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==Crack-A-Pack - Alara Reborn==
==Crack-A-Pack - Alara Reborn==
- Grixis Grimblade
- Grixis Grimblade
- Soul Manipulation
- Soul Manipulation
- Qasali Pridemage
- Qasali Pridemage
- Jund Hackblade
- Jund Hackblade
- Monstrous Carabid
- Monstrous Carabid
- Ethercaste Knight
- Ethercaste Knight
- Captured Sunlight
- Captured Sunlight
- Magefire Wings
- Magefire Wings
- Trace of Abundance
- Trace of Abundance
- Kathari Bomber
- Kathari Bomber
- Demonspine Whip
- Demonspine Whip
- Lorescale Coatl
- Lorescale Coatl
- Mage Slayer
- Mage Slayer
- Maelstrom Nexus
- Maelstrom Nexus

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This week Graham, Kathleen and James take you through the entire Khans of Tarkir set and assign every card a nickname.

Vital Statistics

Date released: December 16, 2014

Appearing: Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere, James Turner and Paul Saunders

Runtime: 49:39

Crack-A-Pack - Alara Reborn

- Grixis Grimblade

- Soul Manipulation

- Qasali Pridemage

- Jund Hackblade

- Monstrous Carabid

- Ethercaste Knight

- Captured Sunlight

- Magefire Wings

- Trace of Abundance

- Kathari Bomber

- Demonspine Whip

- Lorescale Coatl

- Mage Slayer

- Maelstrom Nexus

Nicknames list

Card Name Nickname Alternative Nicknames
Abomination of Gudul DC Comics Presents: Man-Bat Man-Bat
Abzan Ascendancy Three Cheers For Dying -
Abzan Banner The Abzanner -
Abzan Battle Priest I Kick Arse For The Lord -
Abzan Charm The Pillar Of Blood Preparations A-Charms
Abzan Falconer Birdman -
Abzan Guide Giraffe Rider -
Act of Treason Bad Kitty! -
Ainok Bond-Kin Stabdog -
Ainok Tracker Snowdog -
Alabaster Kirin Ghost Horse -
Alpine Grizzly Swole Bear -
Altar of the Brood Wait, What Does This Do? -
Anafenza, the Foremost Anafenza, the Goatmost Weird Name For A Goat or Goat There! or Anafenza, the Most Goat
Ankle Shanker Cousin Stabby -
Arc Lightning Warrior Killer -
Archers' Parapet Tower Defense -
Armament Corps Counter Commandos -
Arrow Storm Our Arrows Will Blot Out The Sun -
Ashcloud Phoenix Surprise Bird -
Avalanche Tusker The Downhill Super E Shreddephant
Awaken the Bear Bear Form! Release the Beast
Barrage of Boulders Look Out Below... -
Bear's Companion BEAR FRAND -
Become Immense Get Swole -
Bellowing Saddlebrute Orcish Yelling Brigade -
Bitter Revelation Dig Through Grime -
Blinding Spray Pocket Sand -
Bloodfell Caves Dark Hole -
Bloodfire Expert The Human Torch -
Bloodfire Mentor Kneel, My Son Got Your Face
Bloodsoaked Champion Arthur "Two Shields" Jackson -
Blossoming Sands Flower Dune -
Brave the Sands Deep Hurting -
Briber's Purse Payola -
Bring Low Eff This Snowman -
Burn Away Burn The Yard -
Butcher of the Horde Big Butch -
Cancel Nope -
Canyon Lurkers Lenny & Lana Axe -
Chief of the Edge Pointy -
Chief of the Scale Blunt The Other One
Clever Impersonator I'm YOU! Clever Girl
Crackling Doom Doom Crispies -
Cranial Archive Brain Bottle -
Crater's Claws Ferociou-ball Shock-ball or RAWR
Crippling Chill Lick The Flagpole -
Dazzling Ramparts The Razzle-dazzle Castle -
Dead Drop Feeding Time -
Death Frenzy Crocodile Rock -
Debilitating Injury Game Time Decision -
Defiant Strike How DARE You -
Deflecting Palm Talk To The Hand -
Despise Helm Smash Staring Contest
Dig Through Time Neat Vape Trick Dig For Answers
Disdainful Stroke Counter Target Spell You Care About
Dismal Backwater Sad Pond -
Disowned Ancestor Weird Uncle Dave -
