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Burritos are pretty much awesome. HAAA!!


Date: December 12, 2006

Category: The Whatever Thing

Appearing: Morgan, Graham

Whatever Clip: Dana Schwer

Haiku: Misty (posts as mistyladybug on the forums)


Morgan makes a manly burrito. Crying and hard alcohol are involved. Lean ground beef, a large number of seasonings, curry paste, refried beans (fried by Morgan), olive oil, hot sauce, chilies, Jack Daniels, onions, mushrooms, shallots, garlic, shells, cheese, salsa, and lettuce all go into these most manly burritos.


"Morgan wants haikus?

Well, this one is pretty nice.

Funny? Not so much."


  • According to Graham, this video was just a excuse to make a burrito and clear the kitchen.
  • Bill is the one who clinks the beer bottle with Morgan.
  • Morgan only smokes a cigar three times a year: on Matt's birthday, on James' birthday and on his own.
  • When reading the haiku, Morgan added an "a" and dropped the plural notation on "haiku", giving the first line an extra sixth syllable. Extra syllables are manly!
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