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|style="width:12%;" | Date || Title || style="width:8%;" | Link
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| 2021-07-22 || style="text-align:left;"| Ep380: D&D: Forgotten Realms Sealed / Draft || [ Link]
|colspan="3" style="text-align:left; border-bottom:2px solid #FCCA11;"| LRRMTG is here!! [[Graham Stark|Graham]] is joined by [[Adam Savidan|Adam]] and [[Kathleen De Vere|Kathleen]] for some AFR Limited!
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|- style="background-color:#eeeeee;"

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LRRMtG is a LoadingReadyRun livestream show, typically streaming at 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm GMT on Thursdays.

Every week, James and Graham draft Magic: the Gathering Online, and occasionally succeed! Although, when the goal is entertainment over good play, it really seems more like they always succeed. Hop in the chat and tell us what to pick.

Beginning March 16, 2018, paper Magic livestreams began to be differentiated using the name Friday Night Paper Fight.

Episodes list


Date Title Link
2021-07-22 Ep380: D&D: Forgotten Realms Sealed / Draft [ Link]
LRRMTG is here!! Graham is joined by Adam and Kathleen for some AFR Limited!
2021-07-15 Ep379: D&D: Forgotten Realms Sealed / Draft Link
It's everyone's favorite time of the week, Thursday Drafternoon and LRRMTG with the first and third greatest Magic players on Vancouver Island who were born in 1983 and have been friends for 19.5 years.
2021-07-08 Ep378: D&D: Forgotten Realms Sealed / Draft Link
Who’s up for some venturing? Graham and Cameron are going to hit up some #MTGDND Limited on LRRMTG!
2021-06-24 Ep377: Chromatic Cube Draft / Jumpstart Link
Ever seen the movie Twins? It's about two brothers that were genetically engineered so one was basically an absolute specimen and the other was just the leftovers. Today's LRRMtG is basically that, but we both enjoy partaking in ice cream.
2021-06-17 Ep375: Jumpstart / Arena Cube Draft Link
It's Thursday Drafternoon which means it's time for James and Adam to fire up MTG Arena and draft the Arena Cube... probably quite poorly as is their birthright.
2021-06-03 Ep374: Strixhaven Drafts Link
Adam and James are here for today's LRRMTG! Adam brings the brains of the operation, while James shall contribute by composing this tweet and offering his expert advice like "Don't listen to me!" and "Why am I sitting on a donut?"
2021-05-27 Ep373: Strixhaven Drafts Link
Hey it’s Graham and Adam and they’re here to play #MTGStrixhaven on LRRMTG!
2021-05-20 Ep372: Strixhaven Drafts Link
It's that time of the week: LRRMtG! This week, Adam is given the keys to the stream for 30 minutes before James shows up so let's all talk about all the things we like about James for 30 minutes and then scrub the VOD from existence.
2021-05-13 Ep371: Strixhaven Drafts Link
Let’s go! It’s time to draft with Graham and James! (James not pictured but he assures me he’ll be here soon)
2021-05-06 Ep370: Strixhaven Commander Deck building Link
Today on LRRMTG, Graham, Ben, Nelson, and Wheeler are opening up #MTGStrixhaven to build Commander decks from!
2021-04-29 Ep369: Strixhaven Drafts Link
Strixhaven time! Graham and Adam are here for some LRRMTG! (also Graham has some Japanese boosties to open)
2021-04-22 Ep368: Strixhaven Drafts Link
Adam is drafting Strixhaven on LRRMtG!
2021-04-15 Ep367: Strixhaven Sealed Link
School’s in session! Graham is here (and James will be shortly) for some #MTGStrixhaven on LRRMTG!
2021-04-08 Ep366: Kaldheim Drafts Link
James and Adam are live with this afternoon's LRRMTG. This is the last stream with Kaldheim so let's send it off as best we can!
2021-04-01 Ep365: New Historic / Nega Cube Link
What’s “New Historic”? Graham and Adam aim to find out. It’s LRRMTG!
2021-03-25 Ep364: Kaldheim Drafts Link
Little bit of a shorter LRRMTG today to accommodate this evenings Long Game. James is rocking the show solo today which almost certainly means he's gonna force a mono colored deck and lose. AS IS TRADITION!
2021-03-18 Ep363: Kaldheim / War of the Spark Drafts Link
Graham’s been left all alone to play Magic today, join him won’t you?
2021-03-11 Ep362: Kaldheim Drafts Link
Would you like to watch a Magic the Gathering stream that's hosted by a guy that sounds like Rex from Toy Story when he gets really excited but is also the drafting equivalent of popular NBA star "Big Country" Bryant Reeves?
2021-03-04 Ep361: Kaldheim Drafts Link
Time for LRRMTG! Graham and Adam are here for some drafts.
2021-02-25 Ep360: Kaldheim Drafts Link
James and Adam are going to draft Kaldheim and only talk about the current state of Magic: The Gathering and nothing that is relevant to the future or past as a collectible card game.
2021-02-18 Ep359: Kaldheim Drafts Link
It’s Magic time! Graham and James are gonna do some Kaldheim on LRRMTG!
2021-02-11 Ep358: Kaldheim Drafts Link
It's a very merry Kaldheim Drafternoon over on LRRMTG today. James and Adam are playing Magic, chatting about life, and wondering how lonely shoes must feel without feet around.
2021-02-04 Ep357: Kaldheim Drafts Link
It’s Magic time! Graham and Adam are here to play some Kaldheim!
2021-01-28 Ep357: Kaldheim Draft Link
It's time for LRRMtG, where James and Adam fulfill their blood oath to never drop a game of Kaldheim draft ever or we ship James off to represent Earth for Ragnarok!
2021-01-21 Ep356: Tinkerer's Cube Draft Link
Hey! It’s Graham (and James) and they’re gonna play Magic! It’s LRRMTG!
2021-01-14 Ep355: Zendikar Rising / Ravnica Allegiance Drafts Link
James and Adam are live with this afternoon's LRRMTG. Perhaps if you're good they'll tell you about the upcoming Kaldheim PPR? And if you're REALLY good you can watch us play MtG at a skill level some people describe as passable.
2021-01-07 Ep354: Guilds of Ravnica and Zendikar Rising Drafts Link
Time for some Magic on LRRMTG with Graham and Adam!


