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'''Editing:'''  Graham
'''Editing:'''  Graham
'''Music: ''' Unknown
'''Music: ''' X Ways to Y, "The Dating Game"
'''Location:'''  Pat's
'''Location:'''  Pat's

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In honour of Valentine's Day

Vital Statistics

Date: February 13, 2004

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: Geoff Howe, Kayt Mills, Bill

Writing: Unknown

Camera: Unknown

Editing: Graham

Music: X Ways to Y, "The Dating Game"

Location: Pat's


Ways to Ruin a Date

  • Have a stinky palm
  • Have a chainsaw
  • Be a hoser from Langford
  • Be delivered like a robot
  • Be off your rocker
  • Train hard right before the date
  • Have a limited wardrobe
  • Have a very limited wardrobe
  • Be bleeding internally
  • Have her do your laundry
  • The Sam Raimi


  • A lot of the props for this video were found in the laundry room to the left of the door.
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