Spot the Dog

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A rare close-up shot of Spot

Spot the Dog is a recurring gag/alternate-reality game/ceramic figurine found in many Loading Ready Run videos. His appearances are almost entirely for the crew's personal amusement.


Spot was originally purchased for some very old, unaired Evil Inc. shorts, produced for as original content for a small high-tech firm. A brief clip of Paul as the head of Evil Inc. from these shorts is included in Jangles and Jones Save Christmas, making that the first official Loading Ready Run video in which Spot makes an appearance.

After languishing in prop storage for several years, his first true LRR appearance as part of the running gag was in Sick Day. He currently resides in the camera case so he can be surreptitiously inserted into videos at the crew's whim. Some time ago, Matt accidentally broke Spot in a Miata-related incident. He has since been repaired.

Spot's conspicuous appearance in Reality Tear led LRR fan Metcarfre to ask the crew about him at a local meetup, thus revealing his placement throughout videos is deliberate.

Spot has no spots.