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'''Date:''' 2004?
'''Date:''' September 10, 2004  
'''Category:''' Sheer Stupidity
'''Category:''' Sheer Stupidity

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How hot is too hot for a sandwich?

Vital Statistics

Date: September 10, 2004

Category: Sheer Stupidity

Appearing: Ash, Morgan, James, Bill, Adam Savidan, Allen O

Writing: Unknown

Camera: Graham

Editing: Graham

Location: Unknown


Morgan, James, Bill and Allen eat a hot sandwich Ash prepares containing jalapeno cheese foccacia, pepper salami Frank's RedHot chili sauce, Heinz chili sauce, Grace pepper sauce, Tabasco sauce, cracked black pepper, red crushed chilies, jalapeno cheese, Louisiana hot sauce, tomato and jalapenos. As the sandwich is good but not hot enough they, add more chilies and stuff peppers with red crushed chilies. People do cry but Bill is the first give up and eat yogurt. Eventually they have shots of hot sauce.


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