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Graham unleashes the pun train for the long-awaited Battle for Zendikar nicknames episode!

Vital Statistics

Date: January 27, 2016

Appearing: Graham Stark, Alex Steacy, Cameron Lauder, Paul Saunders

Runtime: 60:19

Broadcasting live from: the Corrupted Crossroads on the plane of Zendikar.

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Adverse Conditions Traffic Warning Eldrazi Pothole
Akoum Firebird Landphoenix -
Akoum Hellkite Shocking Dragon -
Akoum Stonewaker Landrise Shaman -
Aligned Hedron Network Ula-hoop Large Hedron Collider
Ally Encampment Based Camp -
Altar's Reap Deathination -
Angel of Renewal The Angel of Incidental Lifegain -
Angelic Captain Wing Knight -
Angelic Gift Red Bull -
Anticipate Less Impulsive -
Bane of Bala Ged Annihilator Too -
Barrage Tyrant The Fling-drazi Fastball Special
Beastcaller Savant Yes, This Is A Snake, And I'm Also Happy To See You -
Belligerent Whiptail Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nono -
Benthic Infiltrator Too Creepy To Block -
Blight Herder Where Do You Want All This Blight? -
Blighted Cataract Clouded Vision -
Blighted Fen Bad Bog -
Blighted Gorge Bland Canyon -
Blighted Steppe Lynx's Litterbox -
Blighted Woodland Fangorn Forest -
Blisterpod Tukatongue Scion r/popping
Bloodbond Vampire Drana's Pridemate -
Boiling Earth Thermoclasm -
Bone Splinters Boneitis -
Breaker of Armies Breaker of Armies and Leggies I'll Take You All On! or Make It Or Break It or The Breakmun
Brilliant Spectrum Draw With All The Colours Of The Wind -
Bring to Light Colourful Tutor -
Brood Butcher Brooding Groodion -
Brood Monitor Scion Supervisor -
Broodhunter Wurm Taste For Scions -
Brutal Expulsion Brutal! -
Call the Scions Time For Tea And Scoines -
Canopy Vista Big Vines -
Carrier Thrall John Hurt -
Catacomb Sifter Dumpster Diver -
Chasm Guide Swift Sherpa -
Cinder Glade Forest Fire -
Cliffside Lookout Kor Canary -
Cloud Manta Skyfish -
Clutch of Currents Land-o'-war -
Coastal Discovery Mulldrift Wood -
Complete Disregard DILLIGAF (Do I Look Like I Give a Fuck?) -
Conduit of Ruin +1 -2 -
Coralhelm Guide Coral's Tour Service -
Courier Griffin Life On Delivery -
Crumble to Dust Surgical Destruction -
Cryptic Cruiser Krill Giant -
Culling Drone Hungry Bear -
Dampening Pulse It's Hard To Fight In Wet Clothes -
Deathless Behemoth The Kool Aid Eldrazi -
Defiant Bloodlord Drainlord -
Demon's Grasp Big Ob's Throat Removal -
Desolation Twin Twinsies! 10/10 Would Cast
Dispel Which Spell? -
Dominator Drone Headcrab Zombie -
Dragonmaster Outcast Sarkhan's Biggest Fan -
Drana, Liberator of Malakir Vampire Fighthawk -
Drana's Emissary Draina's Emissary -
Drowner of Hope Buzz Killington -
Dust Stalker Boomerang Bruiser Dust Buster
Dutiful Return Guess Who's Back? Back Again -
Earthen Arms Dirk Rockpunch AKA Jack Stonefist AKA Todd Shaleclench Granite Gundam
Eldrazi Devastator Hey Why Is This Card's Collector Number 7? -
Eldrazi Skyspawner The Miracle Of Birth -
Emeria Shepherd Sun Angel -
Encircling Fissure Surprise Moat -
Endless One The Avatar Of The Vanilla Test Always On Curve
Evolving Wilds Double Landfall -
Exert Influence Rainbow Of Command -
Expedition Envoy Savannah -
Eyeless Watcher Underqualified -
Fathom Feeder Hungry For Libraries -
Felidar Cub Silverchase Cat -
Felidar Sovereign Cat Is Life #CatLife
Fertile Thicket Filter Thicket -
Firemantle Mage Menacing Mike I Am On Fire!
Forerunner of Slaughter Ula-sain Bolt -
Fortified Rampart Guys, Please Let Me In -
From Beyond Skitterblossom -
Geyserfield Stalker Old Faithfully Bad -
Ghostly Sentinel Paranor-mall Cop -
Giant Mantis Spider Mantis -
