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The Idiot Room logo

Format: Unscripted Video Blog
Created By: Graham Stark
Status: Ended
Updates: Sometimes Weekdays
Host: Youtube
Original Run: June 21, 2006 - September 11, 2006
Associated Shows: Sheer Stupidity (closest LRR analogue)

The Idiot Room was a video podcast produced by Graham and his coworkers in the Victoria marketing department of Pixpo (now Mixpo) during the summer of 2006. Besides Graham the room also contained Aidan Henry and Trenton Crawford as well as Nathan Mosher in the first few episodes. Graham played the straight man to the bizarre antics and Jackass-style misbehavior of Aidan and Trenton. Usually Trenton reported on the weather with a single word in monotone and Graham used "Word of the Day" incorrectly in a sentence, a feature that would later re-emerge for the Phailhaüs.

Trenton and Aidan did various silly things such as making and wearing a duct tape thong, eating paper towels and clamping their nipples. Imitations from Guy LeDouche, a character from MXC, were frequently invoked. Near the end of the 23 episodes the three visit Whistler, BC on company business. When Pixpo moved their office, the group was no longer secluded and couldn't act out as they had been. The final episode promised an "Idiot Cube" series that never materialized. Graham left the company when he was asked to move to the United States as part of his work.

Aidan (left) and Trenton (right)

On the forums, here have been mentions of an Idiot Room reunion or a possible DVD release.

The videos are available on YouTube.