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This week on TTC join Alex, Cam, and Graham as they venture into the highly requested Magic Origins Nicknames episode.

Vital Statistics

Date released: August 23, 2015

Appearing: Alex Steacy, Graham Stark, Cameron Lauder and Paul Saunders

Runtime: 80:15

Broadcasting live from: Ghirapur on the plane of Kaladesh

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Abbott of Keral Keep Abbott and Kerstello Piousmancer
Acolyte of the Inferno Smore-maker of the Inferno Censorship or Two Ashmouth Hounds Duct Taped Together
Act of Treason Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal! -
Aerial Volley Thopterbane -
Akroan Jailor Albert -
Akroan Sergeant Albert's Boss -
Alchemist's Vial AB Vial -
Alhammarret, High Arbiter Howling MINE
Alhammarret's Archive A Marmot, High Armbaiter Hammer Time!
Ampryn Tactician Tabletop -
Anchor to the Æther Back You Go! -
Angel's Tomb Surprise Angel Checkov's Angel or The Statue Got Itself High
Animist's Awakening Hey, More Floating Islands! -
Anointer of Champions Cleric Of Moral Support -
Archangel of Tithes Minister Of Propaganda Liliana's Hat Rack
Artificer's Epiphany Oh, That's What This Does! -
Aspiring Aeronaut A Boy And His Thopter -
Auramancer Mancer For Commander -
Avaricious Dragon Smaug -
Aven Battle Priest Aven Calling -
Battlefield Forge Unsafe Worksite -
Bellows Lizard The Self-Driving Flamethrower -
Blazing Hellhound Rakdos Hot Dog Smoke Goblins Every Day
Blessed Spirits Dead Kids -
Blightcaster Unlicensed Surgeon -
Blood-Cursed Knight Suspiciously Pale Knight Ginger Knight
Boggart Brute Bruce! -
Bonded Construct Dynomutt Man's Best Gizmo
Bone to Ash Bash -
Bounding Krasis Pesterfish -
Brawler's Plate Big Cheats -
Calculated Dismissal Counterscry -
Call of the Full Moon Treatable Lycanthropy
Catacomb Slug Slugbutt -
Caustic Caterpillar The Naturalizer -
Caves of Koilos Koilercase -
Celestial Flare Woo! -
Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh Chandlar Ping -
Chandra, Roaring Flame Chandra Fire Bird Fire Lady Burn Hot or Chandra Ballard
Chandra's Fury Chandra's Proportional Response -
Chandra's Ignition Ey Yo, It's Chandra's Ignition; Hot And Fresh At The Kitchen. Mama Setting Them Fires, Got Every Walker Here Wishing -
Charging Griffin Buff Bird -
Chief of the Foundry Centauropede -
Citadel Castellan Front Of House ...and Castellan
Clash of Wills Power Stink -
Claustrophobia Get In The Box -
Cleric of the Forward Order Florence -
Cobblebrute Rock Market Trader -
Conclave Naturalists Tree Huggers
Consecrated by Blood High Maintenance -
Consul's Lieutenant Consul's Cheerleader -
Cruel Revival It's The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab! -
Dark Dabbling Dabble Dabble -
Dark Petition Dark Tutor -
Day's Undoing Timtwister -
Deadbridge Shaman Always A Two For One -
Deep-Sea Terror Carboload Snake -
Demolish Tear It All Down -
Demonic Pact Deal With The (Four) Devils -
Despoiler of Souls The Nope Came Back... -
Disciple of the Ring Vryn Army Knife -
Disperse Have This Back -
Displacement Wave The Humanga Cowabunga From Down Under -
Dragon Fodder Dragon Snacks -
Dreadwaters Ross Bay Cemetary -
Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen Still Too Expensive To Play In Eternal Elves -
Dwynen's Elite Elf Bear And Cub -
Elemental Bond A Big Draw -
Elvish Visionary Elvish Cantrip -
Embermaw Hellion Piggyback Pinger -
Enlightened Ascetic Disenchanting Evening -
Enshrouding Mist Heavy Smoker -
Enthralling Victor Abs Of Treason Mister Steal Yo Girl
Erebos's Titan ET -
Evolutionary Leap Unnatural Selection -
Evolving Wilds Rezoning Application -
Exquisite Firecraft The Benson & Hedges Symphony Of Fire -
Eyeblight Assassin Stabby -
Eyeblight Massacre Not Elf, Then Die -
Faerie Miscreant The Petty Pixie Card Friend!
Fetid Imp Typhoid Bats -
Fiery Conclusion I Conclude: You Lose -
Fiery Impulse Shockbolt -
Firefiend Elemental Fire Friend! -
Flameshadow Conjuring Order Now And Get A Second Creature Engulfed In Flames Absolutely Free! -
