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I added the Basic Gameplay of the game. Not to be an annoying person but please be aware of what they said in the podcast. I can't totally remember what that is though -.-. Think it's something along the lines of Calvinball. - Exachix.

TIM: So here are the rules for creating rules:

1. No rule can contradict another rule that has already been added and approved.

2. Rules may deal with cards and game pieces from different games (e.g. Magic: the Gathering, Clue, Uno, etc.), but must not make those other cards or game pieces a REQUIREMENT for playing the game. In other words, you can say that Elder Dragon Vaevictus Asmati (sp?) has a certain effect on the game, but you cannot say that "In this stage of the game, each player must draw one MtG card." This is because not all players will have access to all types of game pieces.

3. Don't make stupid rules.

(More to come as/when problems arise, I'm sure.)

I think we have to accept that it may not be possible for the actual VSWP game to incorporate all of the gibberish and nonsense from the Poker Before Dusk video. Where possible, try to make them line up, but if something in the video makes zero sense for the game and you can't reconcile them, don't worry about it. I'd rather have a game that can be played than one that perfectly matches the video.

Exachix; Indeed. However, it should be that we can include as much from the video as we can, making use of the 'You can *Blah* on a *Day*/*You are sitting to the right of the dealer*/*You are wearing sunglasses*'. I think that should be exploited.

On that subject, it should be playable, however complicated.

My hope is that if VSWP is ever played in the real wold it will be so complicated that it will have to be played by teams. Each player will have a support team of several people just to sort through all the rules and make suggestions. There also would have to be some sort of referee (probably also with a research team) to settle disputes. -Paul 18:51, 1 February 2009 (UTC)