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France has quite the interesting names for cities apparently.

Vital Statistics

"KYLIEEE?! BABE HOW ARE YOU LOOK I know I was a bit of a dick before, but, you know, so..."

Date: September 12, 2012

Category: Feed Dump

Host: Graham Stark

Cohosts: Kate Stark, Andrew Cownden

Edited by: Kathleen De Vere


  • News Word of the Week: Michelle Obama's Arms
  • A mother whose daughter has cervical cancer gave birth to her own grandchild.
  • A man dealing drugs in Idaho was arrested after he texted a police officer to sell him some.
  • A condom company who claims their condoms came from a town called Condom was fined because their condoms are actually from Malaysia.
  • A company in England has started putting QR codes on tombstones.
  • The Royal Canadian Mint has fined a musician because he used the image of a penny on his album cover.


Source of the Kate Stark Nope Gif [1]

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