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==Vital Statistics==
==Vital Statistics==
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[[Image:175.jpg|thumb|Sound Wars]]
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'''Date: '''November 10, 2006
'''Date: '''November 10, 2006

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When mimes are off duty things can get ugly.

Vital Statistics

Sound Wars

Date: November 10, 2006

Category: Other

Appearing: Andy and Graham

Writing: Graham, with Alison, Lisa, and Lindsay from Art 305

Editing: Graham


Two mimes go at each other in an invisible duel with weapons ranging from basketballs and record players, to lightsabers and puppies, to lions and cannons. Top that with a dance-off, and this video contains just about every verb in existence!


  • As the writing credit suggests, this was one of Graham's video projects for a class at UVic. Unlike previous schoolwork-cum-LRR videos, this one was intended ahead of time to perform double duty.
  • The words that Andy mouths at the end of his dance are "love me", given a soulful and exaggerated pronunciation. "Lurve mae" might be a closer transcription.
    • Andy doesn't know why he said that. We don't know either.
  • The entire video was recorded in one continuous shot and in a single take.
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