The Stages

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It's okay, I'm sure it happens to lots of guys.

Vital Statistics

The Stages

Date: November 24, 2007

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Graham Stark and Matt Wiggins

Writing: Paul Saunders

Camera: Paul Saunders and Morgan vanHumbeck

Editing: Graham Stark

Locations: Graham's place


Receiving bad news over the phone is never fun. Especially when it's this sort of news. We are shown the many stages of grief experienced when you learn that your penis is broken.



  • This video was originally made for a YouTube contest. It was posted before the contest had chosen its winners. It wasn't ultimately chosen for the finals.
  • In medias res is the Latin name for a literary and artistic technique where a narrative is begun in the middle of a story or action. Which is how this video begins, incidentally.
  • The squash was a butternut squash, a variety of winter squash.
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