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James, Graham, Paul and Alex talk about what a Magic cube is, what's in James', and how to build your own!

Vital Statistics

Date released: July 8, 2013

Appearing: Graham Stark, James Turner, Alex Steacy and Paul Saunders

Runtime: 45:18

Broadcasting live from: Izzet Steam Maze on the plane of Ravnica

Crack-A-Pack - Guildpact

- Douse in Gloom

- Izzet Signet

- Ghor-Clan Savage

- Streetbreaker Wyrm

- Bloodscale Prowler

- Infiltrator's Magemark

- Poisonbelly Ogre

- Guardian's Magemark

- Wee Dragonauts

- Runeboggle

- Gruul Nodorog

- Feral Animist

- Droning Bureaucrats

- Mimeofacture

- Souls of the Faultless

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