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'''Appearing: '''[[Andrew Cownden]] and [[Graham Stark]]
'''Appearing: '''[[Andrew Cownden]] and [[Graham Stark]]
'''Writing: '''Graham, with Alison, Lisa, and Lindsay from Art 305
'''Writing: '''Graham Stark, with Alison, Lisa, and Lindsay from Art 305
'''Editing: '''Graham
'''Editing: '''Graham Stark

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When mimes are off duty things can get ugly.

Vital Statistics

Sound Wars

Date: November 10, 2006

Category: Other

Appearing: Andrew Cownden and Graham Stark

Writing: Graham Stark, with Alison, Lisa, and Lindsay from Art 305

Editing: Graham Stark


Two mimes go at each other in an invisible duel with weapons ranging from basketballs and record players, to lightsabers and puppies, to lions and cannons. Top that with a dance-off, and this video contains just about every verb in existence!


  • As the writing credit suggests, this was one of Graham's video projects for a class at UVic. Unlike previous schoolwork-cum-LRR videos, this one was intended ahead of time to perform double duty.
  • The words that Andy mouths at the end of his dance are "love me", given a soulful and exaggerated pronunciation. "Lurve mae" might be a closer transcription.
    • Andy doesn't know why he said that. We don't know either.
  • The entire video was recorded in one continuous shot and in a single take.
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