TTC 77 - Fate Reforged Nicknames

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By popular demand, Graham takes Kathleen and Alex through every card in FRF and assigns nicknames to all of them. Some are less good than others.

Vital Statistics

Date released: March 13, 2015

Appearing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, Alex Steacy and Paul Saunders

Runtime: 59:24

Crack-A-Pack - Homemade Booster

- Brainwash

- Boomerang

- Cuombajj Witches

- Angry Mob

- Tranquility

- Armorer Guildmage

- Illumination

- Ovinomancer

- Takklemaggot

- Holy Light

- Feedback

- Shackles

- Forgotten Lore

- Ether Well

- Blanchwood Treefolk

- Deathgrip

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Abzan Advantage Abzantage -
Abzan Beastmaster Sheepdog -
Abzan Kin-Guard Llama Protector Llamarama
Abzan Runemark The Abzunemark -
Abzan Skycaptain Skycaptain In The World Of Yesterday -
Ainok Guide Dig-Dog -
Alesha, Who Smiles at Death The Peon Recycler Upcycler or Ms. Get Up And Fight!
Alesha's Vanguard The Impatient Orc -
Ambush Krotiq Surprise Hydralisk -
Ancestral Vengeance Just Choke On A Ghost -
Arashin Cleric Healing Saul -
Arashin War Beast Conditional Secret Friend -
Arcbond Why Am I Hitting Yourselves? -
Archers of Qarsi Charlie's Nagas -
Archfiend of Depravity Body Hoarder -
Atarka, World Render Atarka, The Rendering Engine -
Aven Skirmisher Relevant Subtype -
Aven Surveyor Mist Aven -
Bathe in Dragonfire Hot Springs Worst Bath Ever or Hot Tub Death Machine
Battle Brawler Regulation Shoulderpads -
Battlefront Krushok Fight Me 1v1 -
Bloodfire Enforcers Bottle It Up! Build-Around-Me Enforcers
Break Through The Line The Teen Choice Award For Breakthrough Red Enchantment -
Brutal Hordechief Master Of Warcraft Hell Raider
Cached Defenses Straight Cached A Room Of Toenail Clippings
Channel Harm I Am Rubber You Are Glue Nice Try Kolaghan!
Citadel Siege Attack The Block -
Cloudform Cloud Secret -
Collateral Damage Chum Catapult -
Crucible of the Spirit Dragon Ugin's Workshop -
Crux of Fate Dragongeddon -
Cunning Strike Kyah! [yelled] Previously used on Swift Kick -
Daghatar the Adamant Dennis Moore -
Dark Deal Wheel Of Misfortune -
Defiant Ogre Shatterbeast -
Destructor Dragon Dragon Within -
Diplomacy of the Wastes Peace Talks Have Broken Down -
Douse in Gloom Dip In Darkness Pharika's Stop-Gap Solution or Fun Dip
Dragon Bell Monk Air Raid Siren -
Dragonrage Chorus Of Fire -
Dragonscale General The Morale Booster -
Dromoka, the Eternal Forever Dromoka. A New Fragrance From Selesnya -
Elite Scaleguard Everybody Do The Tap Dance! -
Enhanced Awareness Uhh, Two Seconds! -
Ethereal Ambush Secret Surprise -
Fascination He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He? -
Fearsome Awakening Draganimate Literal Dragonstorm
Feral Krushok Discount Rhino It's A 5/4
Fierce Invocation Angry Secret -
Flamerush Rider A Dash Of Flame -
Flamewake Phoenix Revive With A Little Help From My Friends -
Formless Nurturing Secret Bubble -
Friendly Fire Pin Cushion -
Frontier Mastodon Bling Tusks -
Frontier Siege Only Atarka Can Prevent Forest Fires -
Frost Walker Glass Cannon Cold Feet
Fruit of the First Tree Fruity Revelation -
Ghastly Conscription Night On Bald Mountain -
Goblin Boom Keg The Red Barrel -
Goblin Heelcutter Ankle Shanker's Grandpa -
Gore Swine All Horns, No Hide -
Grave Strength Rise Of The Graveyard Of The Apes -
Great-Horn Krushok More Like Strictly Worse Horn Krushok -
Grim Contest Butt Fight! -
Gurmag Angler The Gurmangler The Deep Sea Fanglyfish
Harsh Sustenance Tremors -
Hero's Blade Free For Heroes! Order Now -
Hewed Stone Retainers Terracotta Army -
Honor's Reward The Healing Switch -
Hooded Assassin Assassin 3: In Da Hood -
Humble Defector Free Haircut -
Hungering Yeti Abominable Hungry Man Hungry Hungry Snowman
Hunt the Weak Drake Snake -
Jeskai Barricade Bouncy Castle -
Jeskai Infiltrator Stealth Monk The Shell Game
Jeskai Runemark Cirque Du Soleil -
Jeskai Sage Chump Monk -
Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury Four Wings, No Waiting -
Lightform I Gained Six Life From This One Weird Secret -
Lightning Shrieker Spit Hot Lightning! -
Lotus Path Djinn Hoverboard -
Lotus-Eye Mystics Hey, I Found A Siege In The Trash -
Map the Wastes Let's Go RV-ing -
Marang River Prowler Stiff Peaks -
Mardu Runemark Sword Wings -
Mardu Scout Surf's Up! [yelled in California accent] -
Mardu Shadowspear Pulse Dasher -
Mardu Strike Leader Everyone, Follow Me! Leroy Jenkins
Mardu Woe-Reaper Sadness Harvester -
Mastery of the Unseen Good At Keeping Secrets -
Merciless Executioner Orcish Edict -
Mindscour Dragon Incidental Mill -
Mistfire Adept Jump Monk -
Mob Rule Planet Of The Apes -
Monastery Mentor King Of The Baldies -
Monastery Siege Persistent Seagulls -
Neutralizing Blast No Gold! -
Noxious Dragon Smothering Dragon Halitosis
Ojutai, Soul of Winter The Juice Detention Dragon
Orc Sureshot Do You Feel Lucky? -
Outpost Siege We're Nomads, We Can Just Leave! -
Palace Siege Castle Crashers -
Pilgrim of the Fires The Energizer Golem -
Pressure Point Poink! Knock Knock
Pyrotechnics The 4th Of July I'm Fucked
Qarsi High Priest Sac For Secret -
Rageform Secretly Angry -
Rakshasa's Disdain Kitty Counter Kitty Says No
Rally the Ancestors Get The Band Back Together -
Reach of Shadows Reach Out And Choke Someone -
Reality Shift Look Down. Look Back Up. Your Creature Is Now Nothing -
Refocus Pay Attention! -
Renowned Weaponsmith Tutor For The Technically Playable -
Return the the Earth *whistle followed by thud* Sideboard
Rite of Undoing Control-Z -
Ruthless Instincts Get Ya Coming And Going -
Sage-Eye Avengers Djinn Steed And Emma Peel From Reality Are: The Sage-Eye Avengers -
Sage's Reverie Scroll Tails -
Sandblast Tecnically It's Called Abrasive Blasting; It Rarely Involves Sand These Days Beach Party
Sandsteppe Mastodon Too Many Tusks -
Sandsteppe Outcast A Boy And His Ghost -
Scroll of the Masters Prowess For Dummies -
Shaman of the Great Hunt Hunts Not Make One Great -
Shamanic Revelation This Amazing Trip You Guys, It Like Opened My Eyes -
Shifting Loyalties The Grass Is Always Bluer -
Shockmaw Dragon Shock And Maw Pop Rock Dragon
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest Grand Master Double Strike -
Sibsig Host Zombie Friends! -
Sibsig Muckdraggers Sid Pig Mick Jaggers -
Silumgar, the Drifting Death Slow & Saddening 3: Tokyo Drifting Death -
Smoldering Efreet Man On Fire Sure, 23rd Card
Soul Summons Barely A Secret -
Soulfire Grand Master Rules Headache -
Soulflayer Garbage In, Garbage Out -
Sudden Reclamation Rapid Regrowth -
Sultai Emissary Hiding A Dark Secret -
Sultai Runemark Stink Staff -
Sultai Skullkeeper I'll Hang Onto Him For You -
Supplant Form 'Sup, Plant Form? -
Tasigur, the Golden Fang The Golden Banana Joffrey
Tasigur's Cruelty Van De Graaff Head -
Temporal Trespass Time Wander -
Temur Battle Rage Red Claws, Dead Claws -
Temur Runemark Green Claws, Mean Claws -
Temur Sabertooth Battlecat -
Temur War Shaman Man Of Many Secrets -
Torrent Elemental Storm Face Everybody Go To Sleep!
Typhoid Rats Inexpensive Roadblock -
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon Eugene, The Sprite Dragon -
Ugin's Construct Mini-Me -
Valorous Stance Th- That Stance! [in Kung Fu voice] -
Vaultbreaker Safe Cracker -
Wandering Champion She'll Kick You Apart! -
War Flare Send Up The Flare My Board!
Warden of the First Tree Figure Of Density -
Wardscale Dragon Warren -
Whisk Away Whisk, Beat And Fold -
Whisperer of the Wilds Hey Plainswalker, Let Me Whisper In Your Ear. Tell You Something You Might Like To Hear. Got All That Mana, Yeah You Tap For Two. If I'm Feeling Ferocious, Then I'll Tap You Too [whispered] -
Whisperwood Elemental The Forest Of Secrets -
Wild Slash Freddy Krueger Attacks -
Wildcall Big Secret! -
Will of the Naga I'm Gonna Need You Two To Chill Out -
Winds of Qal Sisma Fogrocious -
Write into Being Fan Fiction -
Yasova Dragonclaw The Angry Cat Lady -