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The Crapshoot was a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 1PM PST/4PM EST/9pm GMT on Friday. It followed members of the LRR crew as they either write, record 2 and edit one, or record 3, of their twice-weekly Crapshots.

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2019-01-25 Unnamed (The Tool Tip) Link
Old-style write, film and edit for the final Crapshoot.
2019-01-18 Writing Link
The On Demand, The DMs, The Cleaning, Unnamed (The Fishing)
2019-01-04 Filming Link
Film The Sudoku, The Talk Show, The Simulation


Date Title Link
2018-12-21 Filming/Editing Link
Film and edit The Book Club. Film and edit The Old Ones
2018-12-14 Filming/Editing Link
Film The Dubtitles. Film and edit The New System
2018-11-23 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Toxoplasma), The New System and The Dubtitles
2018-11-02 Filming Link
The Month Long Challenge, The Redemption and The Gulf
2018-10-26 Writing Link
The Tour and The Delivery
2018-10-19 Filming Link
Film The Mascot, The Classic Game and The Fannon
2018-10-12 Filming Link
Film The Ghost, The Mentor and The Grapeshot
2018-09-28 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Beej Appreciation) and Unnamed (The Pledging with Greg)
2018-09-21 Filming/Editing Link
Film The Nomenclature. Film and edit The Pass
2018-09-14 Filming Link
The Unboxing 5 and The Sandwich
2018-08-24 Filming Link
The Geometry, The Sleeper Agent, and The Loyalty
2018-08-17 Filming (Krogshots on location) Link
The Tweeting Bird, The Scheme, The Blocks, and The Timeline
2018-08-10 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Twitch Categories) and Unnamed (The Tents)
2018-08-03 Filming/Editing Link
Film and edit The Hand Attack. Film The Joy
2018-07-27 Filming/Editing Link
Film and edit The Blowhack. Film Unnamed (The Jet)
2018-07-20 Writing Link
The Change, Unnamed (The Showdown?), The Blowhack, Unnamed (The DakiMANkura?), Unnamed (The Jet)
2018-07-13 Filming/Editing Link
Film The Hospital. Film and edit The Script
2018-07-06 Filming/Editing Link
Film The Bachelor and The Squat 2. Edit The License
2018-06-29 Writing Link
The Sudoku, Unnamed (The Feline??) and The Bachelor
2018-06-15 Filming Link
The Pitch, The Horoscope and The Roster
2018-05-18 Filming Link
The Project, The Bag and The Darkest Dungeon
2018-05-11 Writing Link
The Regression, The Gardening 5, The Pigeon, The Devils, and The Devils 2
2018-05-04 Filming/Editing Link
Film The Protest, The Knighthood, and The Diplomacy. Edit The Knighthood
2018-04-27 Filming Link
The Code, The Mail and The Phylactery
2018-04-20 Fliming/Editing Link
Film The Pest, film and edit The Drawer
2018-04-06 Writing Link
The Pest, The Burial Plans and The Drawer
2018-03-30 Filming Link
Film The Package, The Package 2 and The Lost Phone. Write and film The Package 3
2018-03-23 Filming Link
The Insurance, The Support Group and The Barrister [Spokesman]
2018-03-16 Filming Link
Film The Teachers 2, film and edit The Squat
2018-03-09 Filming Link
Film The Extra Candy, film and edit The Class Action
2018-03-02 Writing Link
The Teachers 2, The Extra Candy, The Class Action and The DM
2018-02-23 Filming Link
Film The Transmission, The Fake and The Usage
2018-02-16 Filming/Editing Link
Film and edit The Guest, film The Teachers
2018-02-09 Filming/Editing Link
Film and edit The Fundraising, film The Breakfast
2018-02-02 Writing Link
The Teachers, The Fundraising, The Transmission and The Breakfast
2018-01-19 The Bitcoin Link

2018-01-12 Writing Link
The Lost Phone, The Indigestibles, The Narrator and The Oracle


Date Title Link
2017-12-29 The Coffee Link

2017-12-22 The Gifting Link

2017-12-01 The Eggnog Link

2017-11-10 The Character Limit Link

2017-11-03 Writing Link

2017-10-27 The Zombies Link

2017-10-20 Writing Link
The Fidget Spinner, The Werebeasts and The Price
2017-10-13 The Birthday Link

2017-10-06 The Hand Link

2017-09-29 The Painkillers Link

2017-09-22 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Dinosaur Costume), Unnamed (The Pointless Transformation), Unnamed (The Captcha), The Scheme, The Timeline and The Blocks
2017-09-08 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Flacitol), The Secret Compartment, The Arena, The Albatross 1, The Albatross 2 and The Albatross 3
2017-08-11 Writing Link
Unnamed (The Future Problem), Unnamed (The House of House House [Spokesman]) and Unnamed (The Bait & Switch & Tackle [Spokesman])
2017-08-04 The Confession Link

2017-07-28 The Personality Link

2017-07-21 The Choke Link

2017-07-14 Writing Link
The Entertainment, The Snack, The Transport and The Cast
2017-07-07 The DedEx Link

2017-06-23 The Fruit Link

2017-06-16 Writing Link
The Human 2.0, The Office Space, The Retail Therapy and The Floor
2017-06-09 The Feeling Link

2017-06-02 Writing Link
The Ransom, Unnamed (The Modern Curses), The PSA and The Backup
2017-05-26 The Tip Line Link

2017-05-19 The Narration Link

2017-05-05 Writing Link
The Genres, Unnamed (possible evolved into The Speedrun), The Best of ASMR and Unnamed (The Robbery)
2017-04-28 The Screen Link

2017-04-21 The Number One Link

2017-04-07 The Club Link

2017-03-31 Writing Link
The Gaslight, Unnamed (possibly evolved into The Dad Joke Killer) and The Present
2017-03-24 The Career Link

2017-03-17 The Cardigan Link

2017-03-10 The Council Link

2017-02-10 The Factors Link

2017-02-10 The Anatomy Link

2017-02-03 The Shipping Link

2017-01-20 The Farewell Link

2017-01-13 The Profile Link

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