28, 2008
Life is complicated...
27 235 Uwe Boll: Decision 2008 Jeremy Matt, Morgan, Graham, Jamie Henigman, and Uwe Boll Other April 21, 2008
Under appreciated genius or raving lunatic. You decide.
26 234 Deeply Religious Kathleen Graham, Paul, Matt, and Ash Vickers Shorts April 14, 2008
Make sure to get all the information before accepting any job offer.
25 233 Customer Servicing Graham Graham, Matt, Ben Wilkinson, Ash Vickers, Morgan, and Kate (voice) Shorts April 7, 2008
They put the "customer service" in "@#%!-ing customer service."
24 232 Unnatural Resources Paul Morgan, James, Laura Harris, Paul, Matt, and Graham Shorts April 1, 2008
It's important to preserve today, so we can exploit tomorrow.
23 231 Assessment Kathleen, Paul, and Graham Graham, Kathleen, Morgan, Paul, and James Shorts March 24, 2008
It is important to make sure that everyone is placed in the job they are most qualified for.
22 230 Format War Graham, Kathleen, Matt, Paul, and Brad Kirkland Graham, Matt, Kathleen, and Paul Shorts March 17, 2008
War, huh, yeah / What is it good for / Absolutely nothing / Say it again, y'all
21 229 Fun with Microwaves n/a Raymond Steacy, Paul, Graham, and James Sheer Stupidity March 10, 2008
For science!
20 228 Assorted Anonymous Ash Vickers Jeremy, Paul, James, Ash Vickers, Morgan, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts March 3, 2008
Some kind of help is the kind of help we all can do without.
19 227 The Con Graham Graham, Matt, Kathleen, Kyliah Clarkson, Brian Milne, Tyler Krenbrink, Heather MacKinnon, Raymond Steacy, and the Attendees of Keikon 2008 Shorts February 25, 2008
Graham and Kathleen visit Kei-kon 2008 and then, quite rapidly, leave again.
18 226 Ways to Keep Warm LoadingReadyRun Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, Graham, Matt, Ben Wilkinson, and James X Ways to Y February 18, 2008
Being cold sucks.
17 225 Failure Paul Paul, James, Ashley Allman, Tally, Ash Vickers, Matt, Jeremy, Morgan, and Bill Shorts February 11, 2008
So, how do you think you did on that last test?
16 224 Bandwidth Exceeded LoadingReadyRun Johnny Blakeborough, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Matt, and Ash Vickers Shorts February 4, 2008
Forget deforestation and peak oil, everyone knows that bandwidth is our world's most precious resource.
15 223 Max Effect Graham Paul, Graham, and Matt Shorts January 28, 2008
What happend to good, wholesome games where you just tried to kill everyone?
Super Secret Surprise Paul and James Paul, Graham, James, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, and Ash Vickers Bonus January 25, 2008
Get ready for a super secret announcement!
14 222 High Noon Paul James, Paul, Morgan, and Matt Shorts January 21, 2008
Just because the West isn't quite so wild anymore, doesn't mean there aren't still heroes.
13 221 The Writers Room Andy Andy, Paul, Graham, and Morgan Shorts January 11, 2008
What, you think He just comes up with stuff off the top of His head?
12 220 Moving Out LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, Bill, Matt, Morgan, Jeremy, Kathleen, and Alex Shorts January 4, 2008
Be careful when you enter into a lease with someone you met online, you don't want to be stuck with some weirdo.
11 219 WGA, No Way! Paul Paul, Graham, and Matt Shorts December 29, 2007
At least the news is unscripted.
10 218 The 2007 Christmas Special LoadingReadyRun Paul, Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Morgan, James, and Kate Other December 21, 2007
Why is there never anything good on TV on Christmas morning?
9 217 Lock Out LoadingReadyRun Paul, Kathleen, Jeremy, Morgan, Graham, Matt, and James, with Jerry Holkins and Wil Wheaton Shorts December 14, 2007
The LRR crew is invited to the Child's Play Charity Dinner and, predictably, get into all sorts of trouble.
8 216 The Photoshop Wizard Paul Paul and James Shorts December 7, 2007
Come with me and I will show you the world of magic and wonder that you can unlock with even the simplest art project!
7 215 LRReview: Desert Bus The LRR crew James and Matt Other December 2, 2007
Bringing you cutting edge news and reviews about 15 year old, unreleased video games.
6 214 The Stages Paul Graham and Matt Shorts November 24, 2007
It's oaky, I'm sure it happens to lots of guys.
5 213 Ways to Ruin a Job Interview The LRR crew Graham, Matt, James, Nathan Mosher, and Alex Bowen X Ways to Y November 16, 2007
Would you hire this man?
4 212 The Truce Graham Paul, Graham, James, Jeremy, Morgan, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts November 9, 2007
For centuries, there has been a truce...
3 211 CSI: CSI Graham Kathleen, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Raymond Steacy, Ash Vickers, James, Matt, and Morgan Shorts November 2, 2007
There is no case too big, no case too small. When you need help, just call.
2 210 Trick or DOOM Paul Graham, Paul, and Christine Clay Shorts October 26, 2007
Halloween would have never been the same.
1 209 The Ballad of the Fanboy Jeremy Jeremy and Tally Music October 19, 2007
Expressions of love come in many forms, but the message is always the same.

Season Four

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 208 The Season 4 Finale Paul and Graham Paul, Bruce Saunders, Graham, Stuart Stark, James, Neil Turner, Matt, Jim Wiggins, Jeremy, Chris Petter, Morgan, Gordon vanHumbeck, and Gibb Shorts October 12, 2007
This isn't quite how I remember it...
51 207 Bump in the Night Paul Paul; Morgan, Graham, Matt, James, Ben Wilkinson, and Jeremy (voices) Other October 5, 2007
Sometimes it's best to just not get involved.
