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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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Beauty is a curse. Or wait, no...the other thing.

Vital Statistics


Date: June 22, 2007

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark, Jeremy Petter, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Kate Stark, Ben Wilkinson

Writing: Paul Saunders, Graham Stark

Camera: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Jeremy Petter

Edited by: Graham Stark

Location: Bill's Place v2.0

Thanks To: Brian Orras


Paul wakes up and he is GORGEOUS! With no idea how he got this way Paul sets out to take advantage of his gift. However the government can not let the Antarcticans get their hands (or flippers) on what ever made Paul this way.


Season Four     Shorts

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