Gideon, Ally of Zendikar Chad, Chivalrous Internet Sir M'hedron
Gideon's Reproach Chad's Mad -
Goblin War Paint Is This Eyeliner Too Much? -
Grave Birthing The Circle Of Life -
Greenwarden of Murasa Two Eternal Witnesses In An Overcoat -
Grip of Desolation Grip 'N Rip -
Grove Rumbler The Grumbler -
Grovetender Druids Your Annoying Vegan Friends -
Gruesome Slaughter Looking For Fresh, Tentacle-Ripened Slaughter With No Added Colour? We Grue Some!
Guardian of Tazeem Sleep Sphinx -
Guul Draz Overseer Manager Of The Swamps -
Hagra Sharpshooter Expensive Assassin -
Halimar Tidecaller Yeah, When Lands Fly! -
Hedron Archive Mana Geode Two Mindstones Are Better Than One
Hedron Blade Stink, The Eldazibane -
Herald of Kozilek Blindscape Familiar -
Hero of Goma Fada He's One Tough Mother, Goma Fada -
Horribly Awry Side Effects May Include: Dry Mouth -
Incubator Drone He's My Plus One -
Infuse with the Elements Kick It Up A Notch -
Inspired Charge Get 'Em Boys! -
Jaddi Offshoot Jaddi Lifestander -
Kalastria Healer Drainpire -
Kalastria Nightwatch Chinese Vampire -
Kiora, Master of the Depths Octo Fight! -
Kitesail Scout Flying Kor -
Kor Bladewhirl Better With Back Up -
Kor Castigator Kor Long-Legs -
Kor Entanglers Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Trigger Rally -
Kozilek's Channeler Elfdrazi -
Kozilek's Sentinel Passive Aggressive Eldrazi -
Lantern Scout Hey I Found Life Over Here! We Got A Live One!
Lavastep Raider Squirebreathing -
Lifespring Druid Many Mana Elf -
Lithomancer's Focus Stoneforge Pump -
Looming Spires No Longer On Fire -
Lumbering Falls Log Drivers' Nightmare -
Makindi Patrol Praire Dog The Red Zone -
Makindi Sliderunner Gonna Slide Right Over You -
Malakir Familiar Bigger Bigger Bat -
March from the Tomb Walking Weenies -
Mind Raker The Inexplicably Worse Sequel To Moonraker -
Mire's Malice Mire Rot -
Mist Intruder He's Climbing In Your Library, He's Snatching Your Cards Up, Trying To Ingest Them So You Need To Hide Your Cards And Your Wife, I Guess: Mist Intruder Eldrazi Storm Crow
Molten Nursery Fiery Poops -
Mortuary Mire The Recycling Center -
Munda, Ambush Leader Index Of Allies -
Murasa Ranger Slowly Get Swoley -
Murk Strider Conditional Jellyfish -
Natural Connection Rapid Growth -
Nettle Drone The Eldrazi Porcupine -
Nirkana Assassin Life Brings Death -
Nissa's Renewal Stable Ramp -
Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper So Annoyan! Awaken Ally
Ob Nixilis Reignited Nixy Zendikar Arena or More Five Mana Removal
Oblivion Sower I Licked It, It's Mine Now -
Omnath, Locus of Rage House Party! -
Ondu Champion Running Of The Bull -
Ondu Greathorn Ondu Finehorn -
Ondu Rising South Dakota Is Pissed -
Oracle of Dust The Eldrazi Yoga Instructor -
Oran-Rief Hydra Landswole Hydra -
Oran-Rief Invoker Long Game Bear -
Outnumber Everybody, On Three! -
Painful Truths Mostly Just Sign In Blood -
Part the Waterveil The Dance Of The Six Or Nine Veils, Depending On How You Play It -
Pathway Arrows Taser -
Pilgrim's Eye Go Pro Finds Some Land -
Planar Outburst Wrath Of Rock -
Plated Crusher Who Needs Synergy When You Got Trample And Hexproof; Plated Crusher Don't Care -
Plummet It's Pronounced: Plummét -
Prairie Stream Look, It's White, It's Blue, It Does What It Says On The Tin. Not Everything's Going To Have A Good Nickname -
Prism Array Packed In Lucite -
Processor Assault Slow Cook -
Quarantine Field X-Rings Oblivion Matrix or Onion Rings
Radiant Flames Rainbowclasm -
Reckless Cohort Reckless Rick -
Reclaiming Vines Yeah, Ivy'll Do That To Masonry, You Gotta Pull That Stuff Out Every Year -
Resolute Blademaster Double Double Strike And Rumble -
Retreat to Coralhelm Scryfall -
Retreat to Emeria Dudefall -
