Desert Bus 2 Fail Count

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Desert Bus 2 Fail Count

Note: this page is a work in progress.


1. Game wouldn't load.
2. Game wouldn't load. Again!
7. Matt takes a call via the LRR-phone, and it immediately drops the call.
8. #7 happens AGAIN, no more than 5 minutes later.
9. After MacGyver-ing the LRR-phone so that both sides of the conversation could be heard, there were numerous audio & lag problems.
10. Both cameras went down.
11. Bus Crashed (James is distracted by cameras down).
12. Bus-cam went down.
13. Bill crashes.
14. Bill fails at starting the game.
15. The hole in the wall.
16. Jer causes the bus to crash.
17. Morgan crashes the bus at 2:01 AM Monday, having taken over at 2 AM.
18. "Operation: Infinate bus" was posted on the Driver-Cam.
19+20. Bill crashes twice while being waxed.
21. Morgan crashes
22. Upon restarting, Morgan renamed the bus EVILSACX instead of EVILSAKX


  1. 16 This is apparently not his fault as the controller was unplugged.