Date Title Link
2020-12-31 Ep353: Arena Cube Draft Link
It's the final day of 2020 so that means James and Adam are trying to sneak under the wire and provide you with a Magic stream where you can question our every play.
2020-12-17 Ep352: Arena Cube Draft Link
It's time for LRRMtG, and it's also the Arena cube! I'm typing this tweet before discussing what Graham wanted to do today so Graham, stop scrolling your timeline and help me with this draft deck PLEASE
2020-12-10 Ep351: Kaladesh Remastered Drafts Link
James is live with LRRMTG! Not only is he gonna play some slightly below average Magic, he’s gonna look cute while doing it! Check out his cool Moose mask! If he can wear it for a few hours while playing Magic, surely you can wear on anywhere!
2020-12-03 Ep350: Kaladesh Remastered / Zendikar Rising Drafts Link
Time for LRRMTG! Graham is here and his Twitter jokes aren’t as good as Adam’s.
2020-11-26 Ep349: Kaladesh Remastered Drafts Link
Join the best one-two punch in Magic streaming today on LRR MTG!

James: dependable, stoic, responsible, smart, well spoken, calm, overflowing with animal magnetism, the best friend that any human being could ask for

Adam: tall

2020-11-05 Ep348: Zendkiar Rising Drafts Link
It's everyone's favorite time of the week! Thursday Drafternoon on LRRMTG! James and Adam are live playing Magic.
2020-10-29 Ep347: Zendkiar Rising Drafts Link
Let’s Magic! Graham is here for LRRMTG!
2020-10-22 Ep346: Innistrad Block Phantom Supreme Draft Link
Hey! You! You wanna play a game? Well to bad, James is gonna play the game and you're gonna watch (hopefully, that's kinda how this whole thing works) We're live with this afternoons LRRMTG!
2020-10-15 Ep345: Zendikar Rising Draft Link
James and Adam are playing popular card game Magic: The Gathering in digital form.
2020-10-08 Ep344: Zendikar Rising Draft Link
Graham and Adam (and maybe Kathleen in a bit!) are gonna draft some ZENDIKAR! It’s LRRMTG!
2020-10-01 Ep343: Zendikar Rising Draft Link
James has been left alone for today's LRRMTG stream. So it's time for his traditional mono coloured draft challenge!
2020-09-24 Ep342: Zendikar Rising Limited Link
Y’all ready for some Maaaaaaaagic! I can’t hear you! Which would make sense considering the circumstances. This was a good joke. LRRMTG is a go. James is at home, Graham’s at the office and Tom Hanks couldn’t join us today. A shame really.
2020-09-17 Ep341: Zendikar Rising Limited Link
Ayy what’s up, it’s Graham and Adam here to play some ZENDIKAR RISING on LRRMTG!
2020-09-10 Ep340: Tinkerer's Cube Draft Link
James and Adam are playing Magic: The Gathering Arena. Most likely the Tinkerer's Cube Draft. This has been your going online tweet with James "I'm tired AF" Turner.
2020-09-03 Ep339: Yargle Day! and Amonkhet Remastered Drafts Link
James and Adam are here to play, Magic Magic Magic Magic Magic, Magic all day.
2020-08-27 Ep338: Amonkhet Remastered Drafts Link
Adam has been left all alone for LRRMtG this week and someone left the snacks cupboard unlocked so he got into all the sugar so you know what that means. Somebody tell me what it means I'm scared and alone and someone took the keys to my hot air balloon
2020-08-20 Ep337: Amonkhet Drafts Link
Me (36M) has a best friend (Also 36M) that keeps clicking through main phases on MTG Arena when we stream together. I drank his chocolate milk while he as at work. AMITA?
2020-08-13 Ep336: Amonkhet Drafts Link
Time for some LRRMTG, Graham and James are gonna go back to Amonkhet!
2020-08-06 Ep335: Dominaria Drafts Link
Adam and James are two of the best friends in the entire world. Today, their friendship will be tested by Magic's true trial: "why would you click through our second main phase"
2020-07-30 Ep334: Throne of Eldraine Drafts Link

