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The news is weird and Morgan does impressions.

Vital Statistics


Date: April 2, 2007

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan vanHumbeck, Graham Stark, Alex Steacy

Whatever clip: Woland

Haiku: Dana


Graham and Morgan switch places this time around. Laxative and Pastafarian related suspensions. Google digitally restores New Orleans. Real life Kwik-E-Marts. Michel Jackson is building a giant robot version of himself. With lasers. In Vegas. Semi identical twins. Crikey, monster cane toads in Australia. A sewage tsunami in Palestine. Karl Rove at the White House Press Association dinner. Rapeseed as a source of Biodiesel. Chocolate Jesus. Abortions in Texas. A Japanese man has invented a combination goldfish aquarium and deep fat fryer. The TouchDic dictionary for the GameBoy DS.


"Two blond girls in bed,

what more could a guy desire?

Let me think... Bacon."


  • Alex's appearance in the "Meanwhile..." is stock footage from Hyut!
  • The Touch Dic story was sent in by forum member Dr. Frankenjam

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