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Kathleen and Graham present a rewatch podcast of the classic 1980s television show Magnum, P.I..

Season Two

# in season # in series Title Kathleen's Rating
10 27 The Sixth Position 8
Magnum is hired to act as a bodyguard to a testy ballerina. Graham and Kathleen have some script suggestions for the Magnum writing team.
9 26 The Taking of Dick McWilliams 6.5
Magnum investigates the mysterious kidnapping of an old friend, meanwhile Kathleen and Graham decide to start dispensing "life hack" advice.
8 25 Mad Buck Gibson EFF Toilets Poop House
Magnum is tasked with babysitting the infuriatingly childish Mad Buck Gibson, famous author, adventure seeker and troublemaker. Meanwhile Graham and Kathleen find the episode hits a little too close to home.
7 24 Wave Goodbye 8
When Magnum's friend Kacy is murdered, he'll stop at nothing to solve the case. Meanwhile, Kathleen fixates on a particularly thick beard.
6 23 Tropical Madness 6.5
Higgins comes down with a case of romance induced tropical madness, and it's up to Magnum to save the day. Meanwhile Kathleen and Graham come down with a case of tangent madness.
5 22 Memories Are Forever 9
A ghost from Magnum's past suddenly reappears, Kathleen talks extensively about Vietnamese food.
4 21 From Moscow To Maui 8
Magnum must help a Soviet track star defect, even though the KGB is watching her every move. Meanwhile, Higgin's ability to be boring is weaponized, and Kathleen goes deep into the trivia mines.
3 20 The Woman On The Beach 7
Magnum investigates when a beautiful woman seems to vanish into thin air. Is she really a woman, or is she a ghost? Meanwhile, Graham is very confused by Magnum's dietary choices, and Kathleen discusses the finer points of novelty car horns.
2 19 Dead Man's Channel 7
Magnum is hired to track down an archeologist after he goes missing while diving in the cursed Nihoa channel. Kathleen makes a variety of goat noises.
1 18 Billy Joe Bob 6
Billy Joe Bob, a man from Texas, hires Magnum to track down his missing sister. Graham talks Kendo, and Kathleen makes various dog noises for verisimilitude.

Season One

# in season # in series Title Kathleen's Rating
17 17 Beauty Knows No Pain 4.5
Magnum's friends and a kooky client are all trying to get him to run an Ironman triathlon. Meanwhile, Kathleen just wants everyone to exercise responsibly and know how little it's possible for a bike to weigh these days.
16 16 J "Digger" Doyle 8.5
Someone is after Robin Masters' latest novel, and Magnum must protect the precious manuscript. Kathleen wonders how the definition of "bitch" might have changed in the past 35 years.
15 15 The Black Orchid 6.5
Magnum is hired to amuse a lady with too much money and not enough sense. Meanwhile Graham and Kathleen finally get to notch up the "that's racist!" count again.
14 14 Don't Say Goodbye 7
Magnum is hired to investigate when someone tries to blackmail his friend Agatha. Graham talks extensively about interesting cinematography and the career of Ted Danson.
13 13 Adelaide 3
Magnum is tasked to protect the kindly Norman from a group of cowboys, and everyone else thinks this is hilarious for some reason. Graham and Kathleen enjoy some rich, steroid-fueled tangents.
12 12 All Roads Lead to Floyd 7
It's up to Magnum to track down a con man named Floyd so he can protect him from all the other people out to find him. Meanwhile Kathleen may be sick, but she is well enough to talk about auto insurance laws around the world.
11 11 Thicker Than Blood 7.5
TC is acting very strange, and unless Magnum solves the case, it'll be too late for his friend. Meanwhile Graham and Kathleen revel in the works of ace-TV composer Mike Post.
10 10 The Curse Of The King Kamehameha Club 6.5
A mysterious curse seems set to bring down the King Kamehameha Club and Rick along with it. Meanwhile Graham finds the most useless piece of Magnum related trivia yet.
9 9 Lest We Forget N/A
Magnum tries to find a girl who's been missing for 40 years, Higgins tries to find a fourth for bridge, and Kathleen tries to find the correct definition of ironic.
8 8 Missing In Action 4
Magnum looks into a mysterious disappearance, and how it might relate to a top secret military squad. Random psychic powers are also involved, so Graham and Kathleen do some investigation of their own.
7 7 The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii 6
Magnum repeatedly saves an otherwise uninteresting dog while an acclaimed actor devours the scenery.
6 6 Never Again Never Again N/A
Magnum tries to protect a jewish couple from neo-nazis intent on hunting them down. Graham and Kathleen slowly realize the show isn't as light-hearted as the box suggests.
5 5 Skin Deep 8
Magnum investigates the mysterious suicide of a famous actress. Meanwhile Graham and Kathleen learn just how much you can feather hair.
4 4 No Need To Know 9
Magnum is hired to keep watch over a very important guest, and Graham and Kathleen learn all about The Troubles.
3 3 Thank Heaven For Little Girls 6
Magnum is hired by a group of five little girls to irritate Higgins.
2 2 China Doll 7.5
Episode 2 of the Magnum Rewatch! In this episode, Magnum is hired to protect an ancient vase from a man with massive lapels.
1 1 Please Don't Eat the Snow in Hawaii N/A
Episode 1 of the Magnum Rewatch podcast! Kathleen and Graham take you through the 2-part pilot, and let you in on some of the behind-the-scenes origins of everyone's favourite moustache-related action series.