September 20 2008 LRRcast

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Podcast for Easy Bake Spore

Vital Statistics

Featured Video: Easy Bake Spore

Date: September 20, 2008

LRRcasters: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Morgan vanHumbeck, Tim Sevenhuysen, Jeremy PetterBill Watt

Runtime: 1:01:00


-Welcome to my secret lair on Skullcrusher Mountain

-Hey Jer, we're going to record a podcast. I wanted to let you know, you don't have to do anything

-It's Joydivision cover night dude, I gotta...

-Okay, I'm sorry. You stay, keep doing that, and we'll just do this podcast

Matt spent $120 on a haircut. Yeah...

What We're Playing Now

  • Morgan-Playing one of the oldest known consoles: BOOKS!
  • Graham-Tales of Vesperia
  • Jer-Fooling around with his wives in Fable and playing Viva Pinata
  • Paul-Started playing Spore, not especially impressed with it.
  • Bill-His computer is broken.
  • Tim-Rock Band


September 20 2008 AskLRR


Lrrcast classic.gif I

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