Poker Before Dusk

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Offline.jpg This video is offline. Some videos are permanently offline like most of Season 1, where some copywritten music prevents it from being posted. Some videos go offline when video hosts change or go down. This category is to help the LRR crew find gaps in the library for posting to Youtube, or to properly link the Youtube videos on the main website.

Can Elway catch the balls short of a flip pair, or will Lamont pull out an under-crutch moonsault?

Vital Statistics


Date: January 26, 2009

Category: Shorts

Appearing: Paul Saunders, Bill Watt, Jeremy Petter, James Turner with Kathleen De Vere, Mike Whitaker

Narration: Graham Stark, Morgan vanHumbeck

Writing: Graham Stark

Camera: Graham Stark

Edited by: Graham Stark

Vegas Footage: From "Trippin' Vegas" by Karl Klops | CC Sharealike


On Poker Before Dusk on Action 9, it is No Limit Viking Secret Wildcard Poker.


  • In this video's ad, Mike Whitaker appears as a therapist, telling Kathleen that her image issues would be solved by a LRR shirt.
  • On November 17, 2008, Graham posted a request to the forums for a poker table. It is assumed that the request was in relation to this video.
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