50 206 The Divorce Paul and Graham Morgan, Graham, Matt, Ash Vickers, Paul, and Jeremy Shorts September 28, 2007
It always saddens me when people can't work out their differences.
49 205 Halo: The Future of Gaming The LRR crew Graham, Ash Vickers (narrator) Other September 22, 2007
In case you haven't been paying attention, LoadingReadyRun provides a look back at how Halo has affected our world.
48 204 Pull Yourself Together The LRR crew Jeremy, Graham, Ben Wilkinson, James, Paul, Nathan Mosher, Alex Bowen, and Ashley Allman Shorts September 14, 2007
Come! Join me and we will get a chocolate croissant!
47 203 The Secret Life of Toast The LRR crew Tally, Nathan Mosher, James, Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, Matt, Graham, Alex Bowen, and Ben Wilkinson Other September 7, 2007
What did you do today?
46 202 Bioshocked Paul Paul, Graham, James, Kathleen, Ashley Allman, and Tally Shorts August 31, 2007
Circa 1950 underwater utopias. They look good on paper, but then the paper gets wet.
45 201 Keytars Kathleen and Graham Paul, Graham, Kathleen, Matt, James, Morgan, and Jeremy Shorts August 24, 2007
Time travel. The quickest way to solve any problem.
44 200 Somebody Has to Change Graham and Paul Morgan, Paul, Matt, Ben Wilkinson, Jeremy, and James Shorts August 17, 2007
We're going to look like a team of dorks!
43b 199b Rebellin' Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Morgan, and Paul Shorts August 10, 2007
It got old months ago, but why stop when you're on a roll?
43a 199a ROAD TRIP: Shaving Legs n/a Bill, Morgan, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Savidan, James, and Graham On Location August 8, 2007
Truly, a male bonding experience.
42 198 ROAD TRIP: Comic-Con Panel n/a Graham, Paul, James, Matt, and Morgan On Location August 2, 2007
Our "How to Talk Like a Pirate" Q&A panel at the CCI Film Festival.
41 197 ROAD TRIP: Energy Shotgun n/a James, Paul, Graham, Matt, Morgan, Bill, Ben Wilkinson, and Adam Savidan On Location July 26, 2007
Energy drinks in a confined space made for an interesting first day on the road.
40 196 Waiting for Harry Graham and Paul James, Paul, Graham, Ash Vickers, Matt, Jeremy, and Alex Shorts July 20, 2007
Harry Potter and the Deadly Seventh Book. [Warning: This video contains no actual spoilers.]
39 195 Ways to Keep Cool The LRR crew James, Paul, Graham, Morgan, Bill, Matt, and Ben Wilkinson X Ways to Y July 13, 2007
Can you guess why we made this?
38 194 It's Very Simple Graham Graham, Paul, Matt, Morgan, James, Bill, Jeremy, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts July 6, 2007
In baseball, as in life, success depends on clear communication.
37 193 A Part of Our Heritage Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, Bill, Matt, James, Morgan, and Ben Wilkinson Other June 29, 2007
Our 2007 Canada Day special. If you are not Canadian and you don't get it, don't worry; it's not for you.
36 192 Gorgeous Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, Jeremy, Matt, James, Kate, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts June 22, 2007
Beauty is a curse. Or wait, no...the other thing.
35 191 iPhone Alternative Graham and Paul Graham, Morgan (narrator) Other June 15, 2007
Don't feel like waiting until June 29th?
34 190 Morgan's Problem Paul Morgan, Matt, Graham, Paul, and Jeremy Shorts June 8, 2007
Please consult a medical professional right away.
33 189 Stuck in a Car with Your Friends Graham, Kathleen, Brad Kirkland, and Adam Hancock Kathleen, Brad Kirkland, Adam Hancock, and Dana Schwer Shorts June 1, 207
It's time to kill whoever wrote "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall."
32 188 Rejected WiiPlay Games Graham and others James, Jeremy, Graham, Matt, Paul, and Ben Wilkinson Other May 25, 2007
...well, there's always WiiPlay 2.
31 187 Pillow Fight '07 n/a Alex and a cast of hundreds On Location May 18, 2007
Make love, not war. Well, ok, if you are going to make war, as least do it with something soft. From Alex, our Toronto correspondent.
30 186 Slacking for Gold Graham and Kathleen Morgan, James, Paul, Graham, Matt, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts May 11, 2007
Do you have what it takes?
29 185 Daylight Savings Graham and Paul Ash Vickers, Jeremy, Paul, and Graham Shorts May 4, 2007
Well, I guess everyone's going to need a new sundial.
28 184 Eyewitness Accounts Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Bill, Adam Savidan, Ben Wilkinson, Alex, Jeremy, Andy, Paul, Nathan Mosher, Morgan, Matt, James, and Graham Shorts April 27, 2007
Could we ask you some questions about the events of earlier this afternoon?
27 183 Ways to Hide a Body Paul, Graham, Morgan, Bill, Matt, and Jeremy Paul, Graham, Morgan, Bill, Matt, and Jeremy X Ways to Y April 20, 2007
If you need to use any of these ideas, you should probably stop surfing the Internet and start running.
26 182 Installation Anxiety Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, and Morgan Shorts April 13, 2007
With today's advances in Open Source software, you can install Linux anywhere you want. And some places you probably shouldn't.
25 181 The Deal Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, Morgan, and James Shorts April 6, 2007
Deal [v] - to have dealings or commerce, often in a secret or underhanded manner.
24 180 Xavier Andy Matt, Graham, and Ash Vickers Shorts March 30, 2007
Inside every gamer is a charismatic womanizer. And for some reason he's British.
