After Hours: Quest for the Grail

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Long after the tourists have gone home and the museum is dark and quiet, the exhibits come to life!

Vital Statistics


Date: 2000

Category: Pre-LoadingReadyRun I

Appearing: Jim Baldwin as Ragnar, Adam Bailey as Kronc, Graham Stark as Julius, Morgan vanHumbeck as Maximus, Kayt Mills as Diana, Chris Whitman as Ubiquitous, Allen Oberg as Jock Scot, Bill Watt as Arthur, Jeremy Petter as David, Paul Saunders as Discus Thrower, Juli Middleton as Venus De Milo and Zygote(tm) Guy as Security Guard and The Mummy.

Writing: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders

Animation: Graham Stark

Editing: Graham Stark

Music: The Great Escape, Shaft's Theme, Pink Panther Theme, Walk Like an Egyptian, Elevator Music, The Turks Theme, Fighting 17th, Title Screen

Sound Effect Engineer: Alex Steacy

Thanks To: Nik Wegner, Bevan Bigly, Allan Carmichael, the staff at OBHS, Our Families

Produced by: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders


Ragnar, Julius, Kronc, Maximus, Diana, and Ubiquitous must band together to search for the greatest treasure of all time.