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Max Phillips, better known to the LRR community as "Vanguard", is a freelance photographer, occasional writer and an emotionally crippled blatant narcissist. He can be frequently seen across the internet sharing his increasingly jaded and cynical views irregardless of whether or not anyone actually wants to hear them.

Vanguard was first introduced to LoadingReadyRun after seeing the Lost Planet episode of Unskippable during the Escapist Film Festival. He would later join the Runners proper during Desert Bus for Hope 3. Currently he's one of the administrators on this wiki, mainly in an attempt to help clean up spam.


  • Vanguard might actually be the youngest person to have contributed content to The Escapist, being nineteen when his first article (Missionaries of the Digital Age) was published. Of course, there's no real way to actually check that kind of thing, so who the hell knows.
  • May 26th was unofficially dubbed as "Vanguard Day" by Danzama after Vanguard successfully tricked nine other members of the Runners into changing their Xbox LIVE avatars into gender-swapped alternates as part of an endurance challenge for an unofficial Runners Operation. It wasn't until close to five months later that people started realizing that the "contest" was designed to go on seemingly forever. It's currently unknown if everyone involved has wised up and changed their avatars back.


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