Retreat to Hagra Drainfall -
Retreat to Kazandu Counterfall -
Retreat to Valakut Least Good Fall -
Rising Miasma The Marsh Is Back And It's Angry Swamp Gas
Roil Spout Riptide -
Roilmage's Trick Rainblowout -
Roil's Retribution White Lightning -
Rolling Thunder One For You, One For You, Two For You Kurt Russell In: Rolling Thunder or What Are You At Right Now?
Rot Shambler The Half-Truth -
Ruin Processor Life From Exile -
Ruination Guide Trust Me Guys, It's This Way -
Ruinous Path Hero's Landfall Shi-
Rush of Ice Clutch Of Currents 2: The Sequel -
Salvage Drone Low Impact -
Sanctum of Ugin Whose Side Are You On, Ugin? Ugin's Box
Sandstone Bridge I Tap So You Don't Have To -
Scatter to the Winds Six Mana Conspicuously Open -
Scour from Existence When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Go Away Seven Mana Conspicuously Open
Scythe Leopard Sabre-Armed Kitty -
Seek the Wilds Manticipate -
Serene Steward Serena -
Serpentine Spike Serve, Set, Spike -
Shadow Glider Ator The Fighting Eagle -
Shambling Vent Just In Utter Shambles -
Shatterskull Recruit Well, It's The Big Show. It's The Big Bad Show Tonight -
Sheer Drop D-d-d-d-drop The Creature Drop The Basejump
Shrine of the Forsaken Gods I Believe You'll Find It's The Shrine Of The Three-Saken Gods -
Silent Skimmer Silent But Deadly -
Sire of Stagnation Stagdad Landfail
Skitterskin Skitters! -
Skyline Cascade Icy Waterfall -
Skyrider Elf Manta Rider And The Counters -
Slab Hammer Hammerfall Ham Slabber
Sludge Crawler Hungry Shade -
Smite the Monstrous Gulliver's Troubles -
Smoldering Marsh Geothermal Heating -
Smothering Abomination Lunch Break -
Snapping Gnarlid Little Snappy -
Spawning Bed Total Infestation -
Spell Shrivel Mana-Pate -
Stasis Snare Ooh Ring Express Trip To Nowhere or Going Nowhere Fast
Stone Haven Medic Tap White To Pay Respects -
Stonefury Angry Rock -
Sunken Hollow Dirty Pit -
Sure Strike The Tactical Poke -
Swarm Surge Zurg Rush! -
Swell of Growth Swole Of Growth -
Sylvan Scrying But Not That Kind Of Scrying -
Tajuru Beastmaster The Beatsmaster (By Dre) -
Tajuru Stalwart Colourful Counter Collector -
Tajuru Warcaller Rallying Cry -
Tandem Tactics Creatures Don't Gain Double Strike; Flavour Fail -
Territorial Baloth Dis My Box! -
Tide Drifter Wall Of Water -
Tightening Coils Pin To The Earth But Fixed -
Titan's Presence Peekaboo! -
Touch of the Void Pillar Of Ghostflame -
Transgress the Mind Open Wide! -
Tunneling Geopede Termites -
Turn Against Raymond Command -
Ugin's Insight Dig Deep -
Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger Ulamog, The Peckish -
Ulamog's Despoiler Despoiling 9 to 5 -
Ulamog's Nullifier Nefalia B- Kite -
Ulamog's Reclaimer I Brought Presents For Everyone! -
Undergrowth Champion The Power Of Land, The Toughness Of Counters -
Unified Front The United Colours Of Benetton -
Unnatural Aggression Fight You So Hard You Cease To Exist -
Valakut Invoker Back-Up Win Condition -
Valakut Predator Above Or Below Curve Depending -
Vampiric Rites Sawing A Vampire In Half -
Vestige of Emrakul Emrakul's Leftovers -
Veteran Warleader Far Too Old For This Shit -
Vile Aggregate Devoltron -
Void Attendant Processmun -
Void Winnower You Can't Even. You Literally Cannot Even -
Volcanic Upheaval Vala-Kut It Out! -
Voracious Null Slow Eater -
Wasteland Strangler The Scourge Of Seagate, The Terror Of Tazeem, He Is: The Wasteland Strangler -
Wave-Wing Elemental Waterfowl -
Windrider Patrol Take To The Scries -
Woodland Wanderer The Last March Of The Ents -
Zada, Hedron Grinder Precursor Goblin Still In Zeta
Zulaport Cutthroat The Drainsmun The Rallying Guy
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