23 179 Down with the Sickness Graham Paul, Morgan, Bill, Graham, and Nathan Mosher Shorts March 23, 2007
If you starve a fever, and feed a cold, then how do you fight this? A tuning fork?
22 178 2007 LoadingReadyRun Awards Paul, Graham, Morgan, Matt, and James Paul, Graham, Morgan, Matt, and James Other March 16, 2007
Best Picture? Best Foreign Film? Those are boring categories. We deliver the awards that are really important.
21 177 Brain Transplants Made Easy Kathleen Paul, Gibb, Jeremy, Graham, Morgan, Kathleen, Matt, James, Bill, and Dana Schwer Shorts March 9, 2007
What? It has a very active mod community.
20 176 Kei-Kon 2007 Cosplay n/a Gibb, Morgan, et al. On Location March 2, 2007
While he appreciates your enthusiasm, Gibb would like it noted that excessive making out makes his fur damp.
19 175 Dinosaur Paul Graham, Paul, Matt, and James Shorts February 23, 2007
No sudden motions, they hunt by movement.
18 174 Ways to Abuse Shaolin Jeremy Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Ash Vickers, Matt, and Morgan X Ways to Y February 16, 2007
Ever wonder why Shaolin monks are always at peace? It's because they know they are better than you.
17 173 Overdue Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Brad Kirkland, Paul, Mike Whitaker, and Adam Hancock Shorts February 9, 2007
Some things are worth being taken to collections for.
16 172 D-fer Madness Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Stuart Stark, Margaret Graham-Bell, Paul, Jeremy, Matt, Bill, and Nathan Mosher Shorts February 2, 2007
Tell your children!
15 171 Nanaimo Road Trip 2 n/a Ashley Allman, Kathleen, Tally, Jeremy, James, Paul, Graham, Bill, and Matt On Location January 27, 2007
Remember last year? When we went to this festival? Yeah... it happened again.
14 170 Hyperchondria Graham Matt, Paul, Graham, Morgan, and Bill Shorts January 19, 2007
Matt has a burning need.
13 169 Toilet Humor Andy Andy, Graham, Jeremy, and Paul Shorts January 12, 2007
Because, honestly, it's always funny.
12 168 Morning After Johnny_Lunchbox Morgan, Kathleen, James, Jeremy, Paul, Bill, Matt, Michelle Stark, Ashley Allman, and Ben Wilkinson Shorts January 5, 2007
New Year's Resolution: Find out what happened at New Year's.
11 167 Ways to Get in Shape Graham and Kathleen Graham, Matt, Bill, and Kathleen X Ways to Y December 29, 2006
Stick to your resolution with these handy tips!
It's a Wonderful Game Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, James, Bill, Matt, Jeremy (voice), and Morgan (voice) Shorts December 25, 2006
Our 2006 Holiday Special: A modern day update (read: nerdy) of a seasonal classic.
10 166 Three PS3s Paul and Graham Paul Other December 22, 2006
Doing some last minute shopping? Paul has a few ideas of what to buy that will be wholly useless to you.
9 165 Is Paul's Boyfriend Cheating? Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, James, Bill, Matt, and Jeremy Girly Magazine Quiz December 15, 2006
With the aid of a Girly Magazine Quiz, Graham uncovers the truth about Paul's relationship.
8 164 EZ Industries Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, James, and Bill Graham, Matt, Jeremy, Paul, Morgan, James, and Bill Shorts December 8, 2006
Has this ever happened to you?
7 163 Rapidfire: Episode 5 Graham and Paul Kate, Morgan, Graham, Johnny Blakeborough, James, Paul, and Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood Rapidfire December 1, 2006
Comedy so fast the comedy in previous Rapidfire episodes would be hard pressed to catch it.
6 162 Hell's Kitchen Kathleen James, Paul, Graham, Bill, Kathleen, and Brad Kirkland Shorts November 24, 2006
This is a foe no one mortal should have to face by himself.
5 161 Gibbstation 3 n/a Gibb On Location November 17, 2006
It's the night before PS3 launch day, and Gibb goes on location with the brave souls waiting in line for their chance at glory... or maybe a quick buck.
4 160 Sound Wars Graham, with Alison, Lisa, and Lindsay from Art 305 Andy and Graham Other November 10, 2006
When mimes are off duty things can get ugly.
3 159 Fun With Condoms Unknown Alex, James, Bill, Kathleen, Morgan, Paul, Graham, and Adam Hancock Sheer Stupidity November 3, 2006
What's your excuse for using up 80 condoms in one night?
2 158 ZOMGies!!!1 Graham and Paul Paul, Graham, James, Bill, and Morgan Other October 27, 2006
It came from the Internet!!
1 157 Those Games We Played Jeremy Graham, Morgan, Jeremy, Tally, and Adam Savidan Music October 20, 2006
64K gets real to raise awareness of a plight that befell their former fourth member.

Season Three

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 156 The LoadingReadyRumble Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Jeremy, Morgan, Gibb, Matt, Bill, and James Other October 13, 2006
For our Season 3 finale we present an epic showdown with more fan-service than we're probably allowed. [Note: In this case, "epic" means "12 minutes." Settle in.]
51 155 Vest Paul and Graham Graham Shorts (Story Guy) October 6, 2006
The origins of Story Guy's signature vest.
50 154 The Worst Homosexual Johnny_Lunchbox Paul, Graham, Morgan, and James Shorts September 29, 2006
Paul discovers some surprising (and actually not that surprising) things about Morgan.
49 153 Job Hunt Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Mike Whitaker, and Adam Hancock Shorts September 22, 2006
Kathleen discovers that when looking for a job, it is important to play your strengths.
48 152 How to Talk like a Pirate Graham and Paul Graham, Morgan, Jeremy, and Matt Other September 15, 2006
In honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day, we present this informational video for the less nautically inclined among us. After all, you don't want to look stupid.
