Magnum Rewatch Ep18 - Billy Joe Bob

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Billy Joe Bob, a man from Texas, hires Magnum to track down his missing sister. Graham talks Kendo, and Kathleen makes various dog noises for verisimilitude.

Vital Statistics

Date: June 04, 2015

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark

Runtime: 52:52


Episode 19: "Billy Joe Bob"
Airdate: October 08, 1981

Billy Joe Bob comes to Hawaii to hire Magnum to find his sister. Magnum has his hands full trying to keep Billy Joe Bob from beating up every local who gets in their way and trying to find Carol Ann, who has gotten in over her head with the wrong crowd.


It Was a Different Time

  • Kathleen and Graham discuss the social stigma of prostitution [1]

That's Racist!

  • Kathleen assesses an unofficial (and retroactive) half "That's Racist!" to the entire casting department of Magnum P.I. [2]
  • Billy Joe Bob prepares to lynch a man [3]

Kathleen's Rating

6 - "It's not awful. It has plot holes, and that is something I look down upon in television writing" [3]


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