2020-07-23 Ep333: Core 2021 Drafts Link
Time for LRRMtG with James and Adam! We have a big announcement to make today so tune in or you'll be visited by the tormented spirits of your ancestors? Probably not, but come around anyway.
2020-07-16 Ep332: Core 2021 / Jumpstart Link
Adam is flying solo on LRRMtG this afternoon and doesn't really understand M21 draft. That's a recipe for success, kids.
2020-07-09 Ep331: Core 2021 Drafts [1]
James and Adam are playing Jumpstart on today's LRRMTG. You can tell this is a James tweet cause it's both informative and wildly unfunny.
2020-07-02 Ep330: Core 2021 Drafts Link
James is flying solo today on LRRMTG. And you know what that means?! Cause he sure doesn't... send help.
2020-06-25 Ep329: Core 2021 Drafts Link
James and Adam are drafting the new Magic set, Core 2021 on Magic Online! Please come validate us
2020-06-18 Ep328: Arena Cube Drafts Link
James and Adam are drafting the Arena Cube on Arena!
2020-06-11 Ep327: Ikoria Drafts Link
James is rocking this afternoons LRRMTG solo, so that should be fun. It's time for Thursday Drafternoon!
2020-06-04 Ep326: Ikoria Drafts Link
James and Adam are ready to draft ALL. NIGHT. LONG! Oh... I'm being told only for a few hours. Still should be fun though!
2020-05-30 Ep325: Arena Open Link
Well let’s see how THIS goes: Graham is going to try and make Day 2 in the MTG Arena Open!
2020-05-27 Ep324: Ikoria Drafts Link
It's time for your weekly LRR MtG stream! Will James and Adam be able to draft something resembling a coherent deck? How many HOLES references will Adam make in a 3 hour span? Can James go 20 minutes without talking about Minecraft?
2020-05-20 Ep323: Ikoria Drafts Link
James and Adam are live with this afternoons LRRMTG and they're gonna play Magic: The Gathering Arena! Isn't that WEIRD!? No, it's not, we do it every week, you should really be use to this by now.
2020-05-13 Ep322: Ikoria Drafts Link
It's time for some LRRMtG! Join Adam and or James and maybe even Kathleen for some drafting!
2020-05-06 Ep321: Ikoria Drafts Link
James and Adam are live with this afternoons LRRMTG. Today they are going to draft Magic cards, then construct a deck with said drafted cards, then they will play with the Magic cards. Very much on the up and up around these parts :D
2020-04-30 Ep320: Tribal Drafts Link
Adam has been left to his own devices for LRRMtG so that means drafting big dumb idiot tribal.
2020-04-23 Ep319: Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Drafts Link
Two 36 year old men have stumbled their way into playing Magic: The Gathering as part of their full time job. And from that emerges LRRMTG. James and Adam are ready to spew gems so you don't have to!
2020-04-16 Ep318: Ikoria Draft Link
Ikoria is here, and James and Adam are going to draft it! Big dumb idiot tribal is the one archtype that we can all truly rally behind. Kinda like how Episodes 1-3 of Star Wars was good.
2020-04-15 Ep317: Ikoria Streamer Event Part 1 with James Part 2 with Graham
It's time for LRRMTG! Join James from NOW until 1:00PM Pacific, and then Graham from 1:00PM-4:30PM for the Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Streamer Event! #Sponsored
2020-04-09 Ep316: Sealed Cube Link
On today's LRRMtG, Adam will grossly overreact to every small play as a new, revolutionary way of increasing engagement across all of our social media platforms. Also, James will be there. Maybe today he'll put pants on.
2020-04-02 Ep315: James v Adam Bralternoon Link
James and Adam are live with an afternoon or Magic and friendship. Let's finish off this Theros Draft and then play some Brawl!
2020-03-26 Ep314: Ranked Theros Beyond Draft Link
It's Thursday and that means it's time for LRRMtG! Today, Adam is in the office and James has joined us via the MIRACLES OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY.
2020-03-19 Ep313: Theros Beyond Draft Link
Adam is all alone for LRRMtG today, so worse case scenario is we draw less lands without @James_LRR in the office, but the curse may have evolved and reaches farther than 12 city blocks.
2020-03-12 Ep312: Theros Mono Coloured Challenge Ep2 Link

2020-03-05 Ep311: Theros Mono Coloured Challenge Ep1 Link
Today on LRRMTG let's do the WUBRG challenge. Which is to say let's force mono colour decks until we go 7-0 :D
2020-02-27 Ep310: Theros Beyond Traditional Drafts Link
James and Adam are live with today’s LRRMTG! We’re gonna end things a bit early today (4PM Pacific) in order to host the LoadingReadyRun Panel at PAX East!
2020-02-20 Ep309: Zendikar Flashback Drafts Link
James and Adam are gonna jam some Zendikar Flashback drafts today on LRRMtG. We assure you, we have no idea what we’re doing. So this should go well.
2020-02-13 Ep308: Theros Beyond Death Ranked Draft Link
James and/or Adam and/or Graham and/or Brad Pitt are live with some Magic: The Gathering Arena. Probably sans Brad Pitt.
2020-02-06 Ep307: Theros Beyond Death Ranked Draft Link
Thursday afternoon at 2PM Pacific can only mean one thing! DRAFTS! Join us for LRRMTG and some Theros Beyond Death ranked drafts.
2020-01-30 Ep306: Theros Beyond Death Draft/Sealed Link
It’s Thursday afternoon at 2PM, that can only mean one thing! James and/or Graham and/or Adam and/or Kathleen and/or Insert LoadingReadyRun crew member here is playing Magic!
2020-01-23 Ep305: Theros Beyond Death Draft Link
James and Adam are gonna spend 3 hours playing Magic: The Gathering. Truly the gods of Theros are smiling down upon us on this glorious of streams!
2020-01-16 Ep304: Theros Beyond Death Sealed Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMTG and we’re jamming Theros: Beyond Death sealed until we pass out... or until 5PM. Whichever comes first :)
2020-01-15 Theros Beyond Death Streamer Event Link
Can’t quite log in yet, but Graham is going online for Theros Beyond Death Streamer Event!!