47 151 Rapidfire: Episode 4 Graham and Paul Matt, Morgan, Lissette Arevalo, Graham, Johnny Blakeborough, James, and Paul Rapidfire September 8, 2006
Comedy so fast if you looked up comedy in the dictionary it would be under G. Because G is faster than F.
46 150 Vancouver Zombie Walk 2006 n/a Kathleen and Brad Kirkland On Location September 1, 2006
While the Crew is busy with LoadingReadyLIVE, Kathleen and the LRR Emergency Backup Unit step in to cover the Vancouver Zombie Walk 2006.
45 149 AWESOME:We ... Shot This! n/a Graham, Jeremy, Morgan, and Paul On Location August 25, 2006
64K's first live performance at the 2006 Victoria Fringe Festival preview night.
44 148 Small Time 2 Graham, Morgan, and Bill Bill, Morgan, Matt, and Graham (uncredited) Shorts August 18, 2006
It's important to always follow your plans, no matter where they go.
43 147 Rejected 'Get a Mac' Ads Graham and Paul Matt, Jeremy, Paul, Bill, and James Other August 11, 2006
Secret, never before seen tests for Apple's "Get a Mac" ads, before they got John Hodgman and that guy from Dodgeball.
42 146 Rapidfire: Episode 3 Graham and Paul Morgan, Jeremy, Graham, Johnny Blakeborough, James, and Paul Rapidfire August 4, 2006
Comedy so fast it violates several federal and provincial traffic laws.
41 145 Snakes on the Town n/a Graham, Paul, Morgan, Ben Wilkinson, Bill, James, and Ashley Allman Sheer Stupidity July 30, 2006
So few snakes, so many things without snakes on them.
40 144 Serious Cravings Graham and Kathleen Morgan, Graham, James, Paul, and Bill Shorts July 21, 2006
Blood is to Vampire as Pig is to ?
39 143 Small Time Graham, Morgan, and Bill Bill, Morgan, Graham, Jason Tudor, and Paul Shorts July 14, 2006
Some days, crime pays better than others.
38 142 Rapidfire: Episode 2 Graham and Paul Paul, Bill, Morgan, James, Graham, Johnny Blakeborough, and Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood Rapidfire July 7, 2006
Comedy so fast Superman is like, "Whoa, that's pretty fast!"
37 141 Canadaman Graham, Paul, Morgan, and Bill Bill, Paul, Graham, and Morgan Music June 30, 2006
The 2006 LRR Canada Day Special, once again featuring The Arrogant Worms.
36 140 Rapidfire: Episode 1 Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Morgan, Matt, Johnny Blakeborough, Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood, James, and Aidan Henry Rapidfire June 23, 2006
Comedy so fast it doesn't have to make sense.
35 139 Life is Like a Movie Graham and Paul Paul and Morgan Shorts June 16, 2006
A metaphor is like a simile, and so is this video.
34 138 Now in HD! Paul and Graham Paul, Graham, Morgan, Matt, and Kate Other June 9, 2006
We welcome a new member of the LRR family.
33 137 OMG! Bears! Graham and Kathleen Kathleen, Graham, and Paul Shorts June 2, 2006
Kathleen just has this completely rational fear...
32 136 Nuntastic Kathleen and Graham Graham, Kathleen, and Lindsay Burnett Shorts May 26, 2006
Reason #286 why the dot-com boom failed.
31 135 CCYD Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, James, Kate, and Matt Shorts May 19, 2006
Finally a Summer Camp that leaves a lasting impression.
30 134 Underpantaloons Graham Morgan, Graham, Paul, and Bill Shorts May 12, 2006
Idle hands and a lack of pants are the devil's playground.
29 133 Wyy Graham and Paul Graham, Morgan, Paul, James, Bill, Lissette Arevalo, and Margaret Graham-Bell (voice) Shorts May 5, 2006
We were wondering, why the Wii?
28 132 Hagiography Today Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Morgan, and Lissette Arevalo Shorts April 28, 2006
Hag ee o gra fee: From the late Latin usage, that which is written about the saints.
27 131 Holiday Paul, Graham, and Johnny_Lunchbox Graham Shorts (Story Guy) April 21, 2006
When going on a trip, it's important to take only the essentials.
26 130 Bill's Revenge n/a Bill, Morgan, Adam Savidan, James, and Paul Sheer Stupidity April 14, 2006
In the dramatic finale of our Bill Eats Gross Things trilogy, the hunders become the hunted.
25 129 Shake Your Hands n/a n/a Music April 7, 2006
As is tradition here at LRR, we mark the end of semester by showing off something Graham didd in Video Art.
24 128 Uwe Boll: An Apology Paul Paul, Matt, Jeremy, and Graham Other March 31, 2006
We were recently contacted by Mr. Boll's lawyers regarding our video, PSA: Uwe Boll. We hope that this new video will address their concerns and clarify our position on this controversial directory. Fooled you!
23 127 Snakes on the Brain Graham, Kathleen, and Paul Graham, Paul, Morgan, and Lissette Arevalo Shorts March 24, 2006
Taking the sure-fire hit of the summer, Snakes on a Plane, to its logical conclusion.
22 126 Ways to Get Yourself Killed in a Horror Movie Unknown Lissette Arevalo, Graham, Morgan, Bill, and Kathleen X Ways to Y March 17, 2006
To be safe, you should probably just avoid horror movies all together.
21 125 2006 LoadingReadyRun Awards Unknown Paul, Graham, Morgan, and Bill Other March 10, 2006
If you're bored with the predictable monotony of the Academy Awards, we've got your back. Your brokeback.
20 124 Kei-Kon 2006 Cosplay n/a Gibb and the Cosplayers at Kei-Kon 2006 On Location March 3, 2006
Gibb gets let out of the closet for Kei-Kon 2006. The results are mixed.
