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Oki Oki Fight Club is a weekly Fighting Game stream airing Friday at 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT.

YouTube Playlist

The video playlist for Oki Oki Fight Club can be found on the LRR Streams YouTube Channel.

[ Oki Oki Fight Club YouTube Playlist].

List of Episodes


Date Title Link
2023-09-29 Street Fighter 6 Ep17 [ Link]
“Our greatest weakness lies in not mashing when we are minus. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison. Aki Aki Fight Club is here.
2023-09-22 Street Fighter 6 Ep16 Link
It's Friday morning and that means it's time for Oki Oki Fight Club! Today Adam is running solo, so we all know what that means. *taps microphone* Sandblast.
2023-09-15 Street Fighter 6 Ep15 Link

2023-09-08 Street Fighter 6 Ep14 Link

2023-09-01 Street Fighter 6 Ep13 Link
Another Friday morning, another morning on the streets with Ben, Wheeler, Nelson and Adam on Oki Oki Fight Club. Today we make a tier list on which characters would be the best guests on a PrePreRelease.
2023-08-25 Street Fighter 6 Ep12 Link

2023-08-18 Street Fighter 6 Ep11 Link

2023-08-11 Street Fighter 6 Ep10 Link

2023-08-04 Street Fighter 6 Ep9 Link

2023-07-28 Street Fighter 6 Ep8 Link
Oki Oki Fight Club is back and Wheeler has made it clear he has some surprises in store for his progress on Lily in SF6. My guess? Found out how to taunt.
2023-07-22 Street Fighter 6 Ep7 Link
Today on Oki Oki Fight Club, Wheeler Condor Dives into ranked matches, and Adam is praying he runs into Johnny Donuts.
2023-07-14 Street Fighter 6 Ep6 Link
Did someone say fight? Hope you like frame data. It’s OKI OKI FIGHT CLUB!
2023-07-07 Street Fighter 6 Ep5 Link
Wake up and get your butts to the training ground, it's time for Oki Oki Fight Club!
2023-06-30 Street Fighter 6 Ep4 (continued from Bonus Stream) Link
It's time for LRR's official fighting game stream, Oki Oki Fight Club! Get in here and let's learn and laugh
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