Date Title Link
2019-12-19 Ep303: Core 2020 Drafts Link

2019-12-12 Ep302: Holiday Cube & Arena Draft Link
James and Adam are gonna stream Vintage Cube on today’s LRRMTG. Which should go about as well as you’d expect ;)
2019-12-05 Ep301: RNA & ELD drafting Link
Today on LRRMtG: Graham and Adam are going to play with Magic cards on Arena. Math checks out.
2019-11-28 Ep300: Drafts and Historic Pauper Link
It's time for LRRMTG and James is riding solo... until he's not. We play things pretty loosey goosey around these parts. Let's MtG Shall we?
2019-11-21 Ep299: Throne of Eldraine Drafts Ep3 Link
It’s LRRMTG time! Let’s MAGIC!
2019-10-31 Ep298: Triple Innistrad Draft Link
Halloween + LRRMTG? The only logical answer to that equation is triple Innistrad drafts! And wouldn't you know it, that's exactly what we're going to do.
2019-10-24 Ep297: Brawl Link
James is live with today's LRRMTG. He's been left alone while everyone else films Friday Nights. So who knows what kinda shenanigans he's bound to get up to.
2019-10-17 Ep296: Chaos Draft Link
James and Adam are live with today’s LRRMTG! Does turn one Merfolk Secretkeeper have you feeling U? Have no fear! We’re gonna CHAOS draft all day.
2019-10-10 Ep295: Throne of Eldraine Drafts Ep2 Link
Who’s ready for an afternoon of Throne of Eldraine drafts!? Join Adam, James and Graham for MAGIC!
2019-10-03 Ep294: Throne of Eldraine Drafts Ep1 Link
Adam and James are live with some good old fashion MTG drafts. Today on LRRMTG we’re checking out Throne of Eldraine drafts.
2019-09-24 Ep293: Throne of Eldraine Early Access Streamer Event Link
Well I guess if everyone else is doing it we will too! Graham and James are live with today’s #MTGELD Early Access Streamer Event. We’re gonna be jamming the brand new set all afternoon! #Sponsored
2019-09-12 Ep292: Core 2020 Ranked Draft Link
Join James and Adam for LRRMtG! Every game we lose, James has pledged to buy Adam one (1) ice cream.
2019-09-05 Ep291: Eldraine Brawl on MTG Arena Link
James and Adam have retuned from their long journey away and are ready to play with some Magic cards. Gonna check out Brawl and maybe do a 2020 draft. Also, it’s Subtember!
2019-08-22 Ep290 Link
It’s time for LRRMTG and today we’re LIVE FROM MAGICFEST VEGAS! Join James, Adam and Ben for a very special stream. It’s gonna be a thing :)
2019-08-15 Ep289 Link
We’re live with today’s LRRMTG! And James is joined by special guest Dana Fischer for an afternoon of Core 2020 drafts!
2019-08-08 Ep288 Link
LRRMTG is a go! Come watch Adam and James play some Core 2020 and annoy each other. It's gonna be great!
2019-08-01 Ep287 Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMTG. We’re gonna draft Magic cards and stuff. It’ll be great, you should watch.
2019-07-31 MTG Twitch Rivals Link
James and Cameron are live with this morning MTG Twitch Rivals tournament! Join us as we flounder around in standard for several hours :D
2019-07-25 Ep286 Link
James and Adam are live with today’s LRRMtG stream! Join them for an afternoon of Core 2020 ranked drafts and friendship.
2019-07-18 Ep285 Link
James and Adam are LIVE with today’s LRRMTG! We’re drafting Core Set 2020.
2019-07-11 Ep284 Link
It’s time for an afternoon of Magic the Gathering the way Twitch intended. Played by these two charming Canadian boys. It’s LRRMTG!
2019-07-04 Ep283 Link
It's definitely James and Adam playing MTG Arena on LRRMTG!
2019-07-01 Ep282 Link
It's time for the Core 2020 Arena Preview event! There's some really cool new features, and Ben's here to bumble his way through some limited and maybe constructed!
2019-06-20 Ep281 Link
We’re live! Join Graham and James as they broadcast this weeks LRRMtG live from #MTGSeattle! We’ll be announcing next weeks Core 2020 PPR info as well.
2019-06-13 Ep280 Link
We’re LIVE! Join James and Adam for LRRMTG. It’s sure to be an afternoon of perfect plays and handsome boys. Perfect Plays and Handsome Boys not guaranteed.
2019-06-06 Ep279 Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMTG! Let's draft us some Modern Horizons!
2019-05-23 Ep278 Link
Today on LRRMtG: Adam is with.... someone? Kathleen? Graham? We're gonna try and play some games of Magic: The Gathering.
2019-05-16 Ep277 Link
It's LRRMTG time! James and Adam are here for an afternoon of ranked War of the Spark drafts. Platinum or RIOT!
2019-05-09 Ep276 Link
Join James and Adam for some classic Thursday afternoon Magic Drafts!
2019-05-08 Twitch Rivals Team Draft Link
Graham & James are playing in the #TwitchRivals @MTG_Arena Team Draft today! Join us for some fast and furious drafting!
2019-05-02 Ep275 Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMTG! This afternoon we’re drafting War of the Spark! Join us won’t you?
2019-04-25 Ep274 Link
James and Adam are live with today’s LRRMTG! Let’s check out War of the Spark!
2019-04-23 Ep273 Link
War of the Spark sneak peek
2019-04-18 Ep272 Link

2019-04-11 Ep271 Link
Who's ready to watch James and Adam play Magic: The Gathering for the next 3 hours? I hope the answer is all of you :D
2019-04-05 Ep270 Link
No Friday Night Paper Fight tonight, so join James and Ben for a bonus MtG Arena stream!
2019-04-04 Ep269 Link
James and Adam are live with this afternoons LRRMTG! Join us for Arena drafts.
2019-03-28 Ep268 Link
James and Ben are live with this afternoons LRRMTG. Let's draft some magic cards and then cast them against our opponents!
2019-03-21 Ep267 Link