19 123 The Bet Graham Graham, Morgan, Paul, and Kathleen Shorts February 24, 2006
What a strange game, the only way to win is not to play at all. At least not when Paul's around.
18 122 The Canadian Dental Approval Association Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Morgan, Jessica Miller, James, Lissette Arevalo, and Bill Shorts February 17, 2006
Because real dentists have better things to do.
17 121 Is this a Date? Lissette Arevalo, Jessica Miller, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, James, Morgan, and Bill Lissette Arevalo, Jessica Miller, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, James, Morgan, Bill, Conor Pommerville, and Gibb Shorts February 10, 2006
There are many emotional landmines around Valentine's Day. This video will not help with any of them.
16 120 Laundry Graham and Paul Graham Shorts (Story Guy) February 3, 2006
He's back. And his laundry needs folding.
15 119 Nanaimo Road Trip n/a Lissette Arevalo, Jeremy, Paul, Graham, Kate, James, Morgan, Bill, and Matt On Location January 27, 2006
So we went to this film festival... and we had a couple cameras... so... yeah.
14 118 Black Box Graham and Paul Paul, Graham, Morgan (voice), Bill (voice), Lissette Arevalo (voice), and Kathleen (voice) Shorts January 20, 2006
Think of all the frivolous lawsuits you could avoid (or support) with one of these.
13 117 Pachinima Paul and Graham Paul and Graham (voice) Machinima January 13, 2006
Taking machinima back to its roots. - Brought to you by Pac-Man
12 116 Ways to Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree Unknown Lissette Arevalo, Morgan, Bill, and Graham X Ways to Y January 6, 2006
'Cause it's not going to just disappear on its own.
11 115 Street Value Graham and Paul Graham, Kathleen, Morgan, and Andy Shorts December 30, 2005
Turns our, beggars can be choosers. If they happen to be surprisingly clever beggars that is.
10 114 Jangles and Jones Save Christmas Graham and Paul Graham, Jeremy, Morgan, Patrick Donison, and Bill Shorts December 23, 2005
Jangles and Jones join an all-star cast including 64K and members of Evil Inc. in this year's Christmas Special.
9 113 The C Word Graham and Paul Morgan, Bill, Paul, and Graham Shorts December 16, 2005
You had better watch what you say this time of year, you never know who is listening.
8 112 Perversion for Profit n/a n/a Other December 9, 2005
When archival high school film reels collide.
7 111 Rare Book Graham and Paul Graham Shorts (Story Guy) December 2, 2005
Our grilled cheese eating friend returns to talke about his most recent literary acquisition.
6 110 Launch Day Graham Graham, Morgan, and Paul Shorts November 25, 2005
It's XBox 360 launch day. Do you know where your wallet is?
5 109 The Rant - Comediennes Kathleen and Graham Kathleen and Graham Other November 18, 2005
Kathleen delivers a humourous presentation on why women aren't funny.
4 108 Ways to Relieve a Hangover Unknown Morgan, Bill, Geoff Howe, and Paul X Ways to Y November 11, 2005
Everyone has their own "cure," here are a few of ours.
3 107 Christmas Caroling on Halloween Unknown Morgan, Bill, Graham, Paul, James, and Ben Wilkinson Sheer Stupidity November 4, 2005
The LRR crew inject some much needed Christmas cheer into an otherwise excessively unjolly holiday.
2 106 Halloween Safety Graham and Paul Paul and Graham (voice) Shorts October 28, 2005
LRR gives some tips on how to stay safe this Halloween. Or DO we??
1 105 Pimp My Chair Graham and Morgan Morgan, James, Graham, Paul, Bill, Ben Wilkinson, Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood, Kate, and Stuart Stark Shorts October 21, 2005
KillahByte and the North West Customs crew do to office furniture what Pimp My Ride does for cars.

Season Two

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 104 1337 Jeremy and Graham Graham, Jeremy, and Morgan Music October 14, 2005
64K gives a condensed history of video games in an effort to show that they are, in fact, 1337.
51 103 Celestial Sea: Episode 7 Paul and Graham Morgan, Graham, Ash Vickers, Kathleen, and Derek Pacheco Machinima October 7, 2005
Myke and Lance fail at meeting ladies - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
50 102 The Danger of Cigarettes Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Morgan, Bill, and Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Bill, and Paul (voice) Shorts September 30, 2005
Cigarettes and combine harvestes don't mix.
49 101 The Rant - Scenesters and Snobbery Graham Graham Other September 23, 2005
Graham goes off and rants at indie music snobs.
48 100 Super Mystery Can Showdown n/a Morgan, Bill, James, Adam Savidan, Ben Wilkinson, Ash Vickers, Kate, and Graham Sheer Stupidity September 16, 2005
Our most horrifying display of stupidity yet, Bill goes the distance for eating gross things.
47 99 Johnny the Intern Johnny_Lunchbox William Hull, Graham, Kathleen, Paul, Bill, and Morgan Shorts September 9, 2005
The writer becomes the lackey.
46 98 Grilled Cheese Graham and Paul Graham Shorts (Story Guy) September 2, 2005
So I had to go to the store to get some cheese...
45 97 Out of Sync Unknown Graham, Paul, and Morgan (voice) Shorts August 26, 2005
Graham finds himself out of sync.
44 96 PSA: Uwe Boll Graham Graham and Matt Other August 19, 2005
He must be stopped before he films again.
43 95 Superman and the Concentrated Light Ray Graham and Paul Paul, Graham, and Kate Other August 12, 2005
A re-edit of an episode of the old Max Fletcher Superman cartoon.
42 94 Offensisensitivity Kathleen and Graham Graham, Kathleen, and Nikki the cat Shorts August 5, 2005
A travelling salesman encounters a terrible affliction.
