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Steve Dengler at the 2011 Child's Play Charity Dinner

Steven Dengler is the co-founder of and the founder of Dracogen Strategic Investments. He is a philanthropist and collector of video game memorabilia. He collected many of the auctions for Desert Bus for Hope 5 and was driving while the driver feed went out, leading to "Desert Steve for Hope," in which Steve pretended to be alone. He returned for Desert Bus for Hope 6, winning one auction with the largest single bid increase in Desert Bus history (though Fugiman bid for him by proxy, as he was driving at the time).

Steve sponsored LoadingReadyRun in the 2012 Child's Play Invitational Charity Golf Tournament and was a backer of the Season 11 Kickstarter.

Steve is Ash Vickers' half-brother, and the second protagonist in her webcomic MegaCynics.


EpisodeRelease Date
Desert Bus for Hope 716 November 2013
Desert Bus for Hope 616 November 2012
Desert Bus for Hope 518 November 2011

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