2019-03-14 Ep266 Link
It's Thursday afternoon which means it's time for some Magic! The Gathering that is. Join James and Adam for some high level snark and moderate to average magic skills.
2019-03-07 Ep265 Link
Adam has been left all alone for LRR MtG again. You know what that means. (Spoiler: nobody knows what it means, but it's provocative.)
2019-02-28 Ep264 Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMTG! We’re playing cards and probably talking about whatever is about to be announced from WotC!
2019-02-21 Ep263 Link
James and Adam are live with LRRMtG. If you've been thinking to yourself, "I wanna watch two 35 year old Canadians play Magic at a slightly above average level" boy do I have the stream for you?
2019-02-14 Ep262 Link
James is live with LRRMtG this fine Thursday afternoon. Currently he’s alone, but maybe someone will join him? Who knows, aren’t surprises fun?!
2019-02-07 Ep261 Link
James is busy so he's left Adam all alone for LRR MtG! Ride or die, twitch chat. You're either in, or in the way.
2019-01-31 Ep260 Link
James and Adam are in the house ready to fill you up on that sweet sweet MtG Arena content. And we’ve got coffee!
2019-01-24 Ep259 Link
It’s LRRMTG and we’ve got a cast of rotating players for today’s stream as we finish filming Friday Nights. First up, Ben and James!
2019-01-17 Ep258 Link
Graham is out of town so Adam joins James today on LRRMTG! Ravnica Allegiance is live on Arena, how many can we do?
2019-01-10 Ep257 Link
Bonus LRRMTG stream! Marshall Sutcliffe, Gavin Verhey, Shivam In Kaladesh join Graham (and various LRR folk)
2019-01-03 Ep256 Link
James is sick so Kathleen's driving today's LRR MtG stream (for a bit anyhow)... what could go wrong?


Date Title Link
2018-12-18 Twitch Rivals MTG Arena Tournament Link
James is live for the Twitch Rivals MTG Arena tournament! Of course with a 5 minute delay you'll have to wait a bit to see him :D
2018-12-13 Ep255 Link
On this week's LRRMtG, Cameron and Kathleen discover that you can, in fact, set fire to gems
2018-12-06 Ep254 Link
James is LIVE with LRRMTG! Let's see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Ultimate Masters. I heard it's what all the cool kids are drafting.
2018-11-28 Ep253 Link
Thursday afternoon (at least here in Victoria) can only mean one thing! MAGIC. THE. GATHERING. Which is to say let's play some MtG shall we? We've got Arena and Cube is back on MtGO, so maybe a bit of both today.
2018-11-21 Ep252 Link
James and invisible Graham are here to play some Magic for the afternoon. Join us won’t you?
2018-11-08 Ep251 Link
Cameron has taken control of the Magic stream and is intent on drafting.
2018-11-01 Ep250 Link
Full house today for LRRMtG! Join James, Graham and Cameron for some OG Innistrad flashback drafts!
2018-10-18 Ep249b Link
Join Beej for a #Sponsored Stream playing Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest!
2018-10-18 Ep249 Link
Arena is back and so are we! Going online with some Magic!
2018-10-11 Ep248 Link
James is here to play some Magic. If you don’t watch, it’ll be tragic.

Poetry is not my strong suit I like eating fruit. Anyways, LRRMtG is live!!

2018-10-04 Ep247 Link
🔵 Going live with LRRMTG! Let’s play some Magic.
2018-09-27 Ep246 Link
Magic: The Gathering Arena is in open beta and we're ready to take it for a test spin! James and Graham are live with today's LRRMtG!
2018-09-26 Ep245 Link
Time for more magic, as LRRMTG rolls on, with the @MTG_Arena GRN early-access streamer event!
2018-09-20 Ep244 Link
James is online with today's LRRMTG. Momir is on Arena and there's still all these people from the PPR milling about. Let's all play some magic :D
2018-09-13 Ep243 Link
It’s time for LRRMTG!
2018-09-06 Ep242 Link
James and Graham are ready to rumble in the Arena of MTG! Not pictured Graham, he’s making stuff. He’ll be here soon.
2018-08-30 Ep241 Link
Adam and Cameron are going to draft some flashback drafts of Khans of Tarkir! S e c r e t P l a n s
2018-08-23 Ep240 Link
LRRMtG is live and it's time to get a bit chaotic! Chaos Drafts on live on MTGO and we're gonna try our best :D
2018-08-16 Ep239 Link
It's Thursday afternoon which can only mean one thing. MAGIC: THE GATHERING TIME! It's LRRMtG and we're gonna cast so many spells y'all :D
2018-08-09 Ep238 Link
Let’s Magic?? Yes, let’s Magic!! LRRMTG is liiiiive!
2018-08-02 Ep237b: MtG Puzzle Quest Link
Beej has joined Graham and James for the final hour of today's LRRMTG. He'll be showing off @MtGPuzzleQuest and checking out the newly released M19. #Sponsored
2018-08-02 Ep237 Link
Graham and James are firing up the Magic canons! It's time for LRRMtG. And later today (4:00PM Pacific) Beej will be joining us for a one hour #sponsored stream of @MtGPuzzleQuest. Let's GOOOOOO!
2018-07-26 Ep236 Link
James is all alone and about to play some Magic for LRRMtG. Come keep me company please :D
2018-07-19 Ep235 Link
Graham and James are live with LRRMtG! We're rocking some Core 2019 Arena drafts! One of us, One of us, One of us.
2018-07-18 Ep234: Core 2019 Arena Showcase Link
James and Graham are back for their second Magic stream of the day! This time on our own channel. Join us for some Arena won't you?
2018-07-12 Ep233 Link
Let’s play some Magic! It’s LRRMTG time! Plus some fun Magic news.
2018-07-05 Ep232 Link
Arena Drafts & Constructed
2018-06-28 Ep231 Link
Arena Drafts & Constructed
2018-06-14 Ep230 Link