41 93 One Minute Shorts Graham, Paul, and Jeremy Graham, Paul, and Jeremy Other July 29, 2005
Four odd shorts, each a minute or less in length.
ComicCon 2005 n/a San Diego Comic Con 2005 Plugs! July 29, 2005
A selection of awesome people from ComicCon 2005. Part of a shared weekly update.
40 92 The Importance of Good Henchmen Graham and Paul Graham and Paul Machinima July 22, 2005
Competent henchmen are the foundation of any organization - Brought to you by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Part of a shared weekly update.
39 91 Nerd Fight Graham and Kathleen Graham and Jeremy Shorts July 15, 2005
Things get out of hand when two nitpickers debate the finer points of Star Wars politics.
38 90 Edited for TV Unknown Bill, Morgan, Ash Vickers, Kate, and Patrick Donison Other July 8, 2005
Why television is an inappropriate medium for feature films.
37 89 I am not American The Arrogant Worms Paul and Graham Music July 1, 2005
For Canada Day, a music video for a patriotic song by The Arrogant Worms.
36 88 Sleep Dep Experiment n/a Jeremy, Graham, Bill, James, Derek Pacheco, and Morgan Sheer Stupidity June 24, 2005
Bill, Morgan, Graham, James and Derek try to stay awake for 48 hours.
35 87 Guide to Lesser Gods of Innocuous Household Things Graham and Kathleen Graham, Paul, and Kate LRLabs June 17, 2005
Zeus and Apollo are at one end of the scale, these guys are at the other.
34 86 Celestial Sea: Episode 6 Graham and Paul Graham, Morgan, and Ash Vickers Machinima June 10, 2005
Myke and Lance in prison - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
33 85 Victoria Air Guitar 2005 n/a Ash Vickers, Jeremy, and Patrick Donision On Location June 3, 2005
Victoria's first annual Air Guitar Championship.
32 84 How to End a Relationship Kathleen and Graham Kathleen, Josh Hammerstedt, Dana Schwer, and Graham LRLabs May 27, 2005
A public service for those unlucky in love.
31 83 Maniac Chase Commentary Unknown Graham and Paul Other May 20, 2005
A primitive proto-commentary track.
30b 82b Vote Carefully Graham and Paul Graham Other May 13, 2005
A public service announcement on some parties NOT to vote for on May 17th. Part of a shared weekly update.
30a 82a Anchovies Unknown Graham Other May 13, 2005
Our winning entry for the Rock the Vote BC video contest. Part of a shared weekly update.
29 81 30 Minutes or Less Unknown Graham, Jeremy, Paul, and Ash Vickers Shorts May 6, 2005
Johnny is a gritty, hard-boiled man of action whose luck has run out.
28 80 The James Masterson School for Dictatorial Improvement Jeremy, Morgan, Kathleen, Graham, and Paul Graham, Jeremy, Morgan, Paul, and Cliff Harman Shorts April 29, 2005
Learn how to become a better supreme ruler with JMSDI.
27 79 Slow News Day Graham and Paul Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood, Chris Nohr, Morgan, Graham, and Paul Shorts April 22, 2005
The news goes on, irrespective of whether there really is any news or not.
26 78 The Professor's Funhouse Graham Gibb and friends Shorts April 15, 2005
A look back at the show that shaped children's television for two decades.
25 77 Prepared Interview Unknown Graham, Paul, and Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood Shorts April 8, 2005
It pays to come prepared.
24 76 Yummies Ads Unknown Paul, Gibb, Graham, Morgan, and Jeremy LRLabs April 1, 2005
Here's a series of TV spots for Yummies Snack Cakes.
23 75 Celestial Sea: Episode 5 Graham and Paul Graham, Morgan, Kathleen, Paul, Jeremy, Kelly Clark, and Peter D'Agati Machinima March 25, 2005
Myke and co. briefly get airborne - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
22 74 Suspend your Disbelief Andy and Graham Andy, Patrick Donison, Rachelle LeBlanc, Jeremy, Duncan Watt, Russ Reilander, Paul, Azin Seraj, and Rocky Mann Music March 18, 2005
A musical number about musicals.
21 73 The Procrastinator Paul and Graham Graham and Paul LRR3K March 11, 2005
A cautionary tale showing the dangers of procrastination.
20 72 Split Screen Scripting Paul Graham and Paul Short March 4, 2005
Graham and Paul act out a story in dire need of a rewrite.
Rick Mercer n/a Rick Mercer Plugs! / Bonus March 18, 2005
A message from one of our favourite Canadian comedians.
19 71 How to Impress Women Johnny_Lunchbox and Kathleen Paul, Gibb, Graham, Kathleen, Carolynne Burholder, and Travis Nielsen LRLabs February 25, 2005
A public service for those unlucky in love.
18 70 Celestial Sea: Episode 4 Graham and Paul Graham, Travis Neilsen, Morgan, and Kathleen Machinima February 19, 2005
Myke investigates a strange energy reading - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
17 69 Mental Battle Paul Paul, Graham, James, and Ashley Allman Shorts February 12, 2005
To save the universe, Paul must first conquer his inner demons.
16 68 The Bright Young Newcomer Graham and Paul Graham and Paul LRR3K February 4, 2005
An office supervisor deals with the problems of hiring women.
15 67 At Least You're Not Dead Andy Andy Music January 28, 2005
Another original composition by our good friend Andy.
14 66 Extreme Battle Challenge n/a Alex, Rebecca Springett, David Cha, and "Mr. Satan" Sheer Stupidity January 21, 2005
Rock Paper Scissors TO THE EXTREME!
13 65 Spam Theatre 2 Spam e-mail Duncan Hauser, Paul, and Graham Shorts January 14, 2005
More ridiculous junk e-mails, acted out for your amusement.
