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Sources of Music

LoadingReadyRun's Commodore 64 music (also known as SID music) comes from a huge library of songs, which can be obtained from the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). They require a SID player in order to play; a list of these is available on the HVSC's downloads page. Graham uses SIDPLAY for Mac OS for converting them to use in videos.

The secondary source of music for LoadingReadyRun videos is Apple's iLife sound effects (which include tunes and jingles) and GarageBand loops; these are available to anyone who has a copy of iLife, and can most likely be downloaded off the internet by anyone who doesn't.

List of SID Tunes used in LRR Videos

Each SID tune may be a collection of tunes, and can be broken down into subsongs; if that is the case, the subsong is listed. Also shown is the directory in the HVSC where the song is stored. A point of note: each song is comprised of three different channels, the volumes of which can be controlled independently. In the case of some songs, one or two of the channels have been muted when used in a video.

Theme Tunes

Tune Subsong
(if applicable)
LoadingReadyRun The Sporting News Baseball /GAMES/S-Z/Sporting_News_Baseball.sid
commodoreHUSTLE Classic /DEMOS/UNKNOWN/Classic.sid
Loading Time
The Whatever Thing Summer Camp 3 /MUSICIANS/C/Clements_Mark/Summer_Camp.sid
Sheer Stupidity Jumpman 8 /GAMES/G-L/Jumpman.sid
On Location Jumpman 9 /GAMES/G-L/Jumpman.sid
Girly Magazine Quiz Jumpman 11 /GAMES/G-L/Jumpman.sid


Episode Scene Tune Subsong
(if applicable)
Laundry Intro Triton 5 /GAMES/S-Z/Triton.sid
James' Laundry V-GA 2 /GAMES/S-Z/V-GA.sid
Disaster / Coping
DIscovering Butterface
Bill's Plan Triton 1 /GAMES/S-Z/Triton.sid
Finding Jer
Cheese Trail
Red Intro <same as "Finding Jer">
Ninja Fishing <same as "Cheese Trail">
New DotA Map <same as "Fun With Microwaves">
Clearing Morgan's Room Triton 1 /GAMES/S-Z/Triton.sid
Critical Intro
Weighting the Dice
Planting the Dice
Introducing the SNES-Box
You Enter the Elevator
"So, Can We Take the Gold Now?" Triton 1 /GAMES/S-Z/Triton.sid
Really Into Games / Going Line Dancing
It's So On
Fixer Intro
Pelvic Thrusting <same as "Really Into Games">
Kathleen's Plan <same as "It's So On">
VCPNJ Meeting
Buying the Office <same as "Weighting the Dice">
Street Intro Metal Warrior 4 1 MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/metal_warrior_4.sid
I've learned... Metal Warrior 2 4 MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/metal_warrior_2.sid
introducing The Runners Metal Warrior 2 1 MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/metal_warrior_2.sid
Viral Directing! Acting! Writing! ... Metal Warrior 4 1 MUSICIANS/C/Cadaver/metal_warrior_4.sid

