Things on my Head

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Things on my Head logo

Format: Absurdist Humor
Created By: Paul Saunders
Status: Active
Updates: Sproadic
Host: Youtube
Original Run: March 1, 2009 - Present
Associated Shows: commodoreHUSTLE (spin-off)

Things on my Head is a show created by Paul for Operation: Viral. The show consists of Paul balancing an assortment of objects on his head while silently staring at the camera. Each episode lasts one minute and twenty-one seconds.

The majority of the episodes take place in Paul's apartment, though a few take place at the Moonbase.

The Youtube channel for Things on my Head reached 20,000 subscribers on October 7, 2011. As a point of comparison, the official LoadingReadyRun Youtube channel had 6,980 subscribers on the same date.