Ways to Eat Fries

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So many fries, so many ways.

Vital Statistics

Ways to Eat Fries - The Sam Raimi

Date: November 21, 2003

Category: X ways to Y

Appearing: James Turner, Morgan vanHumbeck, Ben Wilkinson, Adam Savidan, Graham Stark

Camera: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark

Music: X ways to Y

Location: James' and Adam's Place


To eat fries you may: toss them around you back; be sophisticated with knife and fork (but off a frisbee); juggle them; use sheer force of will; knife them like Crocodile Dundee; pass them off to a friend; the Sam Raimi; snorting lines of fries; fling them out of a toaster; force feed them to your roommate; use a corkscrew; grate them; bake them; Tiger Woods Style;


  • This is the first appearance of Morgan and Adam.
  • This is the first video in the series that would eventually become X Ways To Y. The descriptive titles appear on separate shots preceding the video.
  • This was shot very, very late at night.
  • No fries were actually snorted.
  • This video was shown as a part of the Kickstarter Countdown, which is now on YouTube.
  • This is one of James' favorite sketches
Season One     X ways to Y

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