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"Manliness is in direct proportion to largeliness!"
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Idle hands and a lack of pants are the devil's playground.

Vital Statistics


Date: May 12, 2006

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Bill Watt

Writing: Graham Stark

Camera: Paul Saunders

Edited by: Graham Stark

Location: Graham's Room


Graham finds Morgan sitting around only wearing underwear. Morgan initially claims it is because he has the right to do so, but when Graham calls his bluff he admits it is because all his clothes were too dirty to wear and are in the wash. This includes the "Billy the Bear costume". He then explains that Bill was doing his washing since he was owed a favour. Morgan also mentions he has been banned from the laundromat, not for doing his laundry in his underwear but for reacting badly to another patron using his machine to clean her clothes. This reaction being covering her clothes in a mixture of "aerosol cheese and his own urine while laughing like a crazed hyena". Morgan then admits it was more fun to stay at home and answer the door as it allowed him to freak out various numbers of people who appeared at the door such as the milkman, paper boy, postman, Jehovah's Witnesses, and girl guides. Graham is amazed and remarks that it's almost a full set. Morgan agrees and notes only the pizza boy is needed to establish a new record. After a training montage of epic proportions, a news broadcast says that Morgan has indeed set a new world record for scaring off people at the door. It also mentions Bill has been arrested for reacting badly to another patrons use of his machine. It appears he also copied Morgan's actions of spraying cheese and urine.


  • This was one of the videos shown as part of LoadingReadyLIVE!.
  • The boxers Morgan is smelling is actually a clean pair that belong to Graham.
  • Several versions of "Eye of the Tiger" were in Graham's Commodore 64 music archive, the one used in the video was the best.
  • The "Billy the Bear" costume is actually just a jacket worn inside out.
  • The Bear Costume would reappear in Super Secret Surprise.
  • Originally James was going to play Grahams role, just to have a video with neither Graham or Paul in it, but James was working.
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