2018-06-01 Ep229 Link
Dominaria Drafting
2018-05-31 Ep228 Link
Kathleen and Cameron pilot Muldrotha in the Wizards-sponsored Streamer Brawl
2018-05-24 Ep227 Link
2018-05-17 Ep226 Link
Arena Flash Event and MTGO Dominaria Drafts
2018-05-10 Ep225 Link
Arena and Draft
2018-05-03 Ep224 Link
Arena Dailies and Dominaria Draft
2018-04-25 Ep223 Link
Dominaria in Arena! Sponsored Draft Event!
2018-04-19 Ep222 Link
2018-04-05 Ep221 Link
2018-04-01 Ep220 Link
2018-03-30 Bonus Stream Link
2018-03-29 Ep219 Link
Arena, Draft
2018-03-26 Bonus Stream Link
2018-03-22 Ep218 Link
2018-03-15 Ep217 Link
Master 25 Streamer Showdown
2018-03-09 Pauper Highlander Link
2018-03-08 Ep216 Link
2018-03-01 Ep215 Link
2018-02-23 6th Edition Six Player Draft Link
2018-02-22 Ep214 Link
2018-02-16 4 Player Commander Link
Homebrew Decks
2018-02-15 Ep213 Link
Rivals of Ixalan
2018-02-09 Duel Decks Anthology Showdown Stage 2: Tribes & Finals! Link
2018-02-08 Ep212 Link
2018-02-02 Paper Magic - Duel Decks Anthology Link
2018-02-01 Ep211 Link
2018-01-26 Blind Commander Link
2018-01-25 Ep210 Link
2018-01-19 6 Player Paper Rivals of Ixalan Draft Link
2018-01-18 Ep209 Link
2018-01-12 Canadian Highlander Mini Tournament Link
2018-01-11 Ep208 Link


Date Title Link
2017-12-28 Ep207 Link
2017-12-22 Ep206 Link
Streamer Showdown
2017-12-14 Ep205 Link
2017-11-30 Ep204 Link
2017-11-09 Ep203 Link
2017-11-02 Ep202 Link
2017-10-26 Ep201 Link
2017-10-19 Ep200 Link
2017-10-12 Ep199 Link
2017-10-06 Ep198 Link
Sealed Leagues
2017-09-28 Ep197 Link
2017-09-21 Ep196 Link
2017-09-14 Ep195 Link
2017-09-07 Ep194 Link
2017-08-24 Ep193 Link
2017-08-17 Ep192 Link
2017-08-10 Ep191 Link
2017-08-03 Ep190 Link
Sealed Leagues
2017-07-27 Ep189 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-07-20 Ep188 Link
Amonkhet Sealed League
2017-07-13 Ep187 Link
Amonkhet Sealed League
2017-07-06 Ep186 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-06-29 Ep185 Link
Streamer Showdown: Drafting
2017-06-22 Ep184.5 Link
Sealed Leagues
2017-06-22 Ep184 Link
Sealed Leagues
2017-06-15 Ep183 Link
Amonkhet Draft League
2017-06-08 Ep182 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-06-01 Ep181 Link
Amonkhet Draft League
2017-05-25 Ep180 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-05-18 Ep179 Link
Paper Standard League because MTGO was down for maintenance
2017-05-11 Ep178 Link
Amonkhet Draft League
2017-05-04 Ep177 Link
Amonkhet Sealed League with Gibb
2017-04-27 Ep176 Link
Streamer Showdown: Drafting
2017-04-20 Ep175 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-04-06 Ep174 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-03-30 Ep173 Link
MM17 Draft League and Amonkhet spoilers
2017-03-28 Ep172 Link
MM17 Draft League and Amonkhet Invocation spoiler
2017-03-23 Ep171 Link
MM17 Draft League
2017-03-16 Ep170 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-03-09 Ep169 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-03-02 Ep168 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-02-23 Ep167 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-02-20 Ep166 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-02-16 Ep165 Link
Aether Revolt Sealed & Draft
2017-02-09 Ep164 Link
Sealed League
2017-02-02 Ep163 Link
Sealed League
2017-01-25 Ep162 Link
Streamer Showcase
2017-01-19 Ep161 Link
Draft Leagues
2017-01-12 Ep160 Link
Draft Leagues


Date Title Link
2016-12-29 Ep159 Link
Draft Leagues
2016-12-22 Ep158 Link
Draft Leagues
2016-12-15 Ep157 Link
Sealed League
2016-12-08 Ep156 Link
Gatecrash x3 Draft
2016-12-01 Ep155 redux Link
Draft Leagues
2016-11-25 Ep155 Link
Draft Leagues
2016-11-24 Ep154 only more so Link
2016-11-03 Ep154 Link
Draft Leagues
2016-10-27 Ep153 Link
ISDx3 Draft
2016-10-20 Ep152 Link
Draft Leagues
2016-10-13 Ep151 Link
Sealed Leagues
2016-10-07 Ep150 Link
KLDx3 Draft
2016-10-06 Ep149 Link
KLD Sealed League
2016-09-29 Ep148 Link
EMN Draft League + Legacy Cube Draft + NPH Single Elimination Flashback Draft
2016-09-22 Ep147 Link
Streamer Showdown
2016-09-15 Ep145 Link

