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{| align="right"
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* This LRRcast is in fact the origin of the "What We're Playing Now" segment.  Blame Kathleen.
* This LRRcast is in fact the origin of the "What We're Playing Now" segment.  Blame Kathleen.
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{{LRRCastNavigation|May_19_2006_LRRcast|May 19th, 2006:  CCYD|June_2_2006_LRRcast|June 2nd, 2006: OMG! Bears!||http://loadingreadyrun.com/lrrcasts/view/18/Nuntastic|1658}}
| <<< [[May_19_2006_LRRcast|May 19th, 2006:  CCYD]]
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| [[June_2_2006_LRRcast|June 2nd, 2006: OMG! Bears!]] >>>
[[Category:Season Three]]
[[Category:Season Three]]

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Graham & Kathleen, Chetwynd, Nuntastic, cats, a book, other junk.

Vital Statistics

Lrrcast classic.gif

Featured Video: Nuntastic

LRRcasters: Graham Stark and Kathleen De Vere

Runtime: 21:52


Kathleen is amused by the mechanics of making LRRcasts. They're basically leaning over a lapel mike stuck to a tripod.

Location: Chetwynd, BC - 300 km north of Prince George, pop. 3,000, a junction town or crossroads between "better places to live". It barely appears on the map, and is notable mostly for being a place to get gas. Kathleen lives here because her job pays her too well for her to leave. She'd like to get a job in Victoria if she can find one to support the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed.

There's karoke at a nearby bar, but it wasn't karoke night, so Kathleen began to play "URL or not-URL?", randomly typing things into address bars. She can't get nun, satisfaction, hey hey. It wasn't used as the title of the video for being too long and retarded. 'Naughty Nuns' is an actual porn site, but there wasn't anything for nuns soaking in brine. "Come into my brine vat, ya?" Most of the sites mentioned in the video didn't exist.

Crazy ideas are allotted to Korea or LRR depending on whether Graham is present.

The first half of the video is almost a transcript of a conversation Graham and Kathleen had.

There are two references to past videos Kathleen has helped write: Door to Door, which most people would notice, and Kathleen saying "I have cats", a reference to Offensisensitivity, and Nikki the cat. There are four cats in the apartment, two of which are Kathleen's, and Nikki is Kathleen's father's. Nikki was used in the video instead of Khavren because Khavren's an ogre and Nikki puts up with Kathleen's antics. You can bring a cat to microphones, but you can't make them meow. Khavren looks like Nikki, but is a million times cuter, and hwas widdle wite paws an widdle wite nose an a whiddle wite patch, and he's so cute! Kathreen rarely talks that way, thankfully.

The video they had planned involved bears (see next week), but Lindsey had a bear suit, which didn't work out for the bear video but fit in fine in this one. Kathleen was recovering from the flu, so shooting that video was delayed.

Kathreen explains a weird idea that was cut from the next video, and demands that people write in to say the idea was funny, but the video is going to have enough weirdness already.

Graham's getting the glass of water wasn't funny, but it was nice to have some action there, which was the point of the activity - having people just sit and talk is boring, but the video concept didn't permit much moving about.

Graham's normally the crazy person, since he's crazier than most people in Victoria, but Kathleen is the crazy one in most of her videos.

Cat wrangling is hard. A brief discussion of handling the cats.

The video has been quite popular, with lots of positive feedback, which Kathleen found surprising.

It was difficult getting Kathleen into the right mood for shooting because she kept being distracted by a book about language, entitled "The Mother Tongue".

Kathleen provides a LoadingReadyReading on the mutable nature of linguistic meaning.

Robert Browning didn't know what the word 'twat' meant, thinking it refered to a type of nun headgear, giving glee to countless generations of schoolchildren. No one had the heart to tell him. It all comes back to nuns!

Kathleen says the second worst thing she's ever said. Graham won't specify what was worse - he's leaving it open. And on that note, the podcast ends - except that Kathleen wants to talk about the video game she's been playing now.


  • This LRRcast is in fact the origin of the "What We're Playing Now" segment. Blame Kathleen.
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