Fleshbag Marauder Fleshy B The Sack
Foundry of the Consuls Thopter Theme Park -
Gaea's Revenge The Land Fights Back -
Gather the Pack Call For Back-Up -
Ghirapur Æther Grid The Electric Fence -
Ghirapur Gearcrafter Ghurupur Gurcruftur -
Gideon, Battle-Forged Chad, The Come At Me -
Gideon's Phalanx The Flying V -
Gilt-Leaf Winnower Purge The Different -
Gnarlroot Trapper Elf Mana Elf -
Goblin Glory Chaser Imminent Pincushion -
Goblin Piledriver It's A Piledriver! It's A Tombstone Piledriver! -
Gold-Forged Sentinel The Flying Gold Brick -
Grasp of the Hieromancer Goldychains And The Two Harpies -
Graveblade Marauder Dougy Downer No Fun At Parties
Guardian Automaton C3PO -
Guardians of Meletis Barely A Golem -
Hallowed Moonlight Hey, Get Back Down Here! Aaah, It Burns! or I'm Standing Right Here
Hangarback Walker Hangarback Walker (sung to the tune of Paperback Writer by the Beatles) Hangarback Walker (sung to the tune of Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani)
Harbinger of the Tides Surprise Squid -
Healing Hands Because Healing Salve Was Too Good -
Heavy Infantry Big Boned Bad Movers
Helm of the Gods Hat™ -
Herald of the Pantheon Harold, The Horsy Herald -
Hitchclaw Recluse Dr. Claws -
Hixus, Prison Warden You Are Getting A Time-Out Mister. -
Honored Hierarch The Ig-Nobel Hierarch -
Hydrolash Squirt Gun -
Infectious Bloodlust Rabies -
Infernal Scarring Sick Tats Bro -
Infinite Obliteration Probably More Obliteration Than Strictly Necessary AAH, AH, Ah, ah... or Todome DA, Da, da...
Iroas's Champion Ronda Rousey -
Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Jace, Teacher's Pet -
Jace, Telepath Unbound Professor J -
Jace's Sanctum Mom's Basement -
Jayemdae Tomb Book Smarts -
Jhessian Thief Lara Croft Jessie's Girl
Joraga Invocation Fauxverrun -
Knight of the Pilgrim's Road Knight Of The Riding A Huge Lion -
Knight of the White Orchid Knight Of The Pretty But Extremely Delicate Flowers -
Knightly Valor Free Knight With Purchase -
Kothophed, Soul Hoarder Let Me Talk To You About Souls "You Got Souls Everywhere Man, It's Not Safe. You Need To Throw Away Just One." "Nononono, Not That One! That One Is Special. I Might Need That One" ""You Have Not Looked At This Soul In Millennia." "I Might Need That Soul". "Millennia." "What If I Do Want To Look At It Though?" "When Was The Last Time?" "Wha-, I Don't Wanna Talk About This. I'm Uncomfortable." *starts fumbling with microphone* "You're Hurting Your Family." "Turn Those Cameras Off. No, I'm Not Doing This Anymore".
Kytheon, Hero of Akros Chadlet -
Kytheon's Irregulars The Wrong Neighbourhood -
Kytheon's Tactics The Line Must Be Drawn Here! -
Languish Purple Rain Mass Sleepy Time
Leaf Gilder The Glider Llanoswole Elf
Lightning Javelin Bolt To The Future This Is What We Get Now
Liliana, Heretical Healer Liliana, Proto-Goth Liliana, Horrible Healer or Liliana, Homeopathy Adept or Liliana, Heretical Bae
Liliana, Defiant Necromancer Liliana, Bad B -
Llanowar Empath Elf Ventura, Pet Detective -
Llanowar Wastes The Elven Outhouse -
Macabre Waltz Rock DJ -
Mage-Ring Bully Wizard Bro Mage-Ring Biff Tannen
Mage-Ring Network Stargate -
Mage-Ring Responder You Rang? Durdle-Bot
Magmatic Insight Well, Now We're On Fire, I Hope You're Happy Molten Pitch
Malakir Cullblade Hey, If You're Not Using That Blood... -
Managorger Hydra Silly Hydra, Tricks Are For Wizards! -
Mantle of Webs Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew. I Walked Through- Ew, Ew, I Walked Through A Spider Web -
Maritime Guard The Sign Says: No Swimming Welcome To Our Ool
Meteorite (The Literal) Manarock -
Might of the Masses Group Project -
Mighty Leap Falling, With Style -
Mizzium Meddler Vedalskite -
Molten Vortex Land Shock -
Murder Investigation CSI: Ravnica -
Nantuko Husk Husky Bug -
Necromantic Summons Elk From The Grave -
Negate Could You Not? -
Nightsnare Shhh, Only Dreams Now Thoughtsnooze
Nissa, Vastwood Seer Seeing The Forest For The Trees -
Nissa, Sage Animist Nissa, Copse Hauler -
Nissa's Pilgrimage Ramping Trip -