Dragon Grip Grip & Sip -
Dragon Throne of Tarkir Bone Throne The Comfy Chair
Dragon's Eye Savants Free Information -
Dragonscale Boon Counter Surge -
Dragon-Style Twins The Super Twins -
Duneblast I Choose You! -
Dutiful Return Would You Care For Some Butt-Fruit? -
Efreet Weaponmaster Karate Kid -
Embodiment of Spring The Bumble -
Empty the Pits Everybody Get Out! -
End Hostilities Everybody Calm Down! -
Erase *whoosh* -
Feat of Resistance Ohm's Law -
Feed the Clan Dinner Time -
Firehoof Cavalry Hot Trot -
Flying Crane Technique The Flying Crane Technique! [yelled in a kung fu voice] -
Force Away Force Push -
Frontier Bivouac Skull Tent -
Ghostfire Blade The Perfect Crime Handle With Care
Glacial Stalker Let's Build A Snowman -
Goblinslide Goblin Bobsled Team Gobsled Team
Grim Haruspex Brain Toucher -
Gurmag Swiftwing Bat-Kroma -
Hardened Scales Gore-Tex -
Heart-Piercer Bow I Poke You -
Heir of the Wilds Death-Bear -
Herald of Anafenza Harold -
High Sentinels of Arashin Hawkmen, Dive! [yelled in your best Brian Blessed impression] -
Highland Game Wild Game Stew -
Highspire Mantis Ah, Seen Here: A Rare Boros Nope -
Hooded Hydra Five Snakes In An Overcoat -
Hooting Mandrills Hootie & The Mandrills -
Horde Ambusher Freddie Falter -
Hordeling Outburst Goblin Babies -
Howl of the Horde Lightning Scream -
Icefeather Aven Icefather -
Icy Blast It's A Wet Cold -
Incremental Growth Cone Of Counters -
Ivorytusk Fortress The Elephant & Castle -
Jeering Instigator Got Your Hat! -
Jeskai Ascendancy Guardians Of The Galaxy -
Jeskai Banner Capture The Flag -
Jeskai Charm Gripblast -
Jeskai Elder Kung Fu Granny -
Jeskai Student Impractical Knife -
Jeskai Windscout Hawkman -
Jungle Hollow Old Trees -
Kheru Bloodsucker Nightmare Fuel -
Kheru Dreadmaw Hungry Hungry Crocodile -
Kheru Lich Lord Grave Tiller -
Kheru Spellsnatcher Snakebender -
Kill Shot Oomph! -
Kin-Tree Invocation Belch Of The Conclave -
Kin-Tree Warden The National Guard Forest Service
Krumar Bond-Kin ...and Krumar -
Leaping Master Jumpsman -
Lens of Clarity Oh Look! A Tiger! -
Longshot Squad Sniper Elite -
Mantis Rider Lightning Mantis I'm Riding A Mantis The Size Of A House, Your Argument Is Invalid
Mardu Ascendancy Why Did We All Come Up Here? -
Mardu Banner The Dega Pennant -
Mardu Blazebringer ARGH FIRE BAD! -
Mardu Charm Raise The Slash Duress -
Mardu Hateblade One Drop Warrior -
Mardu Heart-Piercer Shock Trooper -
Mardu Hordechief Bring A Friend -
Mardu Roughrider Come At Me Bro! Bubblegum Rhino
Mardu Skullhunter Raid Rat -
Mardu Warshrieker Orcish Announcer -
Master of Pearls Kevin -
Master the Way Ta-da! -
Meandering Towershell Durdle Turtle -
Mer-Ek Nightblade Orcish Stabbist -
Mindswipe Counterball -
Mistfire Weaver Djinn & Tonic -
Molting Snakeskin Feels Bad Man -
Monastery Flock Ivan Floch -
Monastery Swiftspear Taylor (Swiftspear) -
Murderous Cut Slice -
Mystic Monastery Monkhouse -
Mystic of the Hidden Way Shadowcat Help, I'm Stuck!
Narset, Enlightened Master Michelle Yeoh -
Naturalize Bone-Begone! -
Necropolis Fiend Bad Gargoyle Disguise -
Nomad Outpost Bad Tent -
Opulent Palace Nice Place -
Pearl Lake Ancient Nessie Frampt
Pine Walker The Fresh Scent Of Death Why Isn't This A Treefolk?
Ponyback Brigade I Want My Pony Back, Pony Back, Pony Back Goblin Horse
Quiet Contemplation Shh, I'm Thinking -
Raiders' Spoils We Took Their Stuff! -
Rakshasa Deathdealer Bad Kitty -
Rakshasa Vizier Scabby Cat -
Rakshasa's Secret Kitty Whispers [whispered] Daddy's Got You
