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This page is in need of cleanup, or may be in need of an overhaul.

If it's not on the wiki, it doesn't actually exist.
- Paul
James reads the LRR wiki.

Welcome to the LoadingReadyRun Wiki Community Portal. This is where you can learn how you can contribute to the LRR Wiki.

The #lrr-wiki channel on the LRR Discord is the main place for wiki discussions

How To Help

Wanted Pages or Files

This page lists pages that are used on pages in the LRR wiki, but haven't been created. Links that go to nonexistent pages are red. An alternate method for finding redlinks would be checking random days the OnThisDay page.

On This Day

When a video is posted to the website, the video should be added to the relevant day in the list. For the most part, this is handled by the LRR wiki sysop King Kool.

Episode Listings

In addition to individual video pages, all the episodes are listed on the main video page.

Pages with Notification Templates

Some pages with notification templates are in need of work, e.g.: pages that need images, pages currently under construction, etc. Some notification templates are permanent parts of the pages, such as disambiguation pages.


A filmography is a list of every video the listed person has contributed to in any way (acting, writing, boom, etc.) . We now have a way of automatically producing filmographies using Semantic Mediawiki, but we need the relevant data to be included in the articles. The Phailhaus and Feed Dump articles have the relevant data, so we can general those filmographies automatically, but we are still working on adding it to other articles. If you want to add the data please ask in Discord, as we are working on templates. If you want to manually update filmographies please ask on Discord first, as in some cases we may be able to do it automatically.

Missing Images and Small Images

Every video page should have a thumbnail image to accompany the video. Images should be of a reasonable size, but not too big (images are normally displayed at 300px in the thumbnail, so any larger than twice that isn't necessary unless the image needs to be bigger to convey the information within it).


Only a few LRR videos have corresponding transcripts. Because of the time they take to put together, their lack of utility, and the as-of-yet nonstandard format for a transcript, they're not considered a priority. If this is the way you'd like to contribute, go nuts.


If none of the above appeals to you, you can always click the Random Page button in the navigation bar to the left and see if a random page needs to be formatted properly or proofread.

How Not To Help

Quote Sections for Videos

Most LoadingReadyRun videos are short enough that quote sections aren't necessary. Transcripts are preferred for shorter format videos (especially for Feed Dumps). Quote sections exist for noteworthy quotes from LoadingReadyLive streams.

Joke Articles

Even though the sysop had occasionally indulged in this, the wiki is meant to be a serious repository for information and trivia about LoadingReadyRun, rather than an arm of the entertainment.

If you have any questions, feel free to talk on the #lrr-wiki Discord channel, or if you prefer, the discussion thread for this page.

Content of the Other Community Portal Page, This should be folded into this page for whatever information is relevant:

The LoadingReadyWiki is a project to gather and to store information on LoadingReadyRun.com, the sketch comedy website that produces weekly short videos, one every Friday, and has done so for the past three years. All members of the LoadingReadyRun Community are welcome to contribute to the wiki. Although this wiki is about comedy videos please keep entries serious. This is not the place for silliness - that is what Discord is for.


Consult the MediaWiki User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

How to Make a Video Entry - basic guidelines and examples for constructing a video page

LRR Discord

There is an active LoadingReadyRun Discord at https://www.discord.gg/lrr. On the Discord wiki matters are discussed in the #lrr-wiki channel.

LRR Forum

There is an forum at [1] but it is pretty dead now.