12 64 Celestial Sea: Episode 3 Graham and Paul Graham and Kate Machinima January 7, 2005
Myke crash-lands on a primitive alien world - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
11 63 Digital Love Kathleen and Graham Graham and Kathleen Shorts December 31, 2004
Graham must make the hard choice between his girlfriend and his computer.
10 62 2004 Holiday Special Unknown Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Andrew, James, Patrick, Kate, Derek, Bill, Gareth, Mike Shumlich, Matt, and Gibb Music December 24, 2004
The twelve geeky days of Christmas, as sung by the LRR crew.
9 61 Last Minute Paul and Graham Graham, Paul, James, and Ashley Allman Shorts December 17, 2004
The dangers of last minute shopping in its many forms.
8 60 Celestial Sea: Episode 2 Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Kathleen, Patrick Donison, Kate, Ben Wilkinson, and Jason Tudor Machinima December 10, 2004
Myke and Amy are rescued - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
7c 59c Schrodinger's Fridge Steve Notley Graham and Paul Shorts December 3, 2004
Bob encounters his nemesis: quantum physics. Part of a shared weekly update.
7b 59b Sales Success a la Meteor Steve Notley Graham and Paul Shorts December 3, 2004
Bob has trouble with the basic concept of truth in advertising. Part of a shared weekly update.
7a 59a The Puppet Master Steve Notley Graham and Paul Shorts December 3, 2004
Bob shares his inner feelings. Part of a shared weekly update.
6 58 The Aftermath Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Paul, Geoff Howe, and Connor Pommerville Shorts November 26, 2004
Paul comes back to life after the incident in "pwn'd."
5 57 Celestial Sea: Episode 1 Graham and Paul Graham, Kathleen, Kate, and Kelly Clark Machinima November 19, 2005
Myke's and Amy's vacation is cut short when the resort planet they are on is attacked - Brought to you by Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.
4 56 pwn'd Graham Graham, Paul, Morgan, and Conor Pommerville Shorts November 12, 2004
Our parody of MTV's punk'd with Morgan as Ashton Kutcher.
3 55 The Process Johnny_Lunchbox Graham, Paul, Morgan, and Bill Shorts November 5, 2004
The real process behind the LRR videos.
2 54 Field Guide to Homo Mortuus Graham and Paul Graham LRLabs October 29, 2004
The LRR 2004 Halloween Special, an educational video on zombies.
1 53 The LoadingReadyRap Jeremy Graham, Jeremy, and Morgan Music October 22, 2004
We present the world premier of the new single from rap group 64k.

Season One

# in season # in series Title Written by Appearing Video category Date
52 52 The LRR Year One Retrospective Unknown Paul and Graham Other October 15, 2004
In which Graham and Paul look back at some of the defining videos in LRR history.
51 51 Jangles and Jones Unknown Graham, Morgan, Bill, and Matt Other October 8, 2004
Needing a reason to show off their cool costumes, Graham, Morgan and Bill engage in a good old fashioned chase.
50 50 Door to Door Kathleen, Graham, and Paul Graham, Paul, and Morgan Shorts October 1, 2004
Door to door religion, it's not just for Jehovah's witnesses anymore!
49 49 Moore's Meadow Crop Circle n/a Graham, Kathleen, Chris, Eric, and Becky On Location September 24, 2004
A hunt for the paranormal in Prince George.
48 48 Spam Theatre Spam e-mail Paul and Graham Shorts September 17, 2004
Yes, Paul spam is getting goofier.
47 47 Sandwich of Fire n/a Ash Vickers, Morgan, James, Bill, Adam Savidan, and Allen Oberg Sheer Stupidity September 10, 2004
How hot is too hot for a sandwich?
46 46 Who Watches Movies? Paul Paul Shorts September 3, 2004
A parody/response to this anti-piracy ad that you may have seen in theatres.
November 13, 2003 n/a Downtown Victoria Bonus August 27, 2004
A day in the life of downtown Victoria.
45 45 Steve Notley and his Process n/a Steve Notley On Location August 27, 2004
Steve Notley, creator of Bob the Angry Flower, talks about his creative process and plugs LoadingReadyRun.
44 44 Drive Thru n/a Kathleen Sheer Stupidity August 20, 2004
Kathleen causes havoc at the Prince George A&W.
43 43 4 Guys And a Box of Hats Unknown Graham, Andy, Chris Nohr, and Paul Other August 13, 2004
What happens when you leave four guys with a bunch of random stuff.
42 42 The Decision-Makers Graham and Paul Graham and Paul Machinima August 6, 2004
Thanks to Hitman 2, we find out what really goes on at high-level summits.
41 41 The Mystery Can n/a Graham, Dave, Eric, Kathleen, and Chris Sheer Stupidity July 23, 2004
We have no idea what it is, and you get to eat it.
40 40 Joe's Used Cars Graham and Paul Graham and Chris Nohr Shorts July 16, 2004
Graham is sold a rather dodgy car.
39 39 Bay Centre Takeover n/a Morgan, Bill, James, Derek Pacheco, Graham, and Paul Sheer Stupidity July 9, 2004
LoadingReadyRun invades a shopping centre in downtown Victoria to play video games.
38 38 A Tribute to Canada Unknown Graham and Paul Other July 2, 2004
As a tribute to Canada, LoadingReadyRun notes some non-snow-related Canadian inventions.
37 37 Periodic Singing Tom Lehrer Graham and Andy Music June 25, 2004
There's antimony, arsenic, aluminum, selenium, / And hydrogen and oxygen and nitrogen and rhenium, ...
36 36 Evil Corp.: New Recruits Paul and Graham Graham, Paul, Morgan, Matt, and Chris Nohr Shorts June 18, 2004
The new recruits are indoctrinated into Evil Corp.
