Chet Buntsman

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Chet Buntsman
Chet Buntsman
Chet Buntsman drawn by Devin Harrigan
Job: QWRP's Sports analyst
Location: nsburg
Voiced By: Ian Horner

Chet Buntsman was the QWRP sports reporter. Before that, he coached the Talcum Puffs, and led them to a Therpston County championship. In episode 2 he reported on the Talcum Puffs and voiced his dissatisfaction with the new coach McFeels. In episode 5 Richter Hammockslam said that he was going to get into sports and that he could do Chet's job blindfolded, so presumably Chet was still employed at the station at that time. In episode 6 Clementine Alberts reported on sports, and Chet was never referenced again, except in episode 12, where it was mentioned he had sewn three raccoons together when he was still a coach.



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