TTC 205 - Rivals of Ixalan Nicknames

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The highly anticipated nickname episode is upon us. Find out what all your favourite Ixalan cards should now be called.

Vital Statistics

Date: February 9, 2018

Appearing: Graham Stark, Cameron Lauder, Kathleen De Vere, Brendan "Beej" Dery

Runtime: 01:02:00

Broadcasting live from: the Archway to Orazca... the Arch... the Gate of Orazca... the Ar... the Land from Orazca.

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Baffling End The Silkwrap Snek The Oh-No-Ring
Bishop of Binding Rope Pope Shibari Shepherd
Blazing Hope Life Sentence Math to Exile
Cleansing Ray The Disinfectant of Sunlight Ray (Ray's the janitor, he's gonna clean that up)
Divine Verdict Guilty! Innocent!
Everdawn Champion Krankor -
Exultant Skymarcher "I'm glad that I'm flying!" -
Famished Paladin Hungry Hungry Hero -
Forerunner of the Legion Vampiric Tutor -
Imperial Ceratops The angry med-kit -
Legion Conquistador Vampire Squad Hawk Squadron Vamp
Luminous Bonds Light Bondage -
Majestic Heliopterus A majestic heliopterus, beautiful plumage -
Martyr of Dusk Doomed Soldier Don't talk to me or my token ever again
Moment of Triumph Sshinnnng! -
Paladin of Atonement Life from the Loan -
Pride of Conquerors Conqueror's bad fight day Pump the mass
Radiant Destiny Preach to the choir Radiant anthem
Raptor Companion Dino-friend -
Sanguine Glorifier Just top up -
Skymarcher Aspirant Pretty fly for a white guy -
Slaughter the Strong The bigger they are Huatli's choice
Snubhorn Sentry Bix -
Sphinx's Decree *Points sternly at the 'No Running' sign* -
Squire's Devotion Mini-mark Slightly Valor
Sun Sentinel Fidget Bear -
Sun-Crested Pterodon Skybax -
Temple Altisaur House break -
Trapjaw Tyrant Bag-a-saurus Rex Get in the maw
Zetalpa, Primal Dawn Zetalpa, Primal Wall -
Admiral's Order Prepare to be bored Counter-attack
Aquatic Incursion Sneaking Mission -
Crafty Cutpurse Wealth Distribution Robin Hood
Crashing Tide The repulsive sea Repulsive fish; Rreeepuuulssee
Curious Obsession Curiouser and curiouser -
Deadeye Rig-Hauler Woman-o-war -
Expel from Orazca *blublublublublub* -
Flood of Recollection When you remember something really embarassing you did like ten years ago Blue blue blue, Draw three cards (Highlander Community Nickname)
Hornswoggle Swornhoggle Essence platter
Induced Amnesia The ACME anvil Memory jarred
Kitesail Corsair Jumpy Jim -
Kumena's Awakening Howling Only Mine -
Mist-Cloaked Herald Fog fish -
Negate Nope -
Nezahal, Primal Tide Nezzie -
Release to the Wind Micro-nap Crop dusting
River Darter Swish fish -
Riverwise Augur Brinestorm -
Sailor of Means Sailor of Memes -
Sea Legs Catch these legs! -
Seafloor Oracle Seafloracle Edricarp
Secrets of the Golden City Legends of the Hidden Temple -
Silvergill Adept Silvergill and Associate -
Siren Reaver Air Raid Siren -
Slippery Scoundrel Slippers -
Soul of the Rapids It's raining sideways! -
Spire Winder Wire Spinder -
Sworn Guardian Maritime Guy -
Timestream Navigator A very long time walk Magus of the Walk
Warkite Marauder Orazca Flugtag -
Waterknot Knotstrophobia Hydrophobia; Thalassophobia; Knot Today
Arterial Flow Mind Clot -
Canal Monitor Bad Lizard -
Champion of Dusk Goldar -
Dark Inquiry Thoughtwheeze Show me your secrets
Dead Man's Chest Long John -
Dinosaur Hunter Turok -
Dire Fleet Poisoner Snake Launcher -
Dusk Charger Dark Horse -
Dusk Legion Zealot Vampire Visionary -
Fathom Fleet Boarder Why are you boarding yourself? Man, this cutlass tastes great!
Forerunner of the Coalition Landing Party First!
Golden Demise Midas' Glare -
Grasping Scoundrel Captain Pike -
Gruesome Fate The Go-wide payoff Gangbang
Impale Stabbist You're pale
Mastermind's Acquisition The Wishy Washy Wish -
Mausoleum Harpy Burial Birb -
Moment of Craving Have a Snickers -
Oathsworn Vampire Oh, hey, they fixed Bloodghast! Vloodghast
Pitiless Plunderer A purse is a terrible thing to waste -
Ravenous Chupacabra Mythic Uncommon Ugly Assassin Loses Job to Ugly Dog Filmed at 11
Reaver Ambush The Fish-Slapping Dance -
Recover Disendraw -
Sadistic Skymarcher Sad Skies -
Tetzimoc, Primal Death Knock, Knock, You've Been Tetzimoc'd Moc Moc
Tomb Robber Tomb Robert Larry Croft
Twilight Prophet Twila, from accounting -
Vampire Revenant Carrion Remnant -
Vona's Hunger Half of you gotta go. -
Voracious Vampire Dino-drinker High on dinosaur blood
Blood Sun Blood Hole Sun The can-rip cantrip
Bombard Cannonball! -
Brass's Bounty There's gold in them darn hills! -
