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This is a list of the LoadingReadyRun videos in chronological order

The order and spelling is off the videos page except for the Season One videos which are based on the order on the season one DVDs.

How to Make a Video Entry

Original Videos

Season Eight

Season Seven

Season Six

Note: How to LRR was intended as the finale for Season Six. However, due to the contract with the Escapist, Season Seven started in January rather than October. Thus, from The Secret of the Sauce through Wakey Wakey can be thought of as a kind of 'Season 6.5', though they are considered part of Season Six for most purposes, including DVD releases.

Season Five

Season Four

Season Three

Season Two

Season One

The Whatever Thing and Phailhaüs


The Whatever Thing

Escapist Series


Season Three

Season Two

Season One

Escapist News Network

Daily Drop

Feed Dump

Penny Arcade Television Series


Iron Stomach Challenge

Other Videos


Behind the Scenes

Bonus Videos