2016-09-24 G-Draft: EMN Draft League Link
Graham talks through a replay of an Eldritch Moon 6-2-2-2 MTGO draft league.
2016-09-10 Ep144 Link
EMN/SOI 6-2-2-2 Draft League
2016-09-08 Ep143 Link
EMN Sealed League
2016-08-25 Ep142 Link
ZZW (Zendikar Zendikar Worldwake) Draft
2016-08-18 Ep141 Link
EMN Draft
2016-08-11 Ep140 Link
EMN Draft and Sealed Leagues
2016-08-04 Ep139 Link
EMN Draft
2016-07-28 Ep138 Link
Vintage Cube Swiss
2016-07-21 Ep137 Link
Vintage Cube Streamer Showdown
2016-07-14 Ep136 Link
Vintage Cube Swiss
2016-07-07 Ep135 Link
SOI Sealed League
2016-06-30 Ep134 Link
SOI Sealed League
2016-06-23 Ep133 Link
SOI Sealed League
2016-06-16 Ep132 Link
EMA 8-4 Draft, playing UW Pretty Fly
2016-06-09 Ep131 Link
SOI 8-4 Draft
2016-06-02 Ep130 Link
SOI 8-4 Draft
2016-05-19 Ep128 Link
SOI Sealed League
2016-05-05 Ep127 Link
SOI Sealed League and Drafts
2016-04-28 Ep126 Link
SOI Draft and Sealed League
2016-04-21 Ep125 Link
SOI Swiss Draft: Mentors, mobilize!
2016-04-14 Ep124 Link
Farewell to FKK 6-2-2-2-222
2016-04-07 Ep123 Link
Legacy Cube + OGW Leagues
2016-03-24 Ep121 Link
Drafting + OGW Leagues
2016-03-17 Ep120 Link
Streamer Showdown + OGW Leagues
2016-03-10 Ep119 Link
9th Edition Drafts + OGW Leagues
2016-03-03 Ep118 Link
OGW Leagues and OGW Drafts
2016-02-25 Ep117 Link
Streamer Showdown
2016-02-18 Ep116 Link
Oath of the Gatewatch 8-4, playing Black/White Magic Cards
2016-02-11 Ep115 Link
Yes It Is Sealed
2016-02-04 Ep114 Link
Oath 8-4, playing Blue & Black Magic Cards
2016-01-28 Ep113 Link
Streamer Showdown, playing Built By Babby
2016-01-21 Ep112 Link
MDS Draft, playing Slith into a Slim Jim
2016-01-14 Ep111 Link
Mirrodin-Mirrodin-Darksteel, playing WU Affinity
2016-01-07 Ep110 Link
3X Mirrodin, playing 0-1


Date Title Link
2015-12-17 Ep109 Link
Vintage Cube Swiss, playing Salt the Earth
2015-12-10 Ep108 Link
BFZ Streamer Showdown
2015-12-03 Ep107 Link
Legendary Cube, playing Legendoory
2015-11-26 Ep106 Link
Legendary Cube, playing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2015-11-12 Ep105 Link
Legendary Cube Streamer Showdown, playing Humble Brago
2015-11-05 Ep104 Link
BFZ Swiss
2015-10-29 Ep103 Link
Streamer Showdown
2015-10-22 Ep102 Link
BFZ Drafts
2015-10-15 Ep101 Link
BFZ Drafts
2015-10-08 Ep100 Link
8-4 Origins Draft
2015-10-02 Ep99 Link
Graham and Kathleen play paper BFZ
2015-10-07 A Swiftly Tilting Cameron--MtG Link
4-Booster Sealed
2015-10-01 Ep98 Link
Magic Origins, Maybe Cube
2015-09-25 Ep97 Link
Streamer Showdown
2015-09-24 Ep96 Link
Cube Drafts! Playing Upheaval of the Gods...or Izzet?
2015-09-17 Ep95 Link
Momir & Magic Origins 8-4
2015-09-10 Ep94 Link
Origins Draft-O!
2015-09-03 Ep93 Link
RoE Draft
2015-08-27 Ep92 Link
Magic Duels Ep3
2015-08-20 Ep91 / Rocket League Link
Magic Origins RW Stuff.
2015-08-13 Ep90 Link
Some sort of Green/White sidewalk slam.
2015-08-07 Crossing the Streams--MtG Link
Magic Duels Ep2
2015-08-06 Ep89 Link
Streamer Showdown--Alhammaret's Roil Chambers
2015-07-30 Ep88 Link
Magic Origins Sealed and Draft Double Queue.
2015-07-24 Ep87 / Rocket League Link
Magic Origins prerelease HYPE!
2015-07-23 Ep86 Link
James and Paul preview Magic Duels.
2015-07-16 Ep85-2 Link
Streamer Showdown--Holiday Cube.
2015-07-09 Ep85 Link
Holiday Cube: We MOAT be playing STORM.
2015-07-02 Ep84 Link
James and Cam draft Modern Masters 2015.
2015-06-25 Ep83-2 Link
OG Mirrodin Block Draft.
2015-06-18 Ep83 Link
Streamer Challenge Grudge Match: LRR vs. Doc.
2015-06-14 Ep82 Link
MM2015 8-4.
2015-06-11 Ep81 Link
MM2015 Streamer Showdown, playing Now We're Token.
2015-06-04 Ep80 Link
MM2015 draft, playing Temur Takedown.
2015-05-21 Ep79-2 Link
Theros, because you demanded it.
2015-05-15 Ep79 Link
James and Alex play a DTK 8-4.
2015-05-14 Ep78 Link
DTK 8-4, playing Black & Blue & Zombies 2.
2015-04-30 Ep74 Link
DTK Pack-Per-Win.
2015-04-23 Ep73 Link
DTK Drafto!, playing DirtDashLRR.
2015-04-16 Ep72 Link
Dragons of Tarkir PPTQ.
2015-04-09 Ep71 Link
GeoGuessr and a DTK PPTQ.
2015-04-02 Ep69 Link
DTK Preview Draft, playing Makin' Token Pancakes.
2015-03-26 Ep68 Link
Legacy Cube Swiss, playing Wiggins.dek.
2015-03-19 Ep67 Link
3x ROE, playing WUmbras.
2015-03-12 FKK Drafting--Silumgar: The Drafting Deck Link