Nissa's Revelation Scry-velation -
Nivix Barrier Nope-fylactic -
Orbs of Warding Dragonballs -
Orchard Spirit Scrumping Spirit -
Outland Colossus The Jolly Green Giant -
Patron of the Valiant The Swole Get Swoler -
Pharika's Disciple Poison Horse -
Pia and Kiran Nalaar Mom And Dad Ma And Pop's Thopter Shop
Possessed Skaab Jarhead -
Prickleboar Pickles! -
Priest of the Blood Rite I Dropped My Contact -
Prism Ring Six Months Salary -
Psychic Rebuttal Uhm, Actually... -
Pyromancer's Goggles Ze Goggles Do Something, But Are Underwhelming In Limited! -
Rabid Bloodsucker I Drink Both Milkshakes -
Ramroller The Kool Aid Ram (Oh Yeah!) -
Ravaging Blaze Fire Finger Discount -
Read the Bones Scry In Blood -
Reave Soul Legacy Of Kain -
Reclaim Gimme That Back! -
Reclusive Artificer Hoarder's Tantrum -
Relic Seeker It Belongs In A Museum! Hey, A Sword!
Returned Centaur You Again?! -
Revenant Sump Pump -
Rhox Maulers Rocksteady, And Rocksteady's Friend Keith -
Ringwarden Owl Grimble -
Rogue's Passage Secret Passage -
Runed Servitor Block-bot -
Scab-Clan Berserker Pyrostatic Killer -
Scrapskin Drake Scrappy! -
Screeching Skaab We Don't Want Any! -
Seismic Elemental Falterman -
Send to Sleep Perfectly Harmless Neurotoxin -
Sentinel of the Eternal Watch Fat Bottom Girl -
Separatist Voidmage Man-o'-Four MAN of War
Shadows of the Past The Dank Plank The Viscera Plank
Shaman of the Pack Elfball -
Shambling Ghoul The Shambling Dead -
Shivan Reef Environmentally Protected Area -
Sigil of the Empty Throne Angel Chair -
Sigil of Valor Exalted Medal -
Sigiled Starfish (Patrick) Scryfish -
Skaab Goliath Frankenfreak -
Skyraker Giant Fishing For Dragons -
Skysnare Spider Too Many Legs! -
Smash to Smithereens I Broke Your Stupid Crap, Moron! -
Somberwald Alpha The Leader Of The Pack Five Wolf Moon
Soulblade Djinn Coldsteel Spokesman -
Sphinx's Tutelage A Lesson In Mill Miller Time
Stalwart Aven Did I Leave The Oven On? -
Starfield of Nyx Opalescence In The Sky With Diamonds -
Stratus Walk Stratisfaction Lakitu
Subterranean Scout Dig Dug -
Suppression Bonds Shackleton Two Chains
Swift Reckoning Lie Down And Die Lion Down And Die
Sword of the Animist Zendikar WOR SWORD Anime Sword
Sylvan Messenger BEHR BEHR BEHR! -
Tainted Remedy Backwash Buckley's
Talent of the Telepath Invasion Of Privacy -
The Great Aurora The Fine Aurora In Response: I Concede or Oh, So We're Not Playing Magic Anymore?
Thopter Engineer Here's A Thopter I Prepared Earlier -
Thopter Spy Network Skynet Thopterblossom
Thornbow Archer Elfist Archer -
Throwing Knife Catch! -
Thunderclap Wyvern A Rising Wyvern Lifts All Thopters Nefalia B+ Kite
Timberpack Wolf X-Pac; Where X Is The Number of Wolves -
Titanic Growth Nice Puppy... -
Titan's Strength Motrin Pain -
Topan Freeblade Blown Out Selfie -
Tormented Thoughts Psst, Hey! Remember That One Time In Grade Nine? -
Totem-Guide Hartebeest The Shackleton Expedition -
Touch of Moonglove A Pinch Of Death -
Tower Geist Flight Of Hand -
Tragic Arrogance You Dun Goofed! -
Turn to Frog It's Not Easy Being Blue A Ribbiting Development or Frogger Champion
Undead Servant Dead And Shoveling It -
Undercity Troll Why Can't We Ban This Guy? -
Unholy Hunger Hats On Fleek I Cannot Believe This Shit!
Valeron Wardens Uh Honey, Was That Obelisk Always There? -
Valor in Akros Gym Referral -
Vastwood Gorger Shove It In Your Craw -
Veteran's Sidearm The Akroan Side-Harm -
Vine Snare Weenie Fog -
Volcanic Rambler Ramblin' Man -
Vryn Wingmare Hate Horse -
War Horn Oriflamme BEHR BEHR BEHR (lower than Sylvan Messenger)
War Oracle Waracle -
Watercourser A Matter Of Course -
Weight of the Underworld Weight Weight, Don't Tell Me Sissy-phus
Whirler Rogue Thopter Gang Commander -
Wild Instincts Swole Fight -
Willbreaker Brain Buster -
Woodland Bellower WHOOOORNK! Antler Bear
Yavimaya Coast Ludicrous Property Tax Mosquito Coast
Yeva's Forcemage Pump Chump -
Yoked Ox Gotta Build Mass, Gotta Get Yoked -
Zendikar Incarnate Zendikarnate -
Zendikar's Roil Bearfall -
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