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BNF 13 Song List
No Title Artist Song Links
1 C Oh Sees [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
2 Berlin Wall Hotel Lux [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
3 Let Love Inn The Entire Universe [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
4 The Basement Lunar Vacation [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
5 Rain (Ft Kopano) Billy Lemos [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
6 How much Tiny Ruins [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
7 Drift Therese Lithner [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
8 T69 Collapse Aphex Twin [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
9 Panegyric Helena Hauff [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
10 (She's) Just a Phase Puma Blue [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
11 The spell of a vanishing loveliness Cornelius [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
12 Heaven's Away Team Vexxed [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
Viewer Suggestions Song List
No Title Artist Song Links
1 Date Night Father John Misty [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
2 Mary Ann Nichols The Calm Blue Sea [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
3 Ice Age How To Destry Angels [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
4 "Cold War" Cautious Clay [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
5 Welcome To The Family Watsky [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
6 Out Of My Head ft. WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLA CHVRCHES [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
7 Breadcrumb Trail Slint [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
8 Young Lions Adrian Belew [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
9 Salomé - Audiotree Live Marriages [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
10 Deep Down Josh Gabriel present Winter Kill [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
11 Neptune City Nicole Atkins [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]
12 Somnambule Cœur de pirate [Spotify][YouTube][Google Music]