The Secret Life of Toast

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Vital Statistics


Date: September 07, 2007

Category: Other

Appearing: Tally Heikle, Nathan Mosher, James, Jer, Paul, Morgan, Matt, Graham, Alex Bowen, Ben

Writing: Crew Effort

Camera: Graham

Editing: Graham

Locations: James' House, Bill's Place v2.0, UVic, Sopranos, Matt's House, Victoria City Hall, EB Games, outside Starbucks

Music: "Torn Jeans Long", "Greasy Wheels Long", "Memorial" "Pastel Slide Long", "East Ender Long", "Roller Derby", "Wild Card Long", "Newborn", "Dogma", "Borealis", "Half Moon Bay Long" and "Tour Bus Long" from Apple's iLife sound effects


In his rush to get to work Matt abandons his Toast on the bus. After tripping up a bank robber the Toast is given the key to the City where he meets a female reporter, Tally. Romance blossom between Tally and the Toast. The Toast is discovered at a karaoke night and given a recording contract. With a successful award winning first album the Toast asks Tally to marry him and they move in together. However his second album bombs and he loses his contract causing him to turn to hard alcohol and cocaine. After the Toast becomes abusive, Tally leaves him for a piece of rye bread. Left in the street the Toast realizes that he is meant to be eaten and returns to Matt on the bus. Matt takes a bite of the Toast then throws him away.


  • The toasts recording contact is written in Latin, and is standard Lorem Ipsum.
  • Some of the bus scenes were shot on the number 14 bus.
  • James, Adam and Ben's house was used for the exterior of the Toast's house; Graham and Morgan's for place the interior.
  • When they are moving in one of the boxes is labeled 'Underwater Utopia Plans' a reference to Bioshocked
  • Alex, Nathan's roommate, provided the BMW for the rye bread.

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