Cameron Lauder

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Cameron Lauder
Cameron Lauder
Cameron Lauder
Date of Birth: June 17
Duties: Actor, Scientist
First Appearance: Minced Words: Blizzard's Real ID
Last Appearance: Workplace Part 2
Twitter: @UnarmedOracle

I'm always kind of freaked out by Cam.
- Tally Heilke

Cameron Andrew Lauder is a friend of LoadingReadyRun. He attended university at UNBC with Kathleen. He has appeared in the weekly updates Socially Awkward and Past Mistakes and the ENN episode West Washing. He hosts the show A Swiftly Tilting Cameron Wednesdays 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern on LoadingReadyLive. He also hosts Corrector's Commentary with Alex. He is half Cree and a vegetarian.

He is brought in when a scene requires his understated line delivery and "je ne sais Cam".

At the time of the "Nightmare" AFK stream, Cameron is 34 + 1D6 years old.

Things Cam Refuses To Do In LRR Media

  • Take his shirt off.
  • Livestream FTL: Faster than Light.
  • Give Alex four +1/+1 counters.
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