Magnum Rewatch Ep05 - Skin Deep

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Magnum investigates the mysterious suicide of a famous actress. Meanwhile Graham and Kathleen learn just how much you can feather hair.

Vital Statistics

Date: March 2, 2015

Appearing: Kathleen De Vere, Graham Stark

Runtime: 50:00


Episode 6: "Skin Deep"
Airdate: January 15, 1981

When a beautiful model-actress is killed by a shotgun blast in a scenario closely resembling a scene from the script of an upcoming film, it is seemingly suicide. Magnum is hired by her former producer and lover to investigate any other men that she may have been seeing before her death—a case that Magnum is reluctant to take, but, feeling guilty for not taking it before the girl was killed, agrees to.


That's not racist! :)

  • The coroner is a normal, competent, non-white person. [1]

Kathleen's rating

8/10 "It's not as good as No need to know, which is good, although the [surprise] of No need to know was less surprising." [2]


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