Known SID tunes

Video: Scene: Song title: HVSC path:
All (Nearly) LRR logo theme The Sporting News Baseball GAMES\S-Z\Sporting_News_Baseball.sid
Various Assorted SFX Jumpman (various Sub Songs) GAMES\G-L\Jumpman.sid
Various Assorted SFX Jumpman Junior (various Sub Songs) GAMES\G-L\Jumpman_Junior.sid
The Rant series Titles Ballblazer MUSICIANS\L\Lieblich_Russel\Ballblazer.sid
Underpantaloons Training Montage Eye of the Tiger MUSICIANS\S\Simon_Laszlo\Eye_of_the_Tiger.sid
First Draft Iron Man Trailer Cardboard Man reveal Iron Men DEMOS\G-L\Iron_Men.sid
Daylight Savings Intro & Outro Sunrise MUSICIANS\T\The_Magical_Garfield\Sunrise.sid
Christmas Caroling on Halloween Intro Merry Christmas I MUSICIANS\W\Waz\Merry_Christmas_I.sid
Somebody Has to Change Intro/Outro Rainbow Shuffle MUSICIANS\P\PRI\Rainbow_Shuffle.sid
Hanging Intro Action, Please MUSICIANS\Z\Zoolex\Action_Please.sid
Easy Bake Spore Titles Baker Street MUSICIANS\W\Weber_Markus\Baker_Street.sid (or Baker_Street_PSID.sid)
Sheer Stupidity series Titles Jumpman (Sub Song 8) GAMES\G-L\Jumpman.sid
On Location series Titles Jumpman (Sub Song 9) GAMES\G-L\Jumpman.sid
Moore's Meadow Crop Circle Map Indiana Jones i. t. Lost Kingdom GAMES\G-L\Indiana_Jones_i_t_Lost_Kingdom.sid
Girly Magazine Quiz series Titles Jumpman (Sub Song 11) GAMES\G-L\Jumpman.sid
Ways to End a Movie: The Video Game First Music Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (Sub Song 1) GAMES\M-R\Pitfall_II-Lost_Caverns.sid
ISC: Banana Onion Juice BGM Chinese Food MUSICIANS\D\Data\Chinese_Food.sid
ISC: Pickle Juice BGM Acid Stomach MUSICIANS\S\Sonic_Graffiti\Hayes_Ben\Acid_Stomach.sid
CCYD Reveal of camp name Summer Camp (Sub Song 3) MUSICIANS\C\Clements_Mark\Summer_Camp.sid
Nuntastic Rent-a-Furry Theme Summer Camp (Sub Song 2) MUSICIANS\C\Clements_Mark\Summer_Camp.sid

Unknown tunes

early season 2 LRR alt theme
various T-Shirt Ads
The Mirror Intro
Bob series Titles
Spam Theater 2 Subject:
Loading Ready Run 3000 series Titles
One Minute Shorts Titles
Hagiography Today Titles
CCYD Intro
Hell's Kitchen Intro
Stuck in a Car with Your Friends Intro
Gorgeous Montage
LRRoadtrip ComicCon 2007 series Titles
LRRoadtrip: Shaving Legs BGM
Lock Out Titles
Lock Out Montage
Moving Out The Move
Phailhaüs series Titles
Bandwidth Exceeded Titles/Various
Assorted Anonymous Titles
Fun with Microwaves BGM
Assessment Montage
Rapidfire II series Theme
The Lich King's New Wrath signs
The Lich King's New Wrath grinding


Video: Scene: Song title: HVSC path:
LRRcasts Outro ? ?
LRRcasts What We're Playing Now Worktune in JO's player MUSICIANS\D\DRAX\Worktunes\Worktune_in_JOs_player.sid
The Whatever Thing series Titles Summer Camp (Sub Song 3) MUSICIANS\C\Clements_Mark\Summer_Camp.sid
Ask An Alex series Titles Saliva Kid (Sub Song 1) GAMES\S-Z\Saliva_Kid.sid
Ask An Alex series Intro BGM Saliva Kid (Sub Song 2) GAMES\S-Z\Saliva_Kid.sid
Ask An Alex 2 Outro ? ?
The Shavening BGM ? ?
LRR Community Profile Intro/Outro Music Abyss GAMES\A-F\Abyss.sid

Loading Time

Video: Scene: Tune: HVSC path:
All (nearly) Titles ? ?
02 - Special Pax 2008 Titles Loading MUSICIANS\F\Fanta\Loading.sid
02a - Special Pax 2008 Outro ? ?
03 - All The Little People BGM ? ?
04D - Screening Loading Ready Run Awards 2008 Movie Business (Sub Song 1) GAMES\M-R\Movie_Business.sid
05 - RapStar64K BGM Samurai Trilogy (subtune 2) GAMES\S-Z\Samurai_Trilogy.sid