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Not to be confused with The LRRcast, the original LoadingReadyRun podcast.

Audio podcasts from LoadingReadyRun, often referred to as LRRcasts (pronounced "lurr-cast").

Current Podcasts

  • Dice Friends, table-top role-playing games.
  • North 100, LRR's weekly Magic podcast, all about Canadian Highlander!
  • Qwerpline, the most popular radio show on QWRP FM, Qwerpline is full of curious characters and local interests.
  • Sidewalk Slam, the much-requested pro wrestling podcast with Graham and Adam.
  • TapTapConcede, "a casual discussion of casual Magic".

Podcasts on Hiatus

  • AnoAni, where Beej, Heather, Ian and Cori round up their anime picks from the each season and outline what they're looking forward to.
  • Magnum Rewatch, where Kathleen and Graham take you through everyone's favourite moustache-related action series.

Finished Podcasts