Rattleclaw Mystic Darth Helmet -
Retribution of the Ancients Ghost Fight -
Ride Down Trample, Except Not Because That's A Keyword -
Rite of the Serpent I Can't Watch -
Riverwheel Aerialists Whiverwheel Aewhiawhists -
Roar of Challenge Ferocious Belch -
Rotting Mastodon Topsy's Revenge -
Rugged Highlands Sharp Hill -
Rush of Battle What A Rush! -
Ruthless Ripper Ruth (The Ripper) -
Sage of the Inward Eye Oh Neat! A Glowy Thing -
Sage-Eye Harrier Ambien Bird -
Sagu Archer Snake Bowman, P.I. -
Sagu Mauler Clear Cut -
Salt Road Patrol Mad Salty Salt Goat Patrol
Sandsteppe Citadel Sand House -
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Trogdor! -
Savage Knuckleblade Big Knucks -
Savage Punch Bear Punch -
Scaldkin Firebug -
Scion of Glaciers Elk Hat -
Scoured Barrens Crap Dunes -
Scout the Borders Scooty Booties -
Secret Plans Excellent [in Mr. Burns' voice] -
See the Unwritten Invisible Ink Fang And Claw
Seek the Horizon Are We There Yet? -
Seeker of the Way Hitchhiker -
Set Adrift Cast Away -
Shambling Attendants Shimble Shambles -
Shatter Snap! -
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Sidisi, The Magificent! Turning Creatures To Zombies Before Your Very Eyes! -
Sidisi's Pet Abu -
Siege Rhino Four Of In Standard -
Siegecraft Put A House On It -
Singing Bell Strike Boop -
Smite the Monstrous Mastodon Punch! -
Smoke Teller Can't See Shit Sir! -
Snowhorn Rider Let's Play Oxen Polo -
Sorin, Solemn Visitor Maximum Brood -
Stubborn Denial No! I Don't Wanna! -
Sultai Ascendancy You Came To The Wrong Neighbourhood -
Sultai Banner Help Yourself To Some Fruit -
Sultai Charm Ultimate Naturaloot -
Sultai Flayer Skin Is The Best Part -
Sultai Scavenger Sultai Scavengers: Coming Next Month To The Discovery Channel -
Sultai Soothsayer Needs More Blue -
Summit Prowler Borderland Yeti -
Surrak Dragonclaw Surrak Bear Punch -
Suspension Field Get In The Zorb -
Swarm of Bloodflies Not The Bees! -
Swift Kick Kyah! [yelled] -
Swiftwater Cliffs Quick Falls -
Taigam's Scheming Everybody Stand Back! -
Take Up Arms What's All This Then? -
Temur Ascendancy Hoth Is Defended -
Temur Banner A Burlap Sack With Mud On It -
Temur Charger Rocket Donkey -
Temur Charm Fight Leak Falter -
Thornwood Falls Green Blue -
Thousand Winds Cyclonic Dude -
Trottle Comcast -
Timely Hordemate Catch A Ride -
Tomb of the Spirit Dragon Bone Trench -
Tormenting Voice Shut Up, Shut Up! I Can't Think! -
Trail of Mystery Nature Trail To Hell -
Tranquil Cove Quiet Bay -
Trap Essence Got Your Dude! -
Treasure Cruise The Love Boat Value Cruise Lines
Trumpet Blast Pfffffrrrt -
Tusked Colossodon Sure -
Tuskguard Captain Miniature Warrior -
Ugin's Nexus Club Ribcage -
Unyielding Krumar Orcish Sword Guy -
Utter End Kick You Apart! [yelled] -
Valley Dasher Guys, Guys, I Got This -
Venerable Lammasu Sky Sheep -
Villainous Wealth Nemesis Wave -
War Behemoth Tow Truck -
Warden of the Eye Djinn & Juice -
War-Name Aspirant Rookie Of The Year -
Watcher of the Roost Protect Ya Nest -
Waterwhirl Bounce That, Bounce That Kevin Costner
Weave Fate Shouldn't This Have Been In Theros? -
Wetland Sambar Speed Bump -
Whirlwind Adept Hey Guys, Check Out My Devil Sticks -
Windscarred Crag Craig -
Windstorm Hurricane Surrak -
Wingmate Roc Windmill Roc Bird Bros (Important: The Bird token is called Wingman Roc)
Winterflame (The) Icy Hot (Patch) -
Witness of the Ages Old Robot -
Woolly Loxodon A Mammoth Problem -
Zurgo Helmsmasher Orcish Head-Puncher -