35 35 Whose Line is it Anyway? n/a Whose Line is it Anyway? Plugs! June 11, 2004
Whose Line is it Anyway? plugs LoadingReadyRun.
34 34 Who's Your Rockstar Soulmate? n/a Paul, Derek Pacheco, Bill, and Morgan Girly Magazine Quiz June 4, 2004
Who's Derek's, Bill's, and Morgan's rockstar soulmate?
33 33 Mosh Pit Etiquette Unknown Graham, Bill, Gibb, Paul, James, Derek Pacheco, Morgan, and Jeff D LRLabs May 28, 2004
LoadingReadyLabs present: the fundamentals of moshing.
32 32 The Dungeoneers: Episode 2 Unknown Graham, Paul, and Bill Machinima May 21, 2004
Continuing LoadingReadyRun's first Machinima Theatre.
31 31 42 Unknown Graham, Paul, Patrick Donison, Bill, Morgan, Jason Turor, and Kayt Mills Shorts May 14, 2004
The following takes place between 3:00 a.m. and 3:03 a.m.
30 30 Ways to Save the Day Unknown Bill, Ash Vickers, Conor Pommerville, James, Jeremy, Kayt Mills, and Graham X Ways to Y May 7, 2004
Sometimes someone is there to save your day.
29 29 What's Your Cup Of Joe? n/a Paul, Graham, Derek Pacheco, Bill, and Morgan Girly Magazine Quiz April 23, 2004
What type of coffee are you?
28 28 The Dungeoneers: Episode 1 Unknown Graham, Paul, and Adam Savidan Machinima April 16, 2004
LoadingReadyRun's first Machinima Theatre.
27 27 Mobile Homes n/a Graham and Paul On Location April 9, 2004
Houses that move on wheels.
26 26 Evil Corp. Unknown Paul, Graham, and Bill Shorts April 2, 2004
Evil Corp: coming soon.
25 25 Drink n/a Morgan, Graham, Kayt Mills, Bill, and Patrick Donison Sheer Stupidity March 26, 2004
Just what will Bill not drink?
24 24 Kei-Kon 2: Cosplay n/a Gibb, Matt, and others On Location March 19, 2004
The cosplay at Kei-Kon, the University of Victoria anime convention.
23 23 Arrogant Worms n/a The Arrogant Worms On Location March 12, 2004
The Arrogant Worms plug LoadingReadyRun.
22 22 The Mirror Paul and Graham Graham and Paul Shorts March 5, 2004
Graham wakes up on the wrong side of the universe.
21 21 Andy: Esq. Andy Andy Other February 27, 2004
Introducing Andy, multi-talented wonderboy.
20 20 Gob n/a Gob On Location February 20, 2004
The Canadian punk band Gob at Legends nightclub.
19 19 Ways to Ruin a First Date Unknown Geoff Howe, Kayt Mills, and Bill X Ways to Y February 13, 2004
In honour of Valentine's Day.
18 18 Ways to End a Movie Unknown Graham, Morgan, Leigh-Anne Fish, and Halina Wlocka X Ways to Y February 6, 2004
How many have you seen before?
17 17 Quantum Documentary Graham and Paul Paul and Graham Shorts January 30, 2004
An experiment in filmmaking: a documentary about itself.
16 16 Hair n/a Gareth Dickson, Graham, Morgan, Jessica Miller, Paul, James, and others Sheer Stupidity January 23, 2004
Gareth donates the remaking of hair to humour.
15 15 Upgrade Y/N? Unknown Morgan, Graham, and Paul Shorts January 16, 2004
To upgrade, or not to upgrade; that is the question.
14 14 Ways to Make Someone Leave a Room Unknown Graham, Bill, Morgan, and Alex X Ways to Y January 2, 2004
Ways to make people leave the room at any cost.
13 13 2003 Holiday Special Graham and Paul Graham, Paul, Morgan, Kate, Mike Shumlich, and Duncan Hauser Other December 26, 2003
A tribute to the lesser known holidays in December.
12 12 Stalking n/a Morgan, Graham, and James Sheer Stupidity December 12, 2003
Graham and Morgan stalk James.
11 11 Ways to Drink Coke Unknown Graham, James, Bill, Ben Wilkinson, Paul, and Heather X Ways to Y December 5, 2003
Some of the many ways to drink Coke.
10 10 What do guys like about Paul? n/a Graham and Paul Girly Magazine Quiz November 28, 2003
Guys brag about Paul and think of him as one of their own.
9 9 Ways to Eat Fries Unknown James, Morgan, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Savidan, and Graham X Ways to Y November 21, 2003
So many fries, so many ways.
8 8 The Alternative to Telemarketers Unknown James, Graham, and Paul Shorts November 14, 2003
Believe us there are far worse things.
7 7 Vietnam Jeremy Jeremy Sheer Stupidity November 7, 2003
I love the smell of canned pasta in the morning.
6 6 2003 Halloween Special n/a Graham, Bill, Matt, Jeremy, Geoffrey Tomlinson-Hood, and Duncan Hauser Other October 31, 2003
Attack of the Men with Pumpkins on Their Heads!
5 5 Is Paul a pain in the Butt? n/a Graham and Paul Girly Magazine Quiz October 24, 2003
An occasional ache.
4 4 Tennis n/a James, Jessica Miller, and Gareth Dickson Sheer Stupidity October 24, 2003
James is about to be hit in the ass with Gareth's balls.
3 3 How Sexy is Paul? n/a Graham and Paul Girly Magazine Quiz October 24, 2003
Prime time sexy.
2 2 Lanageddon West n/a Graham On Location October 24, 2003
LoadingReadyRun is on location for a Diet Lime Coke chugging constest at a LAN party.
1 1 A Brief History of Lame Unknown Graham and Paul Other October 24, 2003
A short history of LoadingReadyRun.