Brazen Freebooter Treasure Giant Giant Hill Treasure (not a giant treasure on a hill, but a hill giant with treasure). You need to say the whole thing every time.
Buccaneer's Bravado Pirates have twice the fun! -
Charging Tuskodon Tramplosaur Dino of Rath
Daring Buccaneer Needs an audience -
Dire Fleet Daredevil Slapcaster Mage -
Etali, Primal Storm The storm count is at: giant dinosaur -
Fanatical Firebrand Grog Fanatic -
Forerunner of the Empire The ping ping dinosaur king Life finds a play
Form of the Dinosaur You wouldn't like me when I'm angry -
Frilled Deathspitter Spittosaur -
Goblin Trailblazer The piker menace -
Mutiny Get the little guy! -
Needletooth Raptor Flametongue Raptor Opponent-has-disconnected Raptor
Orazca Raptor Highland Dino -
Pirate's Pillage Ascenting Voice Look down, look back up, your cards are now diamonds!
Reckelss Rage ARRH to charboard -
Rekindling Phoenix Peek-a-bird -
See Red Put me in, boss! -
Shake the Foundation Dinoclasm -
Shatter Scuttle A Part of Our Heritage
Silverclad Ferocidons Sac-a-saur -
Stampeding Horncrest Swift-a-saur -
Storm Fleet Swashbuckler Double bear -
Sun-Collared Raptor Sink-a-saur That's a weird name for a frog!
Swaggering Corsair Swaggering Coarse-Bear -
Tilonalli's Crown Just give it a poke! If your horns glow for more than four hours...
Tilonalli's Summoner Fire-Elemental Breather -
Agressive Urge Bob the Angry Flower -
Cacophodon Cocodon Ca-caw!
Cherished Hatchling Little Foot -
Colossal Dreadmaw Meat-a-saurus Rex Maw!
Crested Herdcaller Regisaur Beta -
Deeproot Elite Kitchen Remodeler ('cause he's putting new counters all over the place) -
Enter the Unknown Explore Explore -
Forerunner of the Herald Herald in Front Herald Herald
Ghalta, Primal Hunger Shin Godzilla -
Giltgrove Stalker Level 3 Rogue -
Hardy Veteran Occasional Phalanx -
Hunt the Weak Dental Plan -
Jade Bearer Jade Bear -
Jadecraft Artisan Quartzcraft -
Jadelight Ranger Two explores -
Jungleborn Pioneer This merfolk brings all the boy to the yard -
Knight of the Stampede Abs! -
Naturalize Androcles and the Dinosaur -
Orazca Frillback Dimetradon -
Overgrown Armasaur Walking Forest -
Path of Discovery Search party -
Plummet Plummet (french pronunciation) It's raining men...
Polyraptor Raplicate -
Strength of the Pack Jack the Pack -
Swift Warden Flash Warden -
Tendershoot Dryad Ascension on a stick -
Thrashing Brontodon Wickerbow Dino Natur-a-saur
Thunderheard Migration Thundergrowth -
Wayward Swordtooth Babe, Big in the City -
World Shaper Crucibles of World -
Angrath, the Flame-Chained Mad Dad -
Atzocan Seer The fixer -
Azor, the Lawbringer Quite a revelation -
Deadeye Brawler He protec, he attac, but most importantly, he extrac Magpie Brawler
Dire Fleet Neckbreaker Dire Fleet Cheerleader -
Elenda, the Dusk Rose She's full of tinier men! -
Hadana's Climb *Rocky's Theme* -
Winged Temple of Orazca The Aggro Crag Kessig Wolf Jump
Huatli, Radiant Champion The people's champ -
Journey to Eternity Journey to now here -
Atzal, Cave of Eternity The fountain of youth -
Jungle Creeper Swamp Thing -
Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca He's Kumena get'cha! -
Legion Lieutenant Legion Leftenant -
Merfolk Mistbinder Misty B -
Path of Mettle Hurt. Agony. Pain. Love it. Path of METAL!
Metzali, Tower of Triumph The Rock Beach stairs -
Profane Procession and Profane Accessories -
Tomb of the Dusk Rose Rising Damp Elenda's Musty Basement
Protean Raider Protein Raider -
Raging Regisaur The Enragisaur Ragin' Reggie
Relentless Raptor Eagersaur -
Resplendent Griffin Norwegian Blue -
Siegehorn Ceratops Fungusaur -
Storm Fleet Sprinter Sammy Swift Slippery Sprinter -
Storm the Vault Ocean's Five -
Vault of Catlacan The Tolarian Heist -
Zacama, Primal Calamity King Ghidorah! -
Awakened Amalgam Domain-o-tron -
Azor's Gateway Looting for Treasure Gateway to Control
Sanctum of the Sun "Add HOW MUCH mana? Fuck off!" -
Captain's Hook HOOK! HOOK! HOOK! HOOK! -
Gleaming Barrier Anyway, here's Plunder Wall -
Golden Guardian Ductile Defender -
Gold-Forge Garrison The Chocolate Factory -
The Immortal Sun Praise the Sun -
Orazca Relic The Crystal Skull -
Silent Gravestone I hope it's silent! Grafdigger's Relic of Tormod's Crypt
Strider Harness Exoskeleton -
Traveler's Amulet The Tramulet -
Arch of Orazca Are'cha glad you get to draw a card? -
Forest Trees Jungle Place
Mountain Volcano Times Valakut Trigger
Plains Flat Let's grow some corn!
Island Damp Rock There be merfolk!; Gushy Gush
Swamp Smelly Damp Rock -
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