2015-02-12 Khans of Tarkir--40 Card Dash Link

2015-02-05 3 KTK Drafts (featuring SGDoc) Link

2015-01-29 Fate Reforged Streamer Smackdown Link

2015-01-15 KTK Draft and Cube! Link

2015-01-14 Swiftly Tilting Cameron--MTGO--Villainous Wealth Link

2015-01-08 KTK Draft--Goblinslide Misery Link

2015-01-07 Camerons of Tarkir--Empty the Pits! Link

2015-01-01 Holiday Cube--GB Jitte Link


Date Title Link
2014-12-18 Time for CUBE!--This Is My Double Sword Link

2014-12-11 Modern Masters--It Might Be Giants Link

2014-11-27 Fowl Play 2: Poultrygeist Returns Link

2014-11-06 Khanks of Tarkir Drafto! Link

2014-10-30 Spooky Sealed Link

2014-10-23 Khans of Tarkir--Flying Corpse Technique! Link

2014-10-16 Khans of Tarkir--First In, Last Out Link

2014-10-09 Khans Draft--U Mard Bro? Link
Graham (joined by Kathleen) drafts some KTK!
2014-10-04 Khans of Tarkir Prerelease (Adam Edition) Link

2014-10-04 Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Link
Graham and James play a KTK prerelease.
2014-09-25 Force of Mill Link

2014-09-18 Cube Link

2014-09-11 M15 Draft--WHAT ARE WE DOING!? Link
Cam and Kathleen draft... white/black lifegain? What? WHAT?
2014-09-04 M15 Draft--Soul of the Dragons Link
Time for another M15 draft with Graham and James. We like dragons and mythics.
2014-08-21 M15 Draft--UW and a Juggernaut Link
Can James and Graham get there with this UW deck?
2014-08-14 M15 Draft--Solo James Link

2014-08-07 Jund Lyfe--Cam and Adam Link
Cameron (and then Adam) wend their way through the Magic stream.
2014-08-01 M15 Draft with Cam Link
We let Cam into the streaming office. Then this happened.
2014-07-31 M15 Draft--Technically Jund? Link
James and Graham play some Jund...just barely.
2014-07-27 M15 Prerelease Sealed--Diet Jund Link
Graham (with bonus Serge) do an M15 sealed!
2014-07-26 M15 Prerelease--Squids of Shandalar Link
Graham and Kathleen play an M15 prerelease sealed event!
2014-07-24 Vintage Masters--Borosgeddon Link
I mean, we're playing Vintage Masters, so clearly we're going RW again.
2014-07-19 Bonus Fan Draft Link
James is joined by Adam for some Magic.
2014-07-17 Modern Masters--Giants Never Lose Link
Graham and James jump into an MMA draft for some RW action.
2014-07-10 LRRMtG — Theros Block -- KERANOS UP IN HERE Link
Cameron gets in the booth with Graham for some VMA flying funtimes.
2014-07-03 Vintage Masters -- BW Fliers w/Brago Link
Cameron gets in the booth with Graham for some VMA flying funtimes.
2014-06-26 Vintage Masters--RB Aggro Link
Graham & James continue to open ZERO power cards, but they get a good deck anyway.
2014-06-22 Conspiracy Live Draft--Full Draft & Both Games Link
We got everyone together for a grand draft of Conspiracy, and it delivered! See the complete draft and both games.
2014-06-19 Vintage Masters--Black/White Beatdown Link

2014-06-12 UB Kill You.dek Link
James and Graham (and bonus Kathleen) draft a Dimir kill-you deck.
2014-06-07 ISD Link
James runs a rogue Innistrad draft.
2014-06-05 Innistrad Block Link
Flashing back to another old-school block, it's Innistrad time!
2014-05-29 Kamigawa Block Link
Graham & James draft Kamigawa block for the first time ever.
2014-05-22 Boros Aggro & BUG Enchants Link
James plays MTG all by himself.
2014-05-17 Theros Block 8-4 Link
Graham and Cameron play a Theros Block 8-4.
2014-05-15 Triple JOU Link
James and Graham do some Triple Journey into Nyx drafting.
2014-05-08 JOU Sealed Link
Graham (with bonus creepy Alex) plays a Journey into Nyx prerelease.
2014-05-01 Shadowmoor Link
It's time for some Shadowmoor/Eventide drafting!
2014-04-17 Shards Block--JUND 'EM OUT! Link
Graham muddles his way through his first Shards of Alara block draft.
2014-04-10 Time Spiral Pt2 Link
Adventures in Planar Chaos—and Kpop—continue!
2014-04-10 Time Spiral Pt1 Link
Graham and James look into THE FUTURE!
2014-04-03 Sadness and M14 Link
With special guest, chat mod Nirvana_, Graham and James are total scrubs.
2014-03-27 Scars Block Draft Link
LRR started playing Magic right around when Scars block hit, so it's time to force Infect!
2014-03-20 RG is a Trap Link
Jams and Graham go straight for the THS block 8-4s today!
2014-03-13 Forcing Mono Green Link
What works on video must work on stream, right?
2014-03-10 G Bonus Draft Pt2 Link
Graham does a couple solo BTT drafts. They go okay...
2014-03-10 G Bonus Draft Pt1 Link
Graham does a couple solo BTT drafts. Continued in 1080, in Part 2.
2014-03-06 BTT Drafts — G/B Stuff Link
What happens when LRR double-queues? Things. Things happen.
2014-02-27 3xBNG--How now, Browntown? Link
Graham and James go all-in Minotaurs in a Triple BNG Swiss.
2014-02-20 Boros of the Gods (3xBNG) Link
James and Graham crack off some Triple Born of the Gods drafts!
2014-02-17 House of Stark--BNG Sealed Link
Graham does a little bonus stream of Magic.
2014-01-23 Zendikar "We can't splash this!" Link
Graham and James draft ZZW and open something fun.
2014-01-16 Theros Swiss "Jitte of Nylea" Link
James and Graham drafts some UG Theros, while Graham edits LRR's BNG spoiler video.

Pre-2014 drafts

Video may not be available for these.

Missing Episodes

  • Ep70
  • Ep75-77
  • Ep122
  • Ep129
  • Ep146
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