While Wii Were Waiting

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Alex, our Toronto Correspondant, brings us this video from the Wii launch day lineup. Nintendo fanboys rejoice!

Vital Statistics

While Wii Were Waiting

Date: November 23, 2006

Category: Bonus

Appearing: Alex Steacy

Camera: Alex Steacy, Raymond Steacy

Edited by: Alex Steacy

Location: Toronto, Canada, outside Best Buy (near Yonge & Dundas)


Alex interviews the assorted geeks and nerds queueing up for a Wii. They are much nicer than those waiting for a PS3. Also, they have hookahs.


  • Alex had brought and set up a tent at the beginning of the lineup for a few hours before a security guard said reluctantly: "I'm sorry to inform you, but the